[MEDIUM-ADVANCED] Java Challenge - Details Inside!

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    Task: Write an advanced command API.

    • Must respond to an onCommand method using your classes to parse commands.
    • Must parse commands accurately.
    • Must have subcommand support.
    • Must be efficient (anything that takes over half a second to parse a command from System.in with 50 commands, each with 1 subcommand does not pass. Use System.currentTimeMillis() ;) ).
    • Must have support for removing commands and removing subcommands from commands.
    • Must act on null objects passed in.
    • Must throw no exceptions not including (and even then they must be thrown by you not someone else): (this does not apply when it is impossible to catch the exception (when you do something that throws an exception in a super() or this() constructor for instance))
      • IllegalStateException
      • IllegalArgumentException
    • Must check for commands being registered already and act on it if someone tries to register a command already registered.
    • Must use no external APIs that aren't written by you. Write your own.
    • Must have a command sender / source concept.
    Mine is almost finished, will post in a second.
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