Inactive [MECH] SnowBlackList v0.2 - Stop snow on certain blocks [1337]

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    SnowBlackList - Stop snow on certain blocks.
    Version: v0.2

    SnowBlackList takes a list of worlds and a list of block to not let snow fall on from a config file, then does not let them fall on those blocks in those worlds.

    On first run SnowBlackList will create a file named 'config' in the 'SnowBlackList ' folder. From here you may add a comma separated list of worlds to affect, and a comma separated list of blocks to disallow snow on.

    The default config looks like this:
    To make SnowBlackList disallow snow from falling on Stone and doublesteps in the world "stealsglowstone", you would set it as such:
    And that is all there is to it.

    • Disallow snowfall on specific blocks on specific worlds.
    Download SnowBlackList.

    • Version 0.2
      • Update for CB1060
    • Version 0.1
      • First release.
    SnowBlackList was suggested by @Rellac
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  2. You should make lists for each world instead:

    world_name: 1,3,4,43,44
    another_world: 1,43,44
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    I'll see about it in another the next version.
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    Oh wow, thanks for answering to my request. Easier than expected :)

    I'll be sure to check this out as soon as I get home.

    Works Perfect.[diamond]

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    Glad it works the way you want it.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    That's perfectly alright, thank you for the approval.
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    Update to v0.2 for CB 1060
  9. Awesome plugin [diamond]
  10. Did you forgot about that ? :p
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    Sorry, sort of wanted it to just work for the next CB.

    I guess I'll move it up on my list...
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    Can u add ice as block? so that i can blacklist snow and ice?
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    You can set exactly what you want blacklisted with the config.
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    What a great and handy plugin! I registered an account just to leave a review on SnowBlackList. Very handy plugin if you run a snow world; or if you use Multiverse and have one of your worlds be a snow world. I love how you can specify active worlds. Very handy for keeping a wintery look yet keeping pathways and (say streets, runways, etc...) clear.
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    Many thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    I'll be sure to move this up on my list of plugins to update soon for the new event system because of this.
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    One quick thing I'd like to ask. It is not a big issue; I run my server usually for noon till midnight and then I shut it down with my rig, however when I start it back up (I use multiverse) my snow world acts as if the plugin (Snow Blacklist) does not exist until I manually reload the server from the console. I am not sure if this issue lay's with MultiVerse or the script. If you know a way around this, or if perhaps a fix could be added for this plugin in the next update (or few) it would be highly appreciated. (I am having this issue with 1.1-R3, I have not tested this plugin with any previous versions)
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    Hey there, this is the exact plug in I've been looking for to stop snow from covering up my paths. Can you please update it to 1.2? Thanks a lot!
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    Is there any way to stop it from snowing on every block with 1 simple command?
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    is a version for 1.2.5 planned? there isnt any other plugin like this that will blacklist snow on specific blocks and i hate snow on iron bars
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    An update would be great. I need such a plugin for my gravel ways.
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    Can you please update? This is an awesome plugin, I can really use it very good!
    Please update!
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    I'm with the guys who want an update here, this was one of the most useful plugins for snowy situations :)

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