[MECH] WeatherScopes 1.13 - Weather in Regions [1.6.2-R0.1]

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  1. Sorry I don't know if or how it is possible to create lightning without sound :/

    To the dynmap changes: do you really want it to be opaque or do you mean transparent ? :D
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    yes, 50% would be fantasic.
    as for the sound, perhaps something simple, like leave the animation global (which it looks like you cant change anyway) but then use a sound event that itterates though the storms and creates a sound event of thunder with the radius set to the radius of the storm currently being itterated, similar to generating a sound event using scraftscrips or as used in the melody or sound chip in craftbook.

    or itterate though the players and for each cord, like ?(player.x<storms.radius+storms.i[x]){play sound}
    excuse my poor and sloppy pseudo, im just trying to be helpful. I'm not a java developer, i dont know java but i have written a feww craftscrips and 2 very simple gateway plugins (between a linux API and MC) im more at home with C and ASM lol.

    just an idea.

    thanks for joining me in conversation, hope my comments help in some way i dont know much about this particular field but i like to try and help. :)

  3. Thanks for your help, now I managed to play the thunder sound only if you under a thunder storm :)
    The explosion sound can be heard if you are outside, but it be quieter if you are a few blocks away.

    The markers are also renamed and now transparent white ;)
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    awesome, looking forward to the upload.
    Thanks for making these changes, I'm damn sure you just pleased the cheese for all your users! =D

    is the download link somewhere else, i see the page reflects 1.7 but the download link is 1.6

    found it at
    but not in the files page. the changed look GREAT! =D
    I'll add you to the new grats page. :)

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  5. The download link should be on the files page, but it isn't approved yet :/
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    aah ok, i didnt know they approve each upload.
    do you have to submit sources to them too?
  7. No, I don't have to. I could but my code is is horrible illegible so I don't do it. :D
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    lol know what you mean, when i wrote a DNA and breeding programme for MUD's it worked a treat but because it all came from an experiment i was doing the code was horrid lol.
    but hey, what works, works eh, always time to pretty things up later. and by the way, we are running the plugin now it looks great all the players have already commented on it. mc.lifemud.com click map. theres no clouds on Aldran, too hot. but you'll see them on akra. large world and we have over a dozen of them running at one time on random, and an auto scheduler that creates a higher intensity storm once a day at random. thunder is at 10% so its all pretty realistic, esp when going for a fly in a craft lol, i already lost a plane to lightning lol was terrific!
  9. So now it is approved :D

    Btw, I looked on your server - looks really nice ;)
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    I cant make it run, it says that it's not a plugin...
  11. Can you post an Error Log ?
  12. Version 1.9 for 1.5.0 released.
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    Yeah, I am very confused about how to set an area. Could you put an example?
  14. Version 1.13 for 1.6.2 released.

    Sorry I didn't see your post.. If it still matters, you can create an storm with radius 12 blocks at your possition by typing "/storms add s 12"
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    Are this plugin going to be updated?

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