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    Graveyard - Allows server operators to define multiple respawn points.
    Version: v0.4.4

    Just put in plugins directory and off you go. Config files generated on the fly.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 1317.

    New development site =D

    • Allows admins to define names and coordinates in config files.
    • Players respawn at closest point.
    • Permissions support for commands.
    Note: This currently overrides many other plugins spawn management.


    /gy add SpawnName​
    /gy delete SpawnName​
    /gy list​
    /gy list world​
    /gy closest​
    /gy tp SpawnName​
    /gy tp closest​
    /gy tp random​
    /gy info​
    /gy reload​
    /gy version​

    Feel free to add as many words in the name as you want. Such as 'Super happy fun spawn point of doom' or something equally as awesome.


    Download v0.4.4
    Download v0.4.3
    Download v0.4.2
    Download v0.4.1
    Download v0.4

    To Do:
    • Point discovery.
    • Proper documentation.
    Coming in next version (Probably):

    Change log:
    Version 0.4.4 - Some pretty big changes.
    • No longer requires permissions to work. If no permissions plugin installed it will automatically let all players spawn at all points.
    • Supports PEX and PermissionsBukkit
    • Took the bed support out for now till I can find a better way to implement it.
    • New points are automatically in the 'default' group which needs no permissions to spawn at, just the graveyard.respawn.closest or random.
    • Updated the configuration code to reflect changes in the new RB.
    Version 0.4.3
    • Option to enable an invincible timer on respawn.
    • Threaded file IO
    • Added commands '/gy tp random' and '/gy tp closest'
    Version 0.4.2

    • Configurable option to check/auto notify if there is a new version
    • Permission to change between closest or random spawn point.
    • Allow beds to be used. If set to true in config, will attempt to spawn player at their bed, if that fails, will default to the random/closest permission.
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added a '/gy reload' command to reload all points.
    Version 0.4

    • Changed permissions to PermissionsBukkit
    • Added per point permissions
    • Added more commands
    • Rewrote some of the code
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 0.3.9pre
    • Support for PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.3.8

    • Custom respawn strings. Change the closest point's by using '/gy message message here'. You can set it to '/gy message none' for no message.
    • Multiworld support.
    • Took out permissions for now...I know, I'm a terrible person.
    Version 0.3.7

    • Fixed the bug caused by the new CB preventing the multiple spawns from working.
    Version 0.3.6

    • Some general code cleanups
    Version 0.3.5

    • Removed support for Towny, will re-add soon.
    • Fixed null when trying to TP to a non existant point.
    • Updated command list
    Version 0.3.2

    • Added support for Towny.
    Version 0.3.1

    • Fixed not creating folders on first load bug. Thanks to @spowney for pointing out my stupid mistake. =D (I forgot to put it back in after the code rewrite)
    Version 0.3

    • Changes to the commands.
    • Changes to the storing of spawn points.
    • Better permissions support.
    Version 0.3pre

    • Basic permissions support.
    • Additional fixes and updates.
    Version 0.2.1

    • This is only an intermediate release to address important bugs and compatibility issues.
    • New add coordinate command that works in game as well as from the console.
    • Fixed a few of the command catch errors. So there should be no more console error spamming.
    • The graveyard points now supersedes beds and other plugins. (The ones I tested) Except those plugins which have their priority set to highest.
    Version 0.2

    • Added in game add point command. (Remove and list still coming)
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release

    I'm still working on it. Just wanted to get a base version out to feedback/bug reports/feature demands. I'll be adding the commands in as soon as I've finished typing this.

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    having an issue with this plugin, loved the idea but sadly even with the
    it sends you to random graveyards. there is no errors in console, since its working just not going to closest.
    version 985 bukkit by the way
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    Please update D:
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    Yup 1k recommended build and Tp closets is still not working its always Random, is this plugin dumped? or still active and updating? if its dumped can another plugin guy just fix the random/cloest part other then it works, but random is not at all helpful
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    I am assuming this plugin is abandonned? any chance another Plugin guy out there can pick this up and get it working again.
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    I hope its not completely abandoned :O
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    Not abandoned...I'm just too busy recently.
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    Great to hear :D hope you get time soon.
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    Anytime timeline on when you might be able to give us a working update?

    I understand you being busy just trying to plan my patches =)

    Thanks again for all the great plugins!
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    Would you allow someone to fork this plugin since you don't have the time to update?
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    I have someone that will do it. Just need the source.
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    Rawr! An alternative! Does this mean the pressure is off for me to work on this? And the source has always been on my github which I'm sure I've mentioned in this thread a couple times.

    I think I prefer making small plugins that don't really need maintaining. Makes more people happy and takes the pressure off me =D
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    But I didn't see a source link =/ I might have looked at how complicated it was and forked it XD Yours is more light weight and I think you have a few features he doesn't :) Don't give up on your plugin but in the mean time people have an alternative while they wait for you :D (no rush)
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    I would like to see this plugin updated and working (I haven't tested it yet).

    I'll test it now though.
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    F.Y.I. This plugins works with Craftbukkit build 1000.
    when will this plugin be updated? can you give an e.t.a.?
    or have you abandoned the project?
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    Ah geeze guys. Fine ill do some more work on it.

    But will still be a few days till you get anything.

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    Hahahaha caved in to pressure? What needs to be updated in the code (too lazy to test) maybe I can help get things up to date :)
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    @dak393 I'm working on the multiworld support code at the moment.
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    ah ok little experience there unless you are checking files or hash maps but I bet you got it handled :)
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    @dak393 If you really wanna help. Could you compile me a list of all the requests and unfixed bugs that have been mentioned in this thread?
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    ok will get around to that tomorrow though as it is late here :)
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    I'm doing some big rewrites again...Hopefully it will still be quick. Expect a release by weeks end.

    Multiworld code is done and working.

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    awesome :D

    Well it seems you don't have a use for graveyard then :p remove it and just use the default spawn point (or a plugin to move the spawn point) and done :)
    @McSpazzy looks like you got all the requests I could find in your To-Do list (btw you can remove multi-world ^^)

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    What permissions plugin are people using these days?
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    The hell have you been?

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    What a neat plugin, I will most likely use this when/if I make a PvP World. :)
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    Just released 0.3.8 as a pre 0.4 version. With 2 of the new features for testing. This version does not have permissions, so if that is a problem, don't upgrade just yet. But any testing would be helpful.
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    Meh for me I still use permissions 3.1.6 bukkit permissions are still not up to par.
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    @dak393 ew you mean i need multiple permissions plugins support =p

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