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    TreeAssist - Auto Replants
    Version: v5.0

    This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. Also has a custom leaf decay planter and tree removal.

    Checkout the BukkitDev page!

    Most Recent Video

    Here is a video of the 3.0 Tree Removal Feature (slightly outdated):

    Here is a video of the normal functions

    • Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down.
    • Break a birch tree? Replants a birch sapling. Same for all type of trees
    • '/TreeAssist Toggle' - lets a player turn TreeAssist features on or off.
    • '/TreeAssist Global' - Toggles TreeAssist for everyone
    • '/TreeAssist Reload' - Reload the plugin's config file
    • treeassist.autoremove - Should the player be allowed to break the bottom block and the whole tree comes down?
    • treeassist.replant - When the player chops down a tree, should a sapling replant itself?
    • treeassist.toggle - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist Toggle' command to turn TreeAssist on or off
    • - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist global' command to turn TreeAssist on or off for everyone
    • treeassist.reload - access to '/treeassist reload'

    Source Code

    See the full change-log here!

    • Suggest things!
    • Custom Leaf Drops
    Like the plugin? Help me keep my programming hobby alive! Please consider donating!
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    try using hash and storing every log block, check to see if logs were placed by a player b4 destroying them.
    Only way i can think of it.
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    Yeah I'll look into it, I haven't dealt with multiworlds before though :D
    Edit: By multiworld support do you mean having a different setup of the config file for each world?
    Yeah, that's what I'll probably have to end up doing. Granted on a large server that will be many many block locations to store.
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    Like, when a tree grows or you run a command it grows a Christmas tree?[/quote]
    no you should just be able to spawn in the light bulbs with /i (numberhere) (the four colors) thats it .
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    like it !

    but, how can i set a custom leaf decay ?
    i want it a little bit faster.

    uhh i hit a treehouse and many many many blocks fall down :(
    can u insert a "treecheck" or something ?
    i mean, reading the blocks around the one that get choped
    like left 0 , right 0 , front 0 , back 0 , down= dirt , topmaximum ~6
    or something like that ?

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    Right now the leaf decay speed is simply the normal one, but I can make it go faster, I'll add that as an option for the next version. Something like a multiplier of 0.1-10x speed seems viable.

    And thanks for the feedback on the treehouse thing, as stated before it is still going to be buggy for a while, so I can try and check if there are alot of blocks around then it can assume its a building, not a tree. I also plan on adding a command where a player can turn on or off the ability to have the full tree destroy on or off for themselves.
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    So with these new options, can I make it so saplings take root my themselves?
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    i think choptree had this option to safe houses
    but plugin is abdonned
    maybe u find something usefull inside the code ?
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    Errr, I think you accidentally a word. Can you be more clear on what you mean?
    Thanks, I will look at his source!
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    I meant BY. But my question is already answered. It makes saplings plant themselves when a leaf decays, but I'm getting some out of memory errors a few hours later and I believe it's this plugin.
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    Ah okay. I'm not sure what would be causing memory errors, but I'll think about it - I wouldn't be surprised if bad coding on my part led to a loop somewhere. My server has been live for about 72 hours straight with this plugin running and I've had no errors with memory usage.
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    no errors for me, but i set % chance to 0
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    I could be wrong. I installed 2 plugins last night, your plugin, and the Backup plugin, and it crashed by noon. I wasn't able to do a test because I had work shortly after I found out, so I just disabled both plugins. I know that there has been problems with other plugins that do this, but it could just be something completely unrelated. I really like it though, I've been looking for a plugin that adds the auto planting of saplings from leaves for a long time now, so I'll just wait for this to be run on some more servers and confirm it works.

    I left the percentage at 5, maybe if I went lower it would be okay.
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    set it to 0 and try it
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    It wasn't this plugin. I was trying to post on here and let you know it, but bukkit was having issues with the forum. It turned out to be the Backup plugin causing the crashes. Ironic.

    Anyway, would be nice to be able to disable the sapling appearing where the base log was when fire burns it away. I would like my forests to spread naturally, and not just grow right back where they were.
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    Glad it wasn't my fault :D Yeah, I'll add WAY more options for the next version. It's just hard to keep the config file looking nice when there's so much stuff :/
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    i think the importants point is the check about wood house
    or maybe chop the second wood to chop the hole tree
    rest works nice at the moment
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    I'm thinking the simplest way to check whether it is a real tree or not is to see if there's other log blocks at the same level as the main block and possibly the second block. It's not pretty, but it's a short code snippet and won't increase server lag at all running the check.
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    maybe add a "leaf on top" check ?
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    I want select tool type( wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond ).

    Choptree had this option tool type.
    but plugin is no update...

    I want use this plugin.
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    It seems to work ok, but I want it to only replace the bottom block with a sapling, and it won't seem to do that. Here's my config:

    #===TreeAssist Main Configuration===
    #Sat Dec 10 11:43:32 EST 2011
    Use\ Permissions?=true
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    i think that means that saplings that fall down have a chance to auto plant
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    This works, but it doesn't hit all the logs on a large tree. Any help?
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    It's not perfect yet, I'm working on fixes, expect something this weekend, I'll be done with finals and have my new computer built then.
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    specialy the "leaf on top check" is very important
    so player cannot destroy houses
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    Can u make it compatible with NoLagg? Cuz the tree only drops one block of wood when using nolagg.
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    can u also add a real custom leaf decay with a timer ?
    so when i chop a tree the leafes fall REALLY fast down or maybe instant
    in reality when U chop a tree, the leafs also drop instant right ? ;)
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    Cool, can't wait. ;)
  31. i dont test this plugin get cuz i was right, i read it chop the entire hause's maded of wood, work in that think of turning off and on the ability, that will fix the problem, so im gonna wait till that happen, if it happen of course xD, i dont want to see my players destroying their hauses cuz this plugin

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