[MECH][TP] Graveyard v0.4.4 - Multiple player respawn locations. [1317]

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    Graveyard - Allows server operators to define multiple respawn points.
    Version: v0.4.4

    Just put in plugins directory and off you go. Config files generated on the fly.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 1317.

    New development site =D

    • Allows admins to define names and coordinates in config files.
    • Players respawn at closest point.
    • Permissions support for commands.
    Note: This currently overrides many other plugins spawn management.


    /gy add SpawnName​
    /gy delete SpawnName​
    /gy list​
    /gy list world​
    /gy closest​
    /gy tp SpawnName​
    /gy tp closest​
    /gy tp random​
    /gy info​
    /gy reload​
    /gy version​

    Feel free to add as many words in the name as you want. Such as 'Super happy fun spawn point of doom' or something equally as awesome.


    Download v0.4.4
    Download v0.4.3
    Download v0.4.2
    Download v0.4.1
    Download v0.4

    To Do:
    • Point discovery.
    • Proper documentation.
    Coming in next version (Probably):

    Change log:
    Version 0.4.4 - Some pretty big changes.
    • No longer requires permissions to work. If no permissions plugin installed it will automatically let all players spawn at all points.
    • Supports PEX and PermissionsBukkit
    • Took the bed support out for now till I can find a better way to implement it.
    • New points are automatically in the 'default' group which needs no permissions to spawn at, just the graveyard.respawn.closest or random.
    • Updated the configuration code to reflect changes in the new RB.
    Version 0.4.3
    • Option to enable an invincible timer on respawn.
    • Threaded file IO
    • Added commands '/gy tp random' and '/gy tp closest'
    Version 0.4.2

    • Configurable option to check/auto notify if there is a new version
    • Permission to change between closest or random spawn point.
    • Allow beds to be used. If set to true in config, will attempt to spawn player at their bed, if that fails, will default to the random/closest permission.
    Version 0.4.1

    • Added a '/gy reload' command to reload all points.
    Version 0.4

    • Changed permissions to PermissionsBukkit
    • Added per point permissions
    • Added more commands
    • Rewrote some of the code
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 0.3.9pre
    • Support for PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.3.8

    • Custom respawn strings. Change the closest point's by using '/gy message message here'. You can set it to '/gy message none' for no message.
    • Multiworld support.
    • Took out permissions for now...I know, I'm a terrible person.
    Version 0.3.7

    • Fixed the bug caused by the new CB preventing the multiple spawns from working.
    Version 0.3.6

    • Some general code cleanups
    Version 0.3.5

    • Removed support for Towny, will re-add soon.
    • Fixed null when trying to TP to a non existant point.
    • Updated command list
    Version 0.3.2

    • Added support for Towny.
    Version 0.3.1

    • Fixed not creating folders on first load bug. Thanks to @spowney for pointing out my stupid mistake. =D (I forgot to put it back in after the code rewrite)
    Version 0.3

    • Changes to the commands.
    • Changes to the storing of spawn points.
    • Better permissions support.
    Version 0.3pre

    • Basic permissions support.
    • Additional fixes and updates.
    Version 0.2.1

    • This is only an intermediate release to address important bugs and compatibility issues.
    • New add coordinate command that works in game as well as from the console.
    • Fixed a few of the command catch errors. So there should be no more console error spamming.
    • The graveyard points now supersedes beds and other plugins. (The ones I tested) Except those plugins which have their priority set to highest.
    Version 0.2

    • Added in game add point command. (Remove and list still coming)
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release

    I'm still working on it. Just wanted to get a base version out to feedback/bug reports/feature demands. I'll be adding the commands in as soon as I've finished typing this.

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  2. Hey. Thanks for a great plugin. Is there any chance of you adding more options so that it can be configured as an arena random spawner? E.g. I set up several spawns across the map and the user gets spawned at a random one after death? Or, at least, at the most distant spawn instead of the closest spawn. Arena mode, so to say.
    Shouldn't be too hard and I'm sure many would love it.
    This plugin is no opensource, is it? Couldn't find the code.
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    I made the request for random spawn point, instead of closest, apprently it's troublesome.
    I hope that gets done, it would be a great addition to set the player in a 'castaway' situation.
    Also great to prevent clustering and spawn camping.
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    @peaced @tr0y A random 'respawn' point is doable. Peaced, it is the random point on first login that is the issue. It's doable...but not perfect.

    I haven't upped the source to my github yet. I should.

    On another note, the rewrite is going well. Once it's done I'll upload the source for those who want it.
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    Great news, i could do without the 1st login thing.
    i'll just make the only exit of my initial spawn .. death by lava :)
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    The next release will have changes to the way the plugin stores the spawn point data. I assume people are going to want it to convert the old file to the new format.
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    I'm not ;)
    i didnt set all my points yet, just a handfull for testing.
    but that's just me
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    Don't use a plus sign in the version tag. If you really need to use more versions, use [X-Y] or [X,Y].
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    Roger. Also for those following closely, the rewrite is coming along mighty well.

    If all goes according to plan, this new version 'should' be extendable by additional plugins.

    Well seeings as the RB is taking a while, I may as well release the new and improved 0.3...tomorrow! Well tonight. Being that it's almost 7am. Once I wake up I'll have one last quick check over the code to make sure I didn't miss anything while being half asleep.

