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    Webz - Spiders drop webs
    Version: v0.1

    In Beta 1.5 a new item was added known as a web. When you walk into the web, you start to move extremely slow, slower than slowsand. Currently the only way to get it is by spawning it, but with this plugin, killing spiders makes them drop webs!

    • Spiders drop webs!



    Click here to download!

    Version 0.1
    • First Release - April 27th
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    Hey Panda... I like this a lot, but what's the recommended build
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    Ooops, forgot to put it in the title, build 733.
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    Also i have a suggestion, they should only have a 50% chance to drop, like arrows dropped by skeletons, like sometime you get 0 and you can get 2 max? I would love this more :p seems a bit overpowered currently
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    adding to server NOW testing it NOW
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    Tell me how it goes :)
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    Only killed a handful of spiders so far but I'm not sure if they drop string anymore, which is kinda important. Spiders have been dropping webs though so yay!

    I agree with Tim about the drop rate.
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    I'll get it so it'll have a chance of dropping both later tonight :)
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    ok, here is what my players are saying, The plugin should drop 80%string and 20% web that way its a good blance.
    we spawned about 150 spiders and it was ALL webs so add in the %'s from above and this plugin would be awsome.
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    It did not destroy blocks for me or light trees on fire. The fire only stays for like a second. Yes I turned on the fire thing in the .yml file and reloaded the plugins folder.
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    bit busy atm, but ill get that done tonight/tommorow. maybe in the future have it configurable.

    say what?
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    What the heck?
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    err, wrong thread?

    ur new to java no rush m8

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    oh, if your talking about the Zeus plugin then your a bit confused on what fire strike does. It basically increases the radius of what turn to fire.
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    Be careful with webs. They're in 1.5 as a work-in-progress block and no one knows what they will do or how they will work.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Let me know if you need help with a config file- I think I just got mine working.
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    Great plugin to tide us over until webs are properly implemented, thanks!
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    Thank you!
    It's a great Plugin.
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    ook then. Thanks for the tip :) Added it to the main post.
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    Webs does four things as im awere of
    1. it slows mobs and players down when you or a mob get cought in it, but you can walk trough it.
    2. If you trow an item in it while it's placed the item will get stuck in it.
    3. You can not jump while it over you or if you get cought in it.
    4. It lets light trough it.
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    5. They can NOT supply you with the ability to survive a long fall, even though you won't take fall damage from them. The player momentum remains the same, meaning the second you touch down on a 'solid' surface, you lose all the hearts you would have from the original fall.

    Actually that reminds me. I need to send Notch a message to that effect.

    Anyway, awesome mod! Waiting for the drop fix before I download.
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    ok, that nice to know.
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    G1R Productions

    This would be awesome once it has the % drop chances, cus i have random webbing put in caves on my RP server and i have them drop string but if spiders could drop string and a rare chance of webs that would be awesome.
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    Can you make it so that you can change the drops of ALL mobs, and to be customizable? I disabled creepers because of gunpowder that is needed for tnt, it would be nice if i could change it from gunpowder to cactus or wheat.
  25. Has plugin been updated yet to support string AND web drops from spiders? Perhaps with configurable droprate?
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    Looks like the mod creator abandoned this plugin, since it still doesn't have % drops. Sorry, I can't just no longer have string. So... Good bye to webz.
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    When do you think you can make it have a chance of dropping web and string or is that not gonna happen
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    Try out OtherBlocks, it'll let you customise spiders (or anything really) to drop any item with % chances (including web). (disclaimer: I've recently taken over development of OtherBlocks but I've been using it on my server for a couple of months).

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