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    Plugin category: PvP

    Suggested name: MegaKits [Private Plugin]

    What I want: I would like a KitPvP plugin with multiple kits.

    Ideas for commands:

    Regular Iron Armor (Equipped on)
    Diamond Sword With Sharpness 1 (Slot:1)
    Strength 2 potion (Unlimited Time)
    Soup in the rest of the inventory space.

    Regular Chain meal Armor (Equipped on)
    Stone Sword With Sharpness 2 (Slot:1)
    Bow with Power:4 Punch:2 Flame:1 Infinity:1 (Slot:2)
    Strength 2 potion (Unlimited Time)
    Swiftness 2 potion (Unlimited Time)
    Jump Boost 2 potion (Allowing the user to jump up stuff what is 2 blocks high.) (Unlimited Time)
    Soup in the rest of the inventory space.

    No Armor.
    Golden Sword With Sharpness V Unbreaking X (Slot:1)
    64 Redstone (Allowing the user to be invisible while holding it. 1 Redstone per 1 second.) (Slot:2)
    7 Egg (Allowing the user when they throw the egg at a player they get Blindness and Nausea for 5 seconds.) (Slot:3)
    Soup in the rest of the inventory space.

    Regular Iron Armor With A Diamond Cap (Equipped on)
    Iron Sword With The Effect Wither when they hit the player (Only lasts 5 seconds.)
    Strength 2 potion (Unlimited Time)
    Soup in the rest of the inventory space.

    Regular Leather Armor (Equipped on)
    Diamond Axe With Sharpness 2 And Fire Aspect 2
    Strength 2 potion (Unlimited Time)
    Fire Resistance potion (Unlimited Time)

    Leather Cap With Gold Chestplate Leggings. (Equipped on)
    Iron Sword
    20 Instant II Damages (Splash)
    10 Poison II (Splash) (16 Seconds)
    2 Slowness (Splash) (3 Minuets)
    4 Fire Resistance (Splash) (2 Minuets)
    10 Instant Health II (Splash)
    5 Regeneration II (Splash) (16 Seconds)
    3 Regeneration II (Splash) (1 Minute)
    3 Strength II (Splash) (1 Minute)
    2 Weakness (Splash) (3 Minutes)
    (All of the potions are Stacked in the inventory)

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: Asap
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    There are loads of plugins that can do this. I think Essentials has it for example.
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    Essentials dose not have it.
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    Essentials DOES have it. Here a bit out of the config file. And it works ingame.. trust me

    # Note: All items MUST be followed by a quantity!
    # All kit names should be lower case, and will be treated as lower in permissions/costs.
    # Syntax: - itemID[:DataValue/Durability] Amount [Enchantment:Level].. [itemmeta:value]...
    # For Item meta information visit
    # 'delay' refers to the cooldown between how often you can use each kit, measured in seconds.
    # For more information, visit
        delay: 10
          - 272 1
          - 273 1
          - 274 1
          - 275 1
        delay: 600
          - 278 1 efficiency:1 durability:1 fortune:1 name:&4Gigadrill lore:The_drill_that_&npierces|the_heavens
          - 277 1 digspeed:3 name:Dwarf lore:Diggy|Diggy|Hole
          - 298 1 color:255,255,255 name:Top_Hat lore:Good_day,_Good_day
          - 279:780 1
        delay: 6000
          - 397:3 1 player:Notch
        delay: 6000
          - 387 1 title:&4Book_&9o_&6Colors author:KHobbits lore:Ingame_color_codes book:Colors
        delay: 6000
          - 401 1 name:Angry_Creeper color:red fade:green type:creeper power:1
          - 401 1 name:StarryNight color:yellow,orange fade:blue type:star effect:trail,twinkle power:1
          - 401 2 name:SolarWind color:yellow,orange fade:red shape:large effect:twinkle color:yellow,orange fade:red shape:ball effect:trail color:red,purple fade:pink shape:star effect:trail power:1
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    necrodoom oh my bad. Didn't see that he wanted the force equip :(
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    So anyone?

    Can anyone help me on here?

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    Why couldn't you use one of the many plugins that run commands on login to do the force-equip based on permissions/group membership?
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    Seems like your trying to copy eZPvP... Also, no one is going to create you a private plugin for free. AND, a plugin of this complexity, you can expect to pay at least $15
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    There are a billion kit plugins out there that have everything you are asking for. Just head on over to BukkitDev and use the wonderful search feature.

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