    I'll also have to write some nicer documentation. It's getting to be a bit more than a simple plugin.

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    *peaced hits F5* -> repeat.

    Good job, cannot wait to test this out !
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    Thank you for this wonderful plugin!

    I have observed something, which I wonder if anyone else has experienced. I put Graveyard on my PvP server (b714, before we had the new RB), set up a few spawnpoints, tested them by killing myself, and all was splendid.

    But - as soon as someone killed a playe in a PvP-Fight, the killed player got kicked from the server with a End of Stream error, and what's really weird: Could't rejoin the server anymore. All those that got killed in fights were unable to join without immediately having an End of Stream error.

    As soon as I removed the plugin and reloaded all the people could join again.

    There are no apparent errors in the console, only this observation.
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    Sounds like the same error peaced was getting, but without the errors. I think I have it fixed now. I'm prepping the new file now. =D

    @peaced @GmK

    Done and done. v0.3 is up. Hopefully there will be no problems. If there is anyone with pretty extensive point lists, lemme know and ill add an auto converter.

    @tr0y There is a random point option in this version if you use permissions.

    If there is any other plugins support people want, or more features. Let me know.

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    Awesome, you got the random point done too, bravo.
    I'll test it tonight when i'm back home.

    I'm not sure if I asked already, but could the random point be chosen among the N closest points?
    N being a value that could be set?
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    Probly. I'll have a look into it.
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    Sir, you are a hero.
    I finaly have a way to make the server I wanna play on ,)
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    Getting a funny error :(

    15:37:17 [SEVERE] null loading Graveyard v0.3 (Is it up to date?)
    at com.McSpazzy.Graveyard.Graveyard.loadPoints(Graveyard.java:57)
    at com.McSpazzy.Graveyard.Graveyard.onEnable(Graveyard.java:47)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:127)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:632)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:218)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:116)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:94)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:217)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:204)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:144)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:259)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)

    any ideas? CB733

    Edit: I've gone back to the previous version which works with CB733 if anyone is interested.
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    @spowney oh shit! guess who forgot to go something =D

    For all those who are getting that error. create a folder called 'points' inside the plugins/graveyard/ folder. I'll create a fix for it now.

    @spowney Fix is fixed. Should work now. Download 0.3.1

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    Do you know if this will conflict with Towny respawns?
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    @2Bucks Most probably. Would you like it to only work for players not part of a town?
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    Seems the folders are creating, but the files in it dont ?
    Could you post a sample config file?
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    @peaced It doesn't atomatically convert the old graveyard.points file.

    (I was lazy (Yes I'm a bad person (Don't judge me!)))

    The filename does not matter. As long as it is plain text. However when creating them in game it will call it 'Name'.cfg

    eg: House.cfg


    It has the World= for the eventually upcoming multiworld support. The game uses the double values supplied by the player location when created. That precision is not required. But make sure to have the zero after it. Such like 42.0
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    I'm not talkng about the points, but the settings file, if any ? to set the random bit.
    Edit : it may be just perms ?

    Edit2 :
    What about admins with - '*' ?
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    @peaced Oh! There is no config file anymore. There was nothing to configure. Currently the random thing is permission based. If there is no permissions compatible plugin, it defaults to closest.

    Regarding '*' never thought of that. Most likely will use random for anyone with that or 'graveyard.spawn.*' as that is the last part of code to set the spawn location. Nothing bad would happen, just be annoying.
    Permissions supports exceptions doesn't it?

    - 'graveyard.spawn.*'
    - '-graveyard.spawn.random'

    I don't really mess around with the advanced functions of it much.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm would it be possible to put up a sign when the player spawns with

    or something similar`?
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    Perfect, thanks, testing now.
    I only set up 8 points but I plan to have way more
    server is peaced.fr (also running the last terrain mod for 1.5 ,).
    i'll get some player to do more tests next week end.
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    Omg, i just realized, that my server runs mostly your plugins. Keep up the good work!
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    @Kuja_Diartua Lol...even though I'm probably despised by a few people for not finishing RealTools fast enough.

    New version...again. 0.3.2 Added compatibility with Towny.

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    I have a problem and I can't seem to find a fix!
    On my server, we role play. I want players to spawn in a busted up jail under about 50 blocks of dirt. They find their way out through a mess of tunnels and holes to a warp sign.

    The problem: My global spawn keeps spawning them on the ground above the prison -.-;
    Epic Fail.

    Is there anyway to fix this? I've tried other spawn plugins but I don't want them! I want yours!!! I <3 the idea that If you die near a town, you're pulled back to it.

    Do you have any suggestions? I just need my default spawn to be in the prison, and after that~ it's clear sailing!

    Thanks!!! I do appreciate it!

    I tried using a custom build of Command Book and disabled the "spawn" settings. I then put your plugin in with SpawnControll. Nothing worked. It keeps spawning me up above =(
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    @Nate204 I'm pretty sure it's built into the game that first login to a server will place them on the highest Y block at the coordinates. Same goes for if there is blocks in the location they logged off when they log on again. The only option that I can think of. Is an automatic teleport on join, or kill them on join and use graveyard or any other plugin to set the respawn to underground.
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    So your saying to set my global spawn over the top of my man made volcano .... ;>.>

    ...you and I could grow to become great friends.
    I guess "You gotta do what you gotta do!"

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