Inactive [MECH] SpecTnt - Nerf griefers while still providing a good use for Tnt [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Place a specific block on top of Tnt and when it is ignited, only blocks of the block type you placed on top of the Tnt will be blown up in the explosion! Very good for nerfing griefers while still providing a good use for Tnt! I originally made this for just my server but I decided I might as well release it here to help some people out so enjoy!
    (For Sand and Gravel you will need to stack them 2 high on the Tnt as they fall into it when it becomes primed)
    Also, If you place a Block of Snow on top of the Tnt, the whole area around the explosion will become covered in snow! (optional)

    Watch The Video Demonstration:

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    But if you want to make a cave with tnt? you can´t
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    What do you mean by a cave?
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    that would be good to find ores.

    Place smooth stone on it and blow it up

    diamond + emerald revealed
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    Ya it would. Have at it. :)
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    It still isnt possible for bedrock to blow up right?
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    Bedrock still cannot be destroyed unless you have a plugin installed that allows bedrock to be destroyed
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    New update will have more configurable options and possibly a list of players who may use TNT normally

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