Inactive [MECH] VacuumChest v0.4f - Another chest item absorbing plugin [1.1-R7]

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    VacuumChest - Another chest item absorbing plugin:
    Version: v0.4f

    This is the most simple item absorption plugin available for 1.1-R7. Simply place the plugin in your plugin folder!
    This mod is 100% compatible with 1.2.3. It has not been tested on 1.1, although I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    If an item is in a radius of 2 from a chest, the chest will suck it up. This plugin is zero config, and needs no database.. just plug-and-play. It creates a file that helps VacuumChest remember what chests have special settings.

    Extend the reach of the chest by powering the chest, when the chest is powered it will pull nearby items within range to suck them in to the chest. Useful for hunting from your roof with a bow, so you don't have to go down and collect your items until you decide when. (Extended radius is 10, will still only add the item to the chest once it gets below a radius of 2)

    Use /vc_range [Range] [Optional: PoweredRange] to adjust the range of any chest. after you've used the command simply left-click the chest you want the range adjusted on.

    Download VacuumChest 0.4f
    Source Code 0.4f


    Version 0.4f
    • Performance improvement.
    • Chests now save to a flatfile, system doesn't check chunks twice. If you are using LWC, chests may not get detected in the chunk scanner, so you'll have to replace chests.
    Version 0.4e
    • Fixed the already scanned list not being cleared. Causing items that have been within checking range, but not absorbed to not be checked again by chests including itself.
    Version 0.4d
    • Added a work around for LWC
    Version 0.4c
    • fixed multiworld item checking
    Version 0.4b
    • in previous versions doublechests had a 50% chance of not detecting being powered if only one chest was powered. This is now fixed
    • ConcurrentModificationException on unexpected chest breaks is now fixed.
    Version 0.4a
    • Repaired occasional item double up with doublechests. This was actually fixed in version 0.2, but a huge code change in 0.4 brought the problem back, I've improved my testing so this problem shouldn't crop up again.
    Version 0.4
    • Improved performance (again)
    • Added /vc_range for OP users to allow for more flexible item vacuuming
    • Chests can now be indirectly powered
    Version 0.3
    • Improved performance
    • Added extended range feature
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed double chest bug. (for some reason double chests would clone the item(s))
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin :D
    Automatic egg farm, whenever a chicken lays an egg it's sucked into this chest
    Below is an automatic sugarcane farm, every 5 minutes or so the pistons break the sugarcane in to the water, the water feeds to a chest which automatically collects the items

    Planned in the future
    • Minecart chest support
    • Permissions
    • (Maybe, if it's possible) add bait to a chest (bones, wheat, pork), then (dependent on the bait) mobs get attracted to the chest (entirely configurable, and optional).
    Want faster minecarts? TurboCart
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    Nobody need this there is already a plugin like this with the name "drop chest"
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    Hi Flozzel, I couldn't get it to work on my 1.2.3 server. Also I'm not sure if it's that one or another chest absorption plugin that needed Vault, which I don't have, and don't want..
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    Flozzel, even though such a plugin already exist, you could have just left a nice comment.
    Edit: Just tested. It's very nice !
    Edit Edit: There is a bug, when you put ONE item in it ends up with TWO.
  5. Gonna request this on my server :)
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    I'll have a look, hopefully it's just something minor.
    EDIT: OK found the problem, should be able to fix it in 15 minutes. It only occurs with double chests.
    EDIT EDIT: Done :)
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    Please change all references of 1.2.3 to 1.1-R7
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    Sure thing, since your a mod... I'm assuming it works on 1.1, I have only tested it on 1.2.3.. was thinking of moving it on to dev.bukkit
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    Can you think of adding a config for like the set radius when and when not powered ect. it would be nice to also have in the config that only OP's can use this by placing a sign on the chest (Or double chest) that only OP's can place, so I could set it to be 50 block radius unpowered then when powered 500 blocks ect. For when i go mining...
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    Hmm, yeah I think I could do something like that. I'll see what I can do

