[MECH/TP] QuizBlock v0.5.1 Door opens when correct block is broken [953]

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    This page will no longer be updated. Please follow this project at the Bukkit Dev Page

    QuizBlock - Door opens when correct block is broken:
    Version: 0.5.1 (7/16/2011)
    Supports Permissions
    Download Page

    With this plugin, You setup blocks so if a player destroys certain blocks they are teleported to a set location, or if they destroy other certain blocks a passage opens (hard to explain, especially at 4am, just watch the video if you don't understand)

    Commands can be written as /quizblock or /qb
    • /qb make [Name] - Makes Quiz at target location
    • /qb link right [Name] - Links target block with Quiz
    • /qb link door [Name] - Links target block with Quiz
    • /qb link wrong [Name] - Links target block with Quiz
    • /qb msg right [Name] [msg] - Sets right msg for Quiz
    • /qb msg wrong [Name] [msg] - Sets wrong msg for Quiz
    • /qb unlink [Name] - Unlinks target block from Quiz
    • /qb delete [Name] - Deletes Quiz and unlinks blocks
    • /qb list - Lists all Quizes
    • /qb r - Repeats last command
    • /qb help - Displays list of commands
    Permission Nodes:
    • quizblock.make

    Old Versions + ChangeLog can be found at Download Page
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.5.1 (7/16/2011)
    • Added color support for all customizable messages
    Version 0.5 (6/26/2011)
    • Improved OP options
    • Add message customization
    • Add repeat command
    Version 0.4 (6/12/2011)
    • Cleaned up code/fixed errors
    Version 0.3 (5/25/2011)
    • Added config file
    Version 0.2 (5/23/2011)
    • Added support for colored wool
    • Fixed loading multiple blocks
    Version 0.1 (5/21/2011)
    • Initial Release
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    I'm not sure what you mean, can you explain it more?
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    Does it support trap door?
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    well for example lets say you are standing there and instead of hitting the correct block you say the right word
    like for example
    you say the word "chicken" and it opens
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    works fine for me on CB 819
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    yes I was going to make a video of this when I get time
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  9. I have this enabled on my server and whenever I type in

    /qb make X Or any other commands it redirects me to the QuizBlock Help page. Is there a way to fix this? If there is a way please tell me. If it helps I'm running my bukkit on Mac OSX and I haven't set it up for permissions yet, though I have it running.
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    I can't wait for you to update to build 860 so that I can take advantage of this plugin.
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    It should work fine on 860 but I'm hoping to have an update out soon
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    Do you need building rights to use a quiz?
    I'm thinking of a spawn jail, and the rules are the answers to the quizzes to get out.
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    I'm not sure, I don't think so though

    Just cleaned up some code...

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    Hey Codisimus, epic plugin :D Very useful for several different things. But what I noticed was, its always the same thing. Same messages, etc. Will you ever add customized messages? For example, if I had a quiz where I wanted to make it say "Congrads, you broke the correct block!" and another where I wanted to say "Yep, your right!" that is impossible at the moment, will you ever add a command where I can specify what the plugin says when a certain quiz gets a correct answer? And one more thing. If I have a big door, I have to type that door command over and over and over. Will you ever make a smaller command for repeating the previous one? Like, /qb r for repeat, so people don't have to type that command over and over?
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    I'll try to add message customization like I have in ButtonWarp.
    I am also trying to figure out an easier way to link blocks, the repeat command is a good idea. I'd rather not have to keep in memory the last command everyone uses but It sounds like the best way.

    Thanks for these suggestions! In other news, I am currently adding door support so if a door is linked it will open instead of vanish.
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    Oh, cool! Thank you for taking my requests into consideration :) I always appreciate a programmer who cares enough to write a reply in a relatively short time. Thank you for that and the epic plugin :D I look forward to the update.
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    Hey Codisumus, I was thinking about what you said a while ago about not wanting to store the last command typed in memory, what if you make it so you can attach a function to an item? Like a sword or something. Maybe have customization for that? And have it turn on and off so its not always doing something when in use?
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    Too late I already coded it =P I am working on adding door support b4 I update
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    Alright thats cool lol I just thought I would say it. I can't wait for the update :D
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    I added the repeat command (/qb r)
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    Omg, thank you! This update is epic :D
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    i cant use /qb r, it doesnt say anything when i type it in and hold on a block, can u fix it plz?
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    Added color support for all customizable messages
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    Do you think you might add a way to link WorldEdit selections to blocks? Instead of selecting block by block to link it to a right block.
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    My created quiz workes well but after i closed my server and started again i first have to change something doesnt matter what on the quiz that it works. if i do nothing i only break the block and nothing happen. why? :(
    bug or did i something wrong?
    Sry for bad english skilzzzzzzzzz :D
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    damm u codisimus u just keep making usefull plugins :D
    keep up the goodt work dude :D
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    Will do, good sir!

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