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    Simple Anti-Rain - Stop the rain!
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin removes all rain in the server the simple and easy way.
    Not only does it stop all instances of rain, no matter how its summoned, it only changes
    the rain when a change is detected, making the plugin have no effect on server lag.
    It also stops the rain on start-up, so when you load the server and its already
    raining, you don't need to worry.

    • Stops the rain!
    • Multi world support
    • Start up rain disable
    • Lag free
    • Overrides all other plugins
    - Just drag and drop antirain.jar to your plugins folder. Its as simple as that!

    Download for minecraft v1.8.1 [1337]

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    er Wth?
    any pic?
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    @kheatsopon Doesn't need a pic, It just stops the rain.
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    I use this plugin :)

    Big thx.
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    awesome ty
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    Hi, since I updated to CB #1060+ it seems to not stop rain most of the time.
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    Ill update the plugin soon, say about one day max.
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    @angelofdev the plugin is updated for the latest RB now, try it out.
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    Thanks heaps! keep up the great work.
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    Silly question, does this stop snowfall as well?

    Imma try it anyway, so I guess il find out :p
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    Used it, fantastic. Just what i needed
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    Mosh Mage

    Is this compatible with the latest RB ?
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    Please update the title to the newest RB. Then tag me in a post, otherwise this will be moved to inactive​
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    sorry @RightLegRed, busy dealing with my final exams, updated to the newest version now.
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    @JanTTuX read the description. this is for no rain and no rain only, by drag and dropping... its not original, its not the only one that stops the rain.... there are hundreds of those. However it is the only one that requires no configuration and does only the one thing. stops rain. period.
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    @ProjectInfinity Sorry cant make it snow only. Rain and snow are registered in the game as the same thing, it only distinguishes between them depending on the biome. There is no separation from snow or rain, although I hope notch puts that in later.
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    You need to fix this plugin! I've tried twice, and i now know for sure THAT'S what's been causing my server crashes! Please fix so it dosent crashes the server :(
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    @davvem please give me any errors or dumps that it generates.
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    It dosent, it just randomly crashes , but after a while if starts to crash more often and often, it seems to limit to about every 20-180 min or so, but i know it's that plugin, becuse when i removed it, it worked PERFECT!, for 3 days, then i took it back, whent to school. And when i came back they told me the server had been crashing several times. That's all i know, sorry. However i strongly belive it's something wrong when it's trying to stop the rain, becuse when i remove the plugin, it's always raining. Sorry i coulden't help you
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    @davvem, what other plugins are you using, pehaps they are conflicting with it?
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    Pretty much standard ones, it was anti rain causing it.
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    This is the best plugin in the world!
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    update for 1.0?

    nevermind, it works for 1.0 too! Nice!

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    I have used this anti-rain plugin for awhile now because it stops rain and that's all I need a weather plugin to do.

    Since 1.0 if I use the plugin it makes the sever crash often. It crashes roughly the same range as you said 20-180 mins. My server will not run for more than 2 hours with this plugin running. Removing it allows it run perfect for days.

    I have not changed plugins at all since 1.8.1 and 1.0.0, but this plugin causes crashes constantly now. It must have something to do with some kind of CB changes. It gives no errors whatsoever. The server simply stops responding. Without the plugin it runs smooth as glass.

    Very good plugin though. I like it when plugins don't have extra fluff and they just does their job.
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    It was on 1.8.1 it happend.
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    Please update this for 1.0 :D I would love to have it :D

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