Inactive [MECH] Tables v0.6 - Build prettier tables easy [1.2.5-R1]

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    Tables - Build prettier tables easy.
    Version: v0.6

    For some odd reason, you can't place pressure plates wherever you want.
    That means you have to use halfblocks/steps to create tables, and they're simply too thick to look very good.
    In Beta 1.8 this plugin became irrelevant because jeb_ let us place pressure plates on fence posts without it, but there are still plenty of things you still can't place them on.

    Here's my solution to that problem.

    Nice Cafè-like setting. Note the wall-grabbing tables with plenty of leg room.

    • Allows placement of pressure plates on both types of glass and on iron bars.
    • Makes the pressure plates not plop out simply because there is a block update.
    • No configuration, no permissions, no commands, just simple usage.
    • Just add it to your plugins directory and reload, don't worry about it.
    Download Tables
    Source Code

    Thanks to EvilSeph for some events assistance!
    Thanks to @Sneaky420 for the post-1.8-usefulness idea (glass planes and iron bars)

    Version 0.6
    • Finally updated for the new event system and cleared 1.2.5-RB1 use.
    • Massive code cleanup making it ready for eventual configuration.
      Next version will probably let you define "X on top of Y is OK" for yourself.
    Version 0.5
    • Support for putting pressure plates (and cake...) on Iron Bars and Glass Planes.
    Version 0.4.1
    • Cake on fence posts! This was talked about a while back, and forgotten, but today I was reminded!
    Version 0.4
    • Removed fence stacking support etc, as it's now supported by Minecraft itself.
    • Some internal cleanup, nothing major.
    Version 0.3
    • Partial (flaky) support for torches-on-fences
    • Removed pressure-pad-on-air support due to it's very strange nature.
    Version 0.2
    • Included functionality for stacking fences on fences for those Extra Fancy High Tables.
    • Pressure plates will now not plop out when the block below it disappears.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Cool, this will work GREAT with the chaircraft plugin. Thanks for the extra furniture!
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    Sure thing!
    I used to do this with water and swift action, but that's not possible since 1.6.
    Hmm... Does that mean that this goes in the FIX category as well, since there is no UNFIX category? :p
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    This plugin. It is life.
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    Uhm, thanks. I think.
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    Haha, good to hear people think this is useful.
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    nice job. I like
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    Amazing, I'm getting this. Works great with chairs.

    PS: I included the version number in your title, please change it appropriately next time. :)
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    Awesome! Definitely going to install it.
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    Have fun with it!

    Wow, this plugin got way more attention than I thought it would. I thought this was just some "meh, who makes tables anyway, SKIP!" sort of plugin.
    Turns out I was wrong, and I'm happier for it.
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    Is it possible that you can make it so pressure plates can be placed on air blocks too? Because when I want to create a 3x3 table, I don't want 3x3 fences underneath it either.
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    Not possible, since it does not use Permissions.

    Hmm... Building them on air isn't really possible, but I can have them not pop out when above air.
    That way you can build them on dirt, or sand, or whatever, and then remove the block underneath, leaving it hanging in mid-air.

    It'll likely look rather silly, mind you.
  13. nice plugin but proplem:
    you cannot put anything ON the table.
    i tried to put CAKE on the table, not possible.
    can you make update which brings possibility to put cakes etc. on the table?
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    Sorry, but that's not up to me.
    It wouldn't be ON the table, it would be almost a full block above it. The pressure plate takes up a whole block, even if it looks like just a very tiny piece.

    Place some cake on a fence post, and you have the exact same effect, perhaps?
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    Thats fine, I hope you will consider my request.
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    This is awesome, me and my buddy got the idea to make tables from the ghibli map, but we couldn't do them in smp, this has helped a lot with aesthetics.[diamond]
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    I'll stuff it in when next i poke at this plugin (should be soon, I've just been super-busy at work).

    Thank you very much for your support!
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    This doesn't seem to work for me. I've put it in my plugins folder, restarted my server and it just doesn't work. I've got lots of other mods that work fine, so maybe they're conflicting? Either way, it won't work for me.
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    Soul, will you share your log with me, please?
    Also, what exactly is not working? What did you do, what did you expect to happen, and what happened in stead?
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    Nice idea of a mod, in fact i quite like it. Definitely works with the chairs mod, and certainty deserves the attentions its got. Good work :)
    Now all's you need to do is make more aesthetic features lol
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    These are plugins, not mods. Mods are different than plugins.

    Yeah thanks for considering my request Demmy, too bad it doesn't work. But this plugin is great!
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    still technically a mod but either way u get the point lol
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    Thanks, will try this plugin tomorrow!
    Better furniture is always welcome :)
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    I haven't given up yet, jtlcr777. Still trying to work it out.

    As for the mod/plugin thing? Here's how I see it:
    - It's a mod because it modifies the default behavior of Minecraft.
    - It's a plugin because rather than do this all by itself, it plugs into (Craft)Bukkit to accomplish it.

    "Mod or Plugin?" "Yes, it is."
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    Lol, ok. i do know the difference between mod and plugin, im not completely retarded, obviously i didnt think abotu that on my first post.
    Nonetheless, nice plugin lol.
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    Well I guess if you think about it THAT way.

    The way I think is that plugins are changes in the game, but still uses resources within the game. This plugin doesn't add tables, it just changes the way the game works so things can look like tables.

    Mods just flat out a add things in the game, like Flan's plane mod (planes), Mo creatures (more creatures), Spider Queen (more spiders, wall climbing, egg spawning,) and etc.

    Like there is a Piston Mod that added an actual model, the mechanic of pistons, and a crafting recipe. However there is a bukkit Piston Plugin that just made iron blocks (or maybe it was gold?) push the block in front of it. The plugin has no added models or crafting recipes.

    But...I guess on this forum they are interchangeable.

    And thanks for not giving up on my idea, I hope you can find a way.
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    "mod" is short for "modification". This bukkit plugin modifies the behavior of Minecraft.
    It's a bukkit plugin, but a Minecraft mod...
    Yeah, it's a mod that adds no additional art assets, but it's still a modification of the default behavior.
    Uuuhniwei, this is off-topic for this thread. Suggest we leave the subject :)
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    New version (0.2) is now official.
    Due to a SNAFU with the download link, a lot of people already have this version, so check your logs for the Enabled message to see if you need the update.
    Of course, replacing 0.2 with 0.2 will have no ill effects either. **shrug**
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    awesome idea !! good work

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