[MECH] SuperCauldrons - Water sources done right! [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Zach Hinchy, Dec 1, 2011.

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    This is a really awesome but what would make it even better is if you could put Milk and Lav into the Cauldrons.
    Best mod on my server!
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    Please update to 1.2.4
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    Zach Hinchy

    Have you even tried it yet? It should work just fine, as it's updated to the new event system and there haven't been any other breaking changes.

    EDIT: Yeah, it already works fine.
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    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for making this plugin. I've been using it on my CraftBukkit 1.1 R4 server for quite some time. I'm thinking about upgrading to CB 1.2.3-R0.2 and checking all the plugins I use to see if they are compatible...from your original post, looks like this will be a checkmark beside this plugin. Thanks.

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    Is there any way to have this plugin be able to treat the cauldron as just a source block of water? As in, you can infinitely fill glass bottles but you can empty it by using a bucket on it. Thanks muchly!
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    Zach Hinchy

    That's a good feature request. I'll include it in the next version. :)
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    Zero_Burn, I empty the cauldron by simply destroying it and re-placing it. If a bucket can empty it out, that means we cannot use it to fill water buckets (which I do when creating reed farms and such).

    I just upgrade CraftBukkit to 1.2.4-R1.0 and SuperCauldrons 1.2.2 still works like a champ. Thanks.
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    My server players would greatly appreciate this plugin! Thanks.
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    I was implying that it being an infinite water source be an option in the config file. I don't want it to be, but I understand that some do.
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    well actually I believe that you could add the different coloured tiles in the cauldron using the old code, it is not used any more but I do believe that it is still there. and people only need the lava for things like traps mostly or cobble generators so you could just add a damage radius or add damage to the water and make it so that a cobblestone is generated somewhere. hope this helps. a very nice plugin by the way :D good luck

    Or be simple and just make lava appear on top (maybe with a double redstone current or a sign option?)
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    Zach Hinchy

    I was hoping this would be the case but all signs point to that TileEntity code actually being replaced with the TileEntity code for Brewing Stands.
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    Zach Hinchy

    For the record, while I'm on vacation right now and won't be able to check if SuperCauldrons works on Minecraft 1.3.1 yet, I don't foresee any issues as I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any breaking API changes in regard to what this plugin does.
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    Zach Hinchy

    Bump, turns out that there is an incompatibility with 1.3 -- Cauldrons deleted extra stacked buckets (since 1.3 introduced that feature). I've fixed it and uploaded a new version to the BukkitDev. If you don't feel like waiting for the file to be approved there though, you can grab it from my server.
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    Thanks for the update. Never knew about the bug since I never had more than one item.
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    Zach Hinchy

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