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    SubmersibleItems - place items underwater
    Version: v0.2

    SubmersibleItems is a fairly simple plugin that provides functionality to place items underwater that you normally wouldn't be able to place (IE. minecart tracks). Currently this plugin only allows you to place regular minecart tracks, power minecart tracks, and detector minecart tracks underwater. In the future I plan to add support for more items (see todo list). Keep in mind, I'm a java rookie. Only started learning a few days ago, so things like updates might take some time!

    • Lets you place items underwater!
    Click here to download!

    Version 0.2
    • Added torches, redstone torches, redstone repeaters, redstone wiring (about this, using normal redstone dust won't work, i'll try to fix it later. You will need to spawn item ID "55" to be able to wire underwater, sorry)

    Version 0.1
    • First Release - April 27th
    To-do list:
    • Config file that allows you to choose what items you can place.
    • Make a block of air be above the rails so you don't drown.
    • Add permissions support?
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    Amazing! Thanks alot!
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    Great Idea! Thank You So Much! :D
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    Ya permissions support would be really cool, AMAZING!! plugin :D [​IMG]
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    I'll try to get that done tonight, along with adding more items like redstone.
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    woah redstone support would make my day!
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    Well your day is made :) Updated to 0.2. Added some new items. Nothing major.
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    Cool, now we can have underwater rollercoasters! :)
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    Awesome plugin! Works great, and I can't wait for the user configurable items list.
  10. Hey, do you know any resources I could use to learn how to make plugins? I have some exp with coding but not much.
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    Atticus Craft

    Will this ever be updated?
  12. EDIT* Love to see a configurable items list or...maybe some updates n stuff! This mod would make underwater building MUCH easier! =)

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