[MECH] ToolRepair v1.6 - The efficient way to repair tools [1060]

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    Version: v1.7

    Description: This is a simple plugin to allow users to repair their damaged tools/armour. It has functionality for iConomy if you wish to use it. It also allows for ownership of the ToolRepair Station with the added bonus of the profits of the users of the owned station (both the base costs of materials and base cost of the Station itself are configurable). This plugin is a build off of retsrif's Blacksmith, so if you want his version check it out here.

    Moved To BUKKITDEV, please use that page for all downloads/issues.

    - vanZeben


    Thanks to retsrif for the basic algorithm and concept of the Repairshop.
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    Does this run w/ iC5?
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    Version 1.1
    • Fixed A bug with protection of the block behind sign (The block under the sign was being protected as well).
    Also the plugin was moved to the official plugin release ^_^.

    At the moment no, Considering your asking about it, ill put it in the next update :)


    Version 1.2
    • Added Flexibility for people who dont use / dont want to use iConomy.

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    ehm i don't understand how to use it..can u make a video tutorial or pics? Thx *-*
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    How do you configure the costs and repair things? This does not install anything to configure in the plugins directory. How would you even know it existed, other than stating so. What are the commands (if any)? Any type of Permissions to set? Can this be limited to certain worlds?
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    Ill post a quick video up later on today if i have time, but essentially put the plugin into the plugin folder, start up your server and the plugin should create a folder called ToolRepair with a file inside it called "configsettings.yml" Edit that file to change the base value of the items (Use context for the going rate of that item in your iConomy. ie if someone would naturally pay 100$ for a gold bar set gold to 100 etc) then set the base cost of a sign so that the users will pay to create one. Then when in game on the first line of a wallsign type "toolrepair" (without the quotation marks) and the second line is an optional owner name. The sign should then update and you can left click on it with any tool/armour to get the value of that item or right click to purchase a repair...(if your not using iConomy, you dont need to worry about the config and in game just put "toolrepair" on the sign (without quotations) and you can right or left click to get a repair.

    Costs and repairs should be in /plugins/ToolRepair/configsettings.yml. It should say in the console that the plugin is activated and which version as well as the base cost of a sign. If you would read the op you would see that a feature is "Command-Less". Permissions shouldnt need to be set as the signs cost money (in-game currency) and i didnt see a need for them, If anyone explicitly requests it i can add them however... Havent thought of multiworld, however i'll see if i can implement this in the next update.

    thanks for bringing these to my attention <3
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    The only place that information shows up is in the console, yes. I saw that part.

    I had to make a sign in order for the configuration to show up, as it does not create anything on startup. I did read the entire OP, as I do all of the plugins I use, but thank you for the advice. Of course, that means that I would need to have 5,000 currency in order to be able to configure the plugin. Already figured out all of this a bit ago, just thought I would explain how your plugin works for... other people... that would not be able to find how to configure your plugin.

    Interesting name for your currency... Ultima.
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    Ahh okay, I see that clears some things up. Ill make the instructions a little more explicit. Also the 5000 currency is configurable in the config file as well as the currency name and if you do not have iConomy installed you would not require the 5000 currency... Next time i update ill put in the config files as well. Those were just specific to the server i develop for, Ultimateminecraft ;)

    Also thanks for the advice and bringing those things to my attention as this is my first published plugin i was a little unsure on how explicit i had to post.
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    Also, you may want to look at the SEVERE console spam when hitting the sign with your hands. It catches most of the other stuff in your hands, but if you have nothing, it spams the console.
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    hmm i thought i fixed that -_- Ill look at it again
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    Any chance for Permissions support?
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    I didnt think permissions were necessary with the original release as you would have to pay to activate them. However im working on a new plugin which is based off of this idea (with the signs) and im not sure one exists yet, so i may just edit the titles and op of this one when i release it instead of posting a new thread. Considering they relate and the new one will incorporate this one

    Also updated the OP with the download link to fix the console lag, should have been included in the original release of 1.2 however i forgot about it :3
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    problem with Colored name on sign. The money doesn't go to the actual owner of the tool repair. it goes to [colorcode]playername.
    this also messes up iconomy's top list putting that playerwith the color code in the list.
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    thanks for this. I hadnt had coloured names in mind when i did this. Ill put that in the next update
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    I don't think it supports nicknames either.

    I am thinking this because I check my money before and after using my own tool repair and my money went down but not up. It's paying me right so shouldn't I have the same afterwards, in other words it's free for me. I'm pretty sure it messed up iConomies /money top as well.

    I was wondering if you could add support for towns.

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    hmm, again something i never considered. Ill look into this as well, and as for the /money top im stumped. As for updating this version, i dont think i will. im putting this into another plugin of mine so ill just edit this thread with it since it is does the same thing :3

    towns with towny, youll need to be more specific about this
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    yes, so the town could own the tool repair and the income goes to the town

    The /money top is probably you taking the raw name that has the colorcode and making a new bank account in iconomy with that name. Probably just need to remove the color code before using iconomy. The nicknames I'm not sure if it is bukkit's or from an essentials plugin. You'll need to look into that.

    I also suggest using the Register plugin made by the same person who made iConomy. It allows support for all popular economy plugins. I'll get you a link in a sec.

    Here it is: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/register-now-accepting-all-payment-methods-economy-api-stable.16849/ Just a suggestion, not necessary.

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    Doesn't your sign add the color itself? Because I used other signs and my name doesn't color.
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    again, it depends on the plugin your using to colour your name.
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    CB 818, Got the following error when adding a sign with ToolRepair top line, username second line:

    I do have iConomy 5.0 as required.
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    i shall look into this, thanks for posting it <3
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    Thanks mate! =]
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    Thanks again van ;)
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    the plugin doesn't work for me. I don't have iConomy installed, as I thought it is no must have.
    And as someone else said, there's no autogenerated config file, too. Got CB818.
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    @NightFalcon: Found the error, i'll post an update later on today when I get out of school.

    @AndyPandy89: <3 =-]

    @St3vYb0y: When I post the update later on today it should fix this, however i'll include the config files in the zip.
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    Alright thank you!
    And it's possible to pay with items? That was something Blacksmith couldn't do for me, you only had to have the item in your inventory, but it wasn't consumed.
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    This plugin seems cool :), but I'm using BOSEconomy so I can't use it with money. That would be great if you could add support for BOSEcon.
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    Hi, fist of all thanks for making this idea possible, its a great plugin.
    Unfortunately i'm not abble to make it work. :s
    I'm using iconomy 5x, permissions, LWC and Essentials (dunno if they are bugs with this plugins)

    I make a sign with "ToolRepair" on the first line and nothing happen when ppl click it :s
    Java errors when i make a sign:


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