    EDIT: OK done! the feature you want is now supported in version 0.4 using a command, only available to OPs (more info in the plugin description at the top)
  12. image?
    come on!! :D something
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    Heh, ok, I'll get a picture of my automatic sugarcane farm, and automatic (chicken) egg harvester :D
  14. it still seems to duplicate items once in a while, you need to look into it, had to remove from my server for now
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    Sorry about that, I've improved my testing for this plugin, and fixed the problem. I've replaced the 0.4 download with 0.4a which has that bug removed.
  16. sweet ima give it another try then. thanks
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    I hope there will begin added some more stuff for this plugin right now nobody needs a copyed plugin
    find you own idea and try make some more stuff to it right now it is just filling on a list
  18. This would be interesting for traps if you combine it with lockette.
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    I assume you're talking about Drop Chest?. Even though this plugin is based around the same idea, it is fundamentally different. Have a list :D

    Drop Chest
    • Requires a command to add a chest
    • Has filter options
    • Minecart support (Ok I admit this is planned in a future release, but only for storage carts)
    • Redstone ejects items
    • Requires Vault
    Vaccum Chest
    • Runs fine without any other plugins. Yes, it work on a server that has no other plugins
    • Doesn't require any setup
    • Redstone increases vacuum range
    I used to use OpenChest back when it was maintained. But alas it's only available for build 1000. Is there another item absorbing plugin I don't know about?

    Yup I use it with Lockette on my main server :D
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    is it possible for group users by permisson @_@?
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    Thanks, I'll fix this right now. Give me 30 minutes lol

    that's planned for 0.5, 0.5 will also include chests inside of minecarts, but first I want to iron out all the bugs.. hopefully ^ that's the last one lol

    EDIT: Fixed the above error :) (in 0.4c)

    Ok, I've been trying to figure this out. It seem LWC removes chests from the world and saves them in a database or something, I'm not sure what they do with the chests, but they are not there when loading the chunks. Or maybe I'm not detecting chests correctly, either way I posted a message on their forum post. But I'll keep looking in the mean-time. For now the plugin is NOT compatible with LWC until I can figure it out.. It works happily with Lockette though.

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    Pharoahgakash Ok sorry about the wait! This version works around LWC. It may take a few second longer then normal to detect chests on startup, I've got a few ideas on how to improve the performance of it. But for now it works. I'd like you to give it a try, let me know if you get any problems. Oh, and on my PC this work around causes the CPU to go up another 2% on bukkit, but it should be unnoticeable. And it only activates this work-around when it detects LWC.
    If you don't have any problems I'll put this version on the main downloads list.

    uhm, woops, that was a message to show the event being triggered, I must have forgot to take that out, my bad :D that'll probably come up everytime someone places a block. That's just one line to remove, I'll post the new version

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    I really like this mod and I was pretty happy about not needing Drop Chest. But i have a problem with the chests not picking up items after water has moved it into the chests pick up radius. Everything else seems to work properly though, and dropping items from high above works just fine. It only doesn't work when water moves it. Anyone else have this problem or know something I don't?
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    ShadowDust nice work dude! i will download tomorrow, good night! :p
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    Hmm actually thinking about what might be happening with your problem, I may have just thought of a bug. As an optimization if the item is almost close enough to a chest(if there is more then one chest, it finds the closest) to be sucked in to it, it'll add it to a scan list, and other chests are not allowed to scan that item from then on. (To stop double ups)

    What I'll do is I'll add a check to see if that item has moved away from that chest, and on the next version see if you still have the same problem.

    EDIT: Actually looking at my code I've already thought of this and fixed it lol.. But I'll keep looking
    EDIT EDIT: Ok found it! and uploaded the new fixed version 0.4e. The problem is in the change log, and has been fixed.
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    Works Perfect now! Thank you very much.
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    Im sorry but i tried this and it does not seem to pick up wool that i shear from sheep. i shear the seep than the wool is caried to chest by watter you knwo whats wrong?any idea what the problem is?
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    sorry about the late reply. Water transport should be fixed in 0.4e. What version are you using? If it's the latest version, I'll look in to it.
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    I'm just wondering, would this work with WorldGuard regions? Say someone is a member/owner of one region, and someone else drops an item by their chest, they wouldn't be able to get it back. If this isn't already a feature, this would save me a lot of bother in the future. Thanks.
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    This is a very nice mod. There are a number of things I plan on doing with it, but I can't seem to get the chests to work after the server is rebooted. It works fine when I put the chest in, it works correctly powered and unpowered. When I reboot, nothing. I tired the vc_range command and it returns "This chest is not vacuum enabled!".

    I am using the latest bukkit dev build and 4e


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