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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by baldursgate3, May 13, 2013.

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    Hello, i'm in need of help to modify a plugin.
    User "flungo" allowed me to make changes to his plugins while he's doing his work at college.
    The plugin is called Mega Jumper, and i don't want to cause any harm of infringe any copyrights.
    All i know is, that i need to use this code
    <font color="#000000">if(player.hasPermission("some.permission.node")){</font>

    If anyone has time, can you modify the plugin, so that there's no commands but keep the config, and user must have the permission to use it, so if user has no permission, the plugin does not effect him.
    Thanks again for reading, plugin download below, and onces again, i do not own this plugin but i have the permission to modify it.

    Plugin which to be used:
    Link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    baldursgate3 How about searching for an replacement plugin? Or telling what this plugin does and needs to be doing. And source code is very useful when modifying something
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    There's no plugin like this one, and i think that this is not that easy to code, since i'm a coder myself.
    The main problem for me is, java is not a familiar language to me, and i cannot seem to compile the plugin properly and understand how it's structured.
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    What exactly does this plugin do?
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    When you type /mj, the jump multiplied by 1, you can jump higher.
    All i need it to remove the commands and place permission to toggle if the plugin will effect that player or not.
    That's all.
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    Than you need a logger for realtime looking if the player has the permissions
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    Do you think that you can do it?
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    Edit: Wrong topic
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    Yea, could do it.
    But i don't know how [sheep]
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    Would you be able to accept my plugin?

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