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    New maintaner! This project is now managed by @!Phoenix! and you will find all news and updates on the projects devbukkit page!

    Do you think a day needs to have 48 hours for all your work to do?
    You don't want to be interrupted by fading out light and torches don't do the job?
    But you also want to go on monster hunting in the night?
    TimeFold lets you fold the time the way you want!

    Everything below here is partly or completely outdated, so please visit the projects devbukkit page to be up to date, I'll just leave it here for documentary purposes.

    • Extend/lower the day and/or night to an amount of your choice, even 0
    • Multiworld support
    • Does not break redstone circuits or plant growing
    • CraftBukkitUpToDate support
    Planned Features:
    • Change the settings on the fly ingame
    • Possibility to set the day/night to an amout <1, e.g. 0.25
    • Check for using beds -in progress
    • Announcements on dawn/dusk/timefold -in progress
    • Dawn/dusk every x days
    • Voting
    • May be incompatible with Multiverse 2
    Function / How it works:
    The plugin cycles through the set amount of days and after that, through the nights.
    For the days, right before dusk, it will set the time back* to morning right after dawn, as long as all set days are gone, and then the same for the nights
    For example, if you set it to <worldname>:3:2 it will look like this:
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Night 1
    Night 2
    and then again from the beginning.
    *It does not really sets the time back into the past (that would break redstone and growing etc) but instead, it skips the night.

    Way A) Start the server once to let TimeFold create the settings file itself.
    Way B) Use the file provided in the ZIP-download.
    Way C) Create the directory and file yourself at plugins/TimeFold/TimeFold.settings
    Stop the server (or do a /reload later), customize the file to your needs. One line for every world like this:
    Worldnames are case insensitive.
    If you don't specify a world in the file, its day/night cycle will be untouched and run like normal.

    • /timefold - shows you the current day/night in the cycle
    • /timefold report - creates a textfile in the plugins/TimeFold/ directory with some information which may be helpful for me helping you
    • timefold <world> (server console) - same as /timefold
    ***outdated! See the devbukkit page for current versions and downloads!***
    Static JAR
    v0.5.beta1 1060: ZIP
    v0.4.2 953: JAR | ZIP
    v0.4 766: JAR | ZIP
    v0.3 740: JAR | ZIP
    Source: GitHub
    All downloads are also available at github.

    v0.4.2 02.07.11 b754/cb953
    • Added /timefold report command
    • Fixed TimeFold calling from server console
    • Fixed something which could cause an OutOfMemoryError
    • general code reworking
    v0.4 19.05.11 b681/cb766
    • Fixed: creating settings file on startup
    • Fixed: crash on non-existent world
    • reworked ActionListener, now allows 0 as a value for day or night
    • general code cleanup
    older changes (open)

    v0.3 12.05.11 b669/cb740
    • initial public release
    • removed debug code
    • reworked FileHandler and ActionListener using HashMaps instead of Arrays
    • first git versioned version

    Inspired by the discontinued Extendday I wrote this for my server because we did not want to have day OR night as the other plugins do. And made it public because I wanted to give something back to this great community!
    As this is my first bukkit plugin and my first project in java since a while (over a year) and I'm not a native english speaker (I'm german), please, be clement, thank you :)
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    You do have unzipped the zip file and have put the .jar into the /plugins/ subdirectory? Just in case...
    I tried on two systems (one windows, one linux) with cb1060 and both worked well.
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    its working now, after deleting the old TimFold dir and a fresh copie of the timefold.jar only, a new folder was created and plugin is in the plugin list now.
    i dont know why it didnt load at my first try from the zip package.
    i unziped it, copied the jar in the plugin folder and the the new config file too in the old timefold dir with the old TimeFold.settings still in.
    after deleting the complete folder and a restart all is working fine, a new folder and a new config was created

