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  1. WStone - More than just another wireless redstone plugin:
    Version: 0.7

    Moved to:

    Version 0.7
    • Added distance.
    • Added weather.
    • Added optional Stargate support.
    • Added optional Wormhole X-Treme support.
    • Added chunk control.
    • Included a bugfix from addchild314.
    • Included a bugfix from enelar.
    • Rewrote WStoneConnect.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs.
    Version 0.6
    • Added real private networks (requested by enelar).
    • Added a network grouping system (requested by enelar).
    • Added WStoneConnect.
    • Cleaned up codes and rewrote some parts.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed the bug reported by WiLiSH.
    Version 0.4
    • Added pemissionsBukkit support.
    • Finally added the last bits for exact current transmission. Plan that into your circurits!
    • Changed the output block from redstone repeater to redstone dusk.
    • Cleaned up code a lot.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed many bugs. Sorry for the previous release.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed output from redstone torch to redstone repeater.
    • Changed the way receivers are build.
    • Made the output work correctly. ;)
    • Changed WStones/Networks loading code (should work for sure now).
    Version 0.1
    • First public release.
    Older downloads:
    Download v0.6
    Download v0.5
    Download v0.4
    Download v0.3
    Download v0.2
    Download v0.1

    If you want to help developping: Read this first!

    Bug Reports, Improvements and/or Feature-Requests welcome!
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    Linky no worky!
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  3. Sorry, links are fixed.
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    Kyler Hagler

    When i make a transmitter and receiver and i delete the receiver the repeater it requires won't delete. I have tried world editing it out and everything...... I don't know if this is a bug but it needs to be fixed somehow. xD
  5. This seems to be a bug. The receiver doesn't seem to be destroyed the right way.
    Are there more receiver/transmitter in the network? If not: Does the command /networks still show it?
    If there is a transmitter left in the network (if not, please build one for testing): If you send redstone signals through it to the network, does the repeater still react?
    Did you get a message that the transmitter/receiver were destroyed?
    Were or are there any errors in the console/log (For example when you destroyed the receiver, I think there was a message that the BLOCK_BREAK event couldn't be cast to the blockListener or something like that).

    For now please add a new sign to the place where the receiver sign was (don't make it a new WStone sign!). If the real receiver is still there it should adopt the new sign (but don't change the lines again) and after the bugfix you should be able to delete the receiver without touching the save-file, simply by removing the newly created sign. ;)

    P.S. Please add a sign to the place where the transmitter was, too and after you putted the two new signs try to send redstone signals through them.

    If you answer that questions to me I'm sure we can fix this soon. :)

    //EDIT: But you didn't use a world editor/plugin (like superpickaxe) to delete the sign, did you? If you did: Put a new sign to the place the old one was (don't make it a new WStone sign!) and destroy it ingame by hand!
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    Kyler Hagler

    Yay, i made a sign in the place where it should be and it took over the receiver and now i deleted it! Your a life saver!
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    Would it be possible to implement permission support, so only specified groups can have access to this nice feature..

    Ppl on my server loves it, but i would like to restrict it to only a few groups. :)
  8. I don't use permissions on my server so I didn't worked with it before. But I will have a look into it and maybe we will see it in a future release. ;)
    Would it be ok to restrikt building/destroying to OPs for now? I think this could be implemented in a shorter time.
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    I would prefere permissions compatibility, because it's a non admin group i would give access to this plugin.
    And if i have to give whole that group OP, they will be able to stop the server, kick/ban users and so on, and thats not in my interest :)
    I'll just wait and see if you will implement it in a future release.

    I'll stay tuned..
  10. Added to my todo list. I'm currently adding permissionsBukkit to many of my plugins. I'm using permissionsBukkit because I don't have to include an external jar to the building path of the plugins and it's extreme easy to implement (in fact: I didn't test it in any of my plugins using it but nobody sayed it isn't working, so it should).

    P.S. Ops can't restart/stop the server. Only admins can do that. ;)

    //EDIT: @All: Do you want smaller receivers? Now the receiver takes the block behind as fixed output. That means when you create it there will be a piece of redstone wire which can't be deleted seperate but it also means the code has to check for the output block only by creating the receiver. I could change the code so that the receiver is only the sign and the output block is the first redstrone wire found arount. That would mean you could change the output without rebuilding the receiver but it also means the code has to check for the output block every tick, which means a slower execution (even if I think if I could implement it in a good way the performance difference wouldn't be measonable, even if you have a large amount of receivers. That's because I still have a way for getting block data of many blocks very fast (data of over 2000000 blocks in less than two secounds on a overloaded server ;) this was made for another, not yet released plugin) and WStone would have to read the blockdata for only 6 blocks per receiver , which shoud be extremly fast. The check of the data (and as such the search for the right output block) is a simple if/else block which executes fast, too.
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    Ops can stop/start the server, and there is no such thing as an admin unless you have such a permissions group.
  12. Oh, your'e right, I was a bit confused when I wrote that and thought there was an admin/op difference in bukkit, sorry.
    But now there is permissionsBukkit support so everybody should be happy? :)
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    Okay, so I'm having a problem. I just installed, and now I have absolutely no clue how to delete them... The resdtone just keeps reappearing.
    And oh, I tried putting a blank sign where the orginial one was, deleted it (in-game) and it still doesnt work.
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  14. Sorry, please remake a sign (no WStone) at the place the receiver was, update to 0.5 and destroy it again (in-game). Don't forget that you have to /reload your server for a full update.

