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    Torchl[​IMG]ght v0.1BETA (Experimental)

    Based on Flashlight by tkelly.​
    Torchlight is a plugin where if holding a torch/lava/fire you will emit a radius of light around you, without needing to place an item. (useful for spelunking!)​
    To use, equip any of these item id's: 50, 10, 11, 51, 76, 89, 90, 91, 94, 327​
    Updated version:​
    • Certain items emit light
    • Anti-Lag feature built in so it doesn't execute every second.
    • Sometimes doesn't work if you can see the sky? Need to look into how to fix this
    • If it works outside, it may leave a block-light glitch. Resetting doesn't work and you need to manually reset the chunk lighting (place a block)
    • If used on water surface while night and you can see the sky, the light remains
    Version 0.1BETA​
    • Initial commit​
    • Fixed torch placing so it actually stays on​
    • Added anti-lag​

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    Torchlight+ does not work it does not lit anything. I didnt do permissions yet but i am OP.
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    You must have the permission, regardless of whether or not you are OP. I'll may change that in the future, but just give yourself the 'torchlight.use' permission for now (then use /tl in-game).
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    Why did you choose it to be a command? Rather than making glowstone, toches and glow pumpkin give off light when they are in your hand or when you have glowstone/glow pumpkin on head?
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    Because the plugin isn't perfect, and atm it's not a great idea to have it on all the time. I plan on putting in a config option to start the server with it turned on - wait for that if you like.

    Any future conversation about TorchLight+ should take place on the BukkitDev page.

    EDIT: TorchLight+ is dead. As of MC 1.2.3, lighting is calculated client-side and neither CraftBukkit nor Spout seems to have an effective solution. Sorry, guys :/
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    wont work for me
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    [quote uid=42944 name="Paah" post=460479]Updated for CB953.
    If David has anything against this then I will remove the file, but as there has been no response him and many people want this I'll post it here.

    E: New version for 1.8.1 CB#1185
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Can you make a 1.2.5? Or someone atleast?
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  9. Lighting is now calculated by the client, so that means this server mod will no longer work, because it requires that the server calculate the lighting
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    The link doesn't work. It says mediafire cannot find the page. Can you fix it please? I was GOING to use this on my RPG server for the dark creepy foooreeests. :)
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    Is there another update for this, or at least a working download? I used this in 1.8 and I loved it!
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    Download link is broken. Please fix it.
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    Someone can give me a working link? (Another host or something)
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    Yeah, if this is still alive and compatible I'd love to use it.
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    Some people just can't read.

    It has been said many times, it isn't.

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