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    Interesting. In my tests, I used the "old" TimeFold directory and just have overwritten the old TimeFold.jar and it worked. Well, however, now it works for you, please test it extensively and everything you find worth noticing, tell me.
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    does this work with 1185?
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    Have a try with the 0.5beta1 please, and report back. I'll update these days to beta2 or even "0.5 final" which I'll build for 1185 (or any later RB). But as far as I know nothing time-related in the API changed, so should work fine.
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    I got 1185 and newest timefold and it doesnt work. I setup 3 x day 1 x night. The days dnt be longer, after a day there is night. And if I check "/timefold" it always tell: "It's day 3 of 3.
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    Hey @SilverstarX , when you wrote "Check for using beds -in progress", do you refeer to let the people use the bed in the day? Couse i really need that feature for my skylands world!
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    I'm working on the next version, sorry for the delay.
    Hm, no, that was not what I had in mind. I can add this, maybe, but I was referring to the problem that using a bed in a lengthened night causes TimeFold to stumble.
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    Working with 1317?
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    A vital plugin, hope there's progress soon! :)
  12. Did you stop developing this plugin? There was no update since Sep 10th.
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    It's not abandoned, but I had some private trouble which forced me to pause on developing. At the moment, I'm working up all the errors caused by the changes in bukkit, so, at least, the current code will run without issues and then again I can work on new features.
    I don't expect a new version before january, except my illness continues for a week, but thats not a good trade.
  14. I just tried the beta version you uploaded on the Sept 10th. I conifgured it so that I have two worlds with different times. But after some seconds after reloading it spams the console with this exceptions:
    2011-12-10 13:13:01 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-12-10 13:13:01 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler.action(
    2011-12-10 13:13:01 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler$
    2011-12-10 13:13:01 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-12-10 13:13:01 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    2011-12-10 13:13:02 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-12-10 13:13:02 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler.action(
    2011-12-10 13:13:02 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler$
    2011-12-10 13:13:02 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-12-10 13:13:02 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    2011-12-10 13:13:03 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-12-10 13:13:03 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler.action(
    2011-12-10 13:13:03 [SEVERE]     at me.silverstar.timefold.ActionHandler$
    2011-12-10 13:13:03 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-12-10 13:13:03 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    After I realized that I forgot to load the world. Could you check if the world exists, so that I don't have to change the config everytime I decide to make multiworld events?

    EDIT: After loading the exceptions disappear. But unloading makes them happen again
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    Strange, because it should check if the world exists. But maybe I've an error in the checking method. I'll have a look, but first I have to rewrite the config-system because the old configuration-handling is now deprecated -.-'
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    Update: I'll get to work on this again soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope there is still demand for some plugin like this.
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    I just spent the last week trying to update java is no where good enough though...

    I wait for this beautiful plugin
  18. There is. It would be appreciated. 10 min daylight is just too short. Giving the job to the console instead of moderators and admin is smarter. I find without this plugin I never experience night and I'm typing /time day every 10 minutes for 3 hours.

    With something like a 50 minute day followed by the normal night cycle it's fun to battle through the night knowing day will last.
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    I'll see that I/my plugin will satisfy your needs!
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    please update to the new bukkit api
    our server is missing this great plugin
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    I tried this out, but it sucks that it doesn't slow down the Sun... It just adds days, so it's not so realistical as i thought. I am still looking for a plugin that makes a MC day longer... (not synchronized with real, that's too long
  22. Believe me, hardly anyone will notice the "repeat" and it will feel like longer days/nights.
    The limited way in which plugins work right now to slow the animation of sun/moon would cause crazy-crazy server lag. At least as far as I know it would. The server doing the time commands for you is the way to go anyway!
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    Finally, after a long period of absence, this project will continue.
    @!Phoenix! is now the new Maintainer of this project and has already prepared something in the background, so you may expect a new version in the midterm.

    Watch the devbukkit page of this project for news!

    To whom it may interest: I have quit my former job to make my dream job come true. I will be trained to become a (military) air traffic controller as part of the german armed forces. As you can imagine, this takes much of my time and energy, and it did already in the time before my service, when I took part in the selection tests.

    I apologize that I have allowed to elapse so much time before someone else could take up my work. I hope you will still use and enjoy this plugin in the future; when Phoenix will bring this till the stage I imagined, and of course, beyond, with his own and your ideas.

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