    //EDIT: I will add a check for out-of-game/WorldEdit destroys of WStone when libMMS is finished, too. ;)

    //EDIT²: And thanks that you readed the thread and tried an older solution before reporting the bug. I whished everybody would do so, that would make thinks easier. :)
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    No problem bro, anything I can do to help.
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    I am also experiencing the problem with the redstone "reappearing" after removal using b1000 and wstone 0.5

    not going to allow the users to spam /reload just remove that.
    hope it will get fixed, i prefer this plugin over the other one currently out.
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    How about, instead of having a redstone wire behind a reciever sign, a repeater?
    I would really like this for my compass jukebox.. Can you make in an option to spawn either wire or a repeater?
    I saw something like this commented out in the source; but didn't dare to touch it.

    PS: Just a minor annoyance, related to the WorldEdit bug. If you delete it with WorldEdit's // the sign also glitches.
  18. A repeater was placed behind the sign from version 0.2 to 0.3 - I changed it for the exact current tansmission to work. Can you explain why you want that feature back? If you use a repeater before the tansmitter or after the receiver it should have almost the same effect.
    Also it's open source. Feel free to edit the sources but note that I won't give support for such modifications. It's recommendet to backup the plugins savefile before modifying, too.

    To the WorldEdits (and other in and out of game editors) problem: Time will change but I want to integrate libMMS/V10phone with that feature so the owner will get infomed when somebody destroys a WStone he's owning with such a tool. ;)
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    Ive updated from 0.3 to 0.5 and now everytime i want to create a new sign Nothing Happens. Ive deleted config files and tried the sign trick mentioned above
  20. Could you please have a look at the logs? Maybe the plugin don't load anymore (not sure why...). Did old signs still have the repeater behind or changed it to redstone wire after the update?
    Do you have the rights to build WStone (PermissionsBukkit, defaulting to op is a new thing in 0.5)?

    P.S. No need for the "sign tick" here. If you stop the server, delete WStones save files (plugins/V10lator/WStone/*) and restart again you should be able to destroy all signs. The trick just prevented the guys before from deleting the save files (and loose all WStones cause of that). ;) [EDIT]Which doesn't mean you had/have to delete them[/EDIT]

    P.P.S. No need to touch config-/savefiles if not sayed in the changelog (so always read it ;)).
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    logs are empty ( i watch the server starting and have a web console) redstone repeater was away and i removed plugin but old transmitters still were coloured. Deleted all setting and signs and reinstallend WStone. And its my Server with the newest Permissions installed and i have the - '*' right so i can do all
  22. But this supports PermissionsBukkit and not Permissions!
    If you use Pemissions and not PemissionsBukkit the build rights will default to op!

    //EDIT: BTW: Old tansmitters/receivers will be colored even when you deinstall the plugin because minecraft saves the sign text seperate of this plugin. ;)
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    Thank You for Support I changed the Plugin so that non Ops can make signs

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    So far wlan222
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  24. No problem, have fun with it! :)

    //EDIT: You did a mistake! "no op" is no value, change it to "true". :)
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    Dublication bug appeared again today
    Destroyed a Reciver sign with a Stone block and the sign disappeared but was not unregistered.
    Now i cannot place a new sign it says ERROR no space, and i can spamclick the redstone and it just dublicates
    itself as many times as i click. nice redstone source, but annoying bug. :(

    b1000 + wstone 0.5

    Edit: on 2 different "channels"
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    Just to say it it is "not op" and its a variable too. The opposite of op i think. Read Dinnerbones Post
  27. wlan222: Okay, but isn't it strange if all users can build WStones but ops can't? :D

    Vaupell: Please have a look in the logs for any errors. Also if you want WStone to adopt a new sign don't try to put a new WStone on the place the old one was, put a blank sign to that place!
    //EDIT: And destroy the new sign in-game by hand!
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    I have no Ops so it is not strange :D
    Start and stop i do over console or milkadmin
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    Hey V10,

    I recently setup a new server with Multiplay and when I went to add your plugin it wasn't on there list. So I was wondering if you don't mind me sending them a request for them to add it to there plugin list and for me to able to use it on my server :D

  30. Multiplay? Link? :)

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