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    smpdifficulty - choice damage of few mobs and arrows:
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin allow to set number of hearts lost when a mob attack us or when hit by an arrow (from player or skeleton)

    A config file is created when launching the plugin, and numbers in this file are number of hearts (so half hearts are allowed)

    For creepers the number is a ratio : if your creeper did 5.5 hearts initialy, setting the ratio to 2 for instance will set their damage max to 11 hearts.

    • set damage from mobs
    • set damage from arrows (player and mob distinct)
    Download The Plugin

    Source Code


    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin
    Next releases:

    • v0.2 : 04/30 ? Due to unexpected things (and many work to do), I have been late but most of code is done for a next release so I hope to release it in the week.
      Features : add other hostiles mobs; multiworld support
    • v0.3 : speed config ?; health points for mobs; documentation
    • v0.4 : range of damage; commands ?; spawnrate ?

    ToDo list

    • add other hostiles mobs (slime, ghast, pigmen zombies)
    • change creepers ratio to a max damage number (by doing the calculus of damage from an explosion)
    • speed of mobs
    • health points of mobs
    • multiworld support
    • spawnrate
    • range of damage
    • commands
    • documentaion
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    Looks like fun ill try it...
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    Epic, trying this out now!
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    Can you add speed config too for mobs?
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    Why not, I will add this to my to-do list.
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    This looks nice!
    I'm gonna bookmark this page and try the plugin once the speed config is done.

    Good work!
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    Plugin sounds good.
    Any Chance for Multiworldsupport?
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    Just looking for documentation about how to do that and seems possible, so added to todo list :) (but could take a time for me to do all of this)
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    Please just add a "multiworld support" and I'll install it immediatly ! :D
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    Spawnrate setting please. Put that in and you have my download right away.
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    I'm interested in this plugin, as well.
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    Well at this point, speed config seems difficult to do as unlike for players, there is no signal when a mob move. I will try to find another way to do that but I am not sure about possibilities.

    About other points, I hope to add last hostiles mobs (code already done, need tests) and multiworld support for the next, maybe this week end if I don't run out of time. I will see later for other functionalities.

    And also, Thank you for your ideas :).
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    It would be great if this was branched into McMMO, Dwarfcraft, or creepyMMO(can't remember it's name... was inspired by MCMMO though...). That way the monsters get harder as the player gets tougher.
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    s0z, noob question, how to use this? >> i mean what are the cmds
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    This is great. I've been looking for something like this for a while.

    It would be cool if you could specify a range of damages for each mob, and then mobs could randomly be assigned a value from the range when they spawn. That way some will be tougher than others.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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    For now, there is no cmd, all the settings are done thanks to a config file (which is created on first lauching).
    So I could add commands in a future, I just didn't thought about that in the beginning :) (where my first aim was to change the "easy" mode of my smp).

    :) Good idea for the range, but I am not sure it will be easy to do, I will think about it :)

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    Update for #733 please!
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    Great mod, I registered just to tell you that i've been using it on my multi-world server. All i need now is a different text file for every world, my noobs are getting slaughtered with 5.0 dmg on skeles and archers on world1 (starting world).
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    Thank you.
    In next release I will add multiworld support but I am very late at this time due to my job which take me all my time these last weeks (I don't finish before 9pm every day -_-, problem of having some responsabilities so I even haven't time to play minecraft :D), but I hope it will be soon ok (maybe in 1 or 2 weeks I will have more time)
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    Awsome, I can't wait... I can finally fill the last gap in my server mods! ( :
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    Hello, this is my first post on the Bukkit forums but I have an interesting question about your mod. Is it possible when setting the damage value of mobs to in some way tie it to the monsters X, Y, or Z coordinates within the world? A few friends of mine and I play on an SMP server we have modded with MCMMO and a couple of other mods. The problem we are running into is that as we level up in MCMMO we are becoming a bit to tough to kill but we have a lot of casual players who will die if we scale monster damage to match our current abilities and not theirs. The main point, if we could set monster damage so that the further they are from our world's core spawn point where you log-in the first time you join the server the stronger they get, it would be amazing. Is this in any way possible? As in every 250 or so X/Y/Z away from start the monsters deal an extra half heart.
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    Thats a good idea syrthis, but i think that would be more complicated then just upping the damage on a different world. Once this mod has multiworld support, i will increase dmg by 1 for all mobs on each world, so you have "zones" so to speak.
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    what about another weapons? and settings how much HP must have mobs?
    plugin so so
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    Its been a week or more just checking to see if youve made any progress ( :
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    Update please !!
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    cb 677 - inactive

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