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  1. Signcart - The Plugin to dispence minecarts using signs: Version: v1.0

    Signcart is a plugin that is very easy to use. You create a sign with the text "[signcart]" on the first line. It doesn't matter what you put on the other lines. Then, when someone punches the sign, it spawns a minecart and puts the player inside it. If they exit the minecart it despawns. A minecart only despawns when it is created by Signcart. When someone is in creative mode and punches the sign it looks like he broke it, but the sign spawns again.

    • Signcart can dispence minecarts using signs
    • Signcart will despawn a cart spawned by Signcart if it is exited
    • Minecarts spawned my Sign cart can not be destroyed by a player, they can only exit it.

    1. signcart.use (default) allow someone to use SignCart
    2. signcart.create (OP) allow someone to create a SignCart
    3. signcart.destroy (OP) allow someone to use /signcart destroy

    1. /signcart destroy (the first SignCart you hit will be de destroyed
    Dowload version 1.0 from box
    go to bukkitdev page

    • add permissions support
    • fix a few bugs
    • add a feature to look for rails in the code
    • make a tut
    • suggestions?

    Version 1.0
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
    • added permissions support :cool:
    • add a check for rails
    • add a destroy command
    • now add [signcart] on the first line and it will change the text for you.
    Version 0.2
    • changed the text form [signcart] to punch sign
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    I guess I'm supposed to break it by breaking the block behind the sign?
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    You need to update your submission to follow the guidelines.

    Furthermore, the proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
  4. what do I need to change??
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    Try copying in the template and filling that in, things "Features" and "Change log" as well as having your plugin title + version + description at the top of the post.
  6. I am adding a command /sc destroy so you can destroy a sign
  7. better like this?
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    Well done sir, great idea!
  10. Thank you,
    if you have any ideas for me, please let me know.
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    I found a irretating bug, when i place a sign on a wall with rail next to me , it spawned me inside the wall instead i i got stuck and could'nt get out, Samething when it did spawn at rail, then it did'nt spawn directly under the sign, so i bugged in the block behind...

    So my idea is, make the cart to spawn exactly underneth the sign ON nearby rail. and don't force the player into it. It would be better if it spawn's and players could enter them self. Then if it bugs they can push it. And still despawn when they leave it?

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    This is a great idea. Hopefully it works. People keep leaving carts all over the tracks and I think it's what is lagging my server.
  13. I am currently updating my plugins, this one is next =) I will look at the bug (change the code a little), add a piece of code to check if there is a rail. I might change that people are able to enter it themselves, but that would mean they are able to spawn unlimited minecarts on a track, causing lag. It will be easier to just fix the bug but still force the player inside a minecart.

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    Sounds awesome :D I really need this plugin :) My idea is to spawn it on the nearest rail.

    You rock :)

  15. Ekorren2000 thx, going to get some sleep now and will work on this in the weekend. It is freezing in Holland so I will probably be ice skating this weekend, but will do my best.
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    Hey, I like the plugin but I have a problem, when we spawn a cart with the sign and put a button to power a bit of slanted track so that the cart can be used without another user pushing it, the cart moves really really slowly.

    Could someone help me out?
  17. I am updating this plugin. This will be fixed in the update
  18. i never has that issue, just falsebook, golden block and u run like hell =P, sometimes the users get kicked cuz they go too fast and the server think they are hacking
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    this mod rocks. but you should make it so the cart spawns on the nearest rail that would be awesome. thanks
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    I can only seen to get it to work for people on my server who are set as op, any idea what i'm doing wrong?

  21. It is the permissions I think

    EDIT: the next version will support permissions, this one doesn't. So I don't know what is wrong atm
  22. Almost done rewriting SignCart. Big update coming up. Adding permissions support, fixing all known bugs, adding code to check for rails, add a feature to remove the sign.
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    Sounds interesting. I'm going to use it on my new transport system :)
  24. Big Update!!! VERSION 1.0 is ready for download
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    I'd prefer SupplySign, it allow's you to create a sign with a given block ID, and when right clicked a menu will appear, go ahead take all the stacks inside, cause when you exit the menu, more come! No I didn't create it. :p
  26. Man...ur so OUT of topic, i have both, SupplySign and this one, ur no getting why this plugin is cool, also have no sense gift a lot of minecarts with supplysign...
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    @Winged, I'm not saying it's bad. I like the idea, great work to the author. All i'm saying is that i'd prefer SupplySign if your looking for something where you get a cabinet full of stuff. No flamin' bro. :cool:
  28. Sgt_Tailor

    Man...thx for the update but i speak spanish and its no good for me if i set english signs, theres a lot of dumb ppl who dont know english, so plz change that.
  29. Will it be ok if I add an option that you can edit what should be on the signs?

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