[MECH] WirelessChests - It's like dropbox but with Minecraft Chests! [1337][BukkitDev]

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    Have you ever built a minecart rollercoaster with a return chest at the end and just wanted the return chest to return those minecarts to the chest at the beginning? Or have you ever wanted to setup multiple community centers but just can't get enough materials to keep all the chests full? How about a bank with multiple branches? Then this plugin is for you! WirelessChests allows you to name chests, then group those chests so when one of the chests in a group is updated, all the chests are updated with the same content. Using WirelessChests, you can also setup the interval at which the chests in a group update.​
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    wow, straight into plugin releases? :p
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    Could you maybe add personal chests ?
    So that people are only able to use their own items out of them ?
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    Ronny Hålmås

    This plugin sounds perfect for my new war server XD
    But could an enemy just find out what the group name is and join the group and steal the stuff?
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    I'm not sure if they already do, but shouldn't groups have a sort of passphrase or pin?
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    That's a great idea, and it looks like it'd help @Ronny Hålmås too

    Personal Chests, like have your own personal network? Sounds like a job for pin #s!
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    So basically we can have banks all over the minecraft world for people to access it. That's awesome. Great plugin!
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    Looks cool! I might get it once bukkit updates to 1.0.
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    Deleted user

    Perhaps instead of commands, to make this simpler, you could use Signs!
    Line 1: [WChests]
    Line 2: <Owner Name Here>
    Line 3: <Private/Public>
    Line 4: LEAVE BLANK!
    After you post the sign, Line 4 might be changed to ACTIVE/INACTIVE, depends on your permissions.
    If you have the permissions wirelesschests.create, it will be changed to ACTIVE and the WirelessChest will work.
    If you don't have the permission wirelesschests.create, it will be changed to INACTIVE and the WirelessChest will NOT work.
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    I really want to use this plugin,so I got it,But i cant get it to work. can you make or get another vid for how to or just tell me the steps to create one? anyways Great plugin

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