[MECH] StyxBed v0.3 - Spawn to your bed, customizable message [953]

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    Styx Reborn

    StyxBed v0.3
    What the hell is StyxBed?
    Have you missed spawning to your bed in multiplayer? Miss no more! StyxBed does just that, all you need to do is right click a bed! The data is saved in a simple YAML file where you can edit players' spawn location... don't edit their spawn location :).

    So, if you want a full list of features, here you go:
    -Right clicking a bed sets the player's spawn location

    Again, remember that StyxBed was created for Styx Reborn. You can play on our survival server at styxreborn.com:25566. If we have use for your feature suggestion, it will most likely be added. Remember to have fun using StyxBed! (oh, and be scared of death no more!)

    Download StyxBed v0.3: click here

    Planned features
    Currently, there are no major features planned for StyxBed. I know most of you will request permissions support, which might come in the future. Just sayin'. You might also expect seeing SQLite support to avoid all this data file action.

    Version 0.3:
    - Customizable message (langugea changes)

    Version 0.2:
    -If no bed spawn data is found, world spawn location is used instead
    -Fixed a bug

    Version 0.1:
    -Supposed to be initial release
    -Right clicking a bed sets the player's spawn location
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    I love it been looking for it a while now finally found it. :) Testing now
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    So this lets you spawn at your bed....?
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    Styx Reborn

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    Alot of other plugins like essentials do that to.
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    Styx Reborn

    Yes, but not everyone want to download a giant plugin for one feature.
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    True, though they could have been used to go into space ( dont know how that would work though)
  8. when the bed i destroyed i still spawn on the bed location. is this inteded or a bug? if it is inteded would be nice to have option to tunr it of
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    I second that. Seems to be nice plugin but would really be nicer with that option. :)
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    Styx Reborn

    It isnt intended nor is it a bug. I will get a 0.3 out with some "fixes" :D
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    Two Three requests.
    1. Permissions Support. ;)
    2. Destroying beds will destroy the spawn location.
    3. Being able to use this in vanilla servers. :3
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    Styx Reborn

    And why can you not use this on vanilla ATM?
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    Each player changes his spawnpoint himself, or only andministators can change spawnpoints?
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    Styx Reborn

    Player changes his spawn himself.
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    hmm sounds like greifing can be done XD put tnt all around the bed XD with a pressure pad all around the bed to XD win
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    Is it conflict with iSpawn?
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    awesome.. please add a config for language changes

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    Styx Reborn

    I might. Who knows, I'm a busy person and this plugin is pretty useless IMO.
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    Keep on the good work :) and thanks for the fast answer
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    Styx Reborn

    Did that, was bored
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    How do you change the message when you spawn at your bed?
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    Cap K

    question: does it keep one general bed per player or a bed for every world hes on?
    if the latter: i would love to use it
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    Has anyone tested this on 1.0?
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    Link is dead, could you please reupload it?
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    Long time no see Styx Reborn. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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