[MECH] SecretDoors v0.2 - Create secret doors for hiding your stash! [670 - 803]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MrChick, Apr 11, 2011.

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    hi its possible that you set the doors by command and not all doors will become secret dors, because this is terrible if you have doors in corner
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    I might do that at some point, but I don't have the time to do it right now.

    The Problem with corners has already been talked about, including a possible temporary solution.
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    Any chance that you'll be updating this for trapdoors... please say yes please say yes please say yes...
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    Hidden Trapdoors?
    Like this?
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    as well?

    Thank you for this awesome plugin!
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    Mh... I'll have to think about that. So no promises (as usual)
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    Was thinking more like:

    I am referring to the new hatches in 1.6 just to be clear
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    hmm I tried it now with 818 it it is also working fine.

    must have been something else, maybe the plugin didn't load properly that day.
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    Yeah I got that. I'll think about it, shouldn't be a problem though.
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    Thats awesome! Your plug-in is possibly my favorite out of the many I run. Everybody on my server loves it and its made lots of great things possible (fake mountain russian missle silo!)
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    with this i create i huge cave system i cleared my self and i updated the server was just wondering are you going to update this?
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    What? Could you please rephrase your question?
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    Thanks for the great plugin! The only problem I have is that the hidden blocks don't drop when the door is destroyed while it's open. RB818
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    are you going to add the trapdoors? double doors? or iron doors? sorry
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    I already answered those questions. Double doors I won't do, the rest will be added as soon as I have the time to do them.
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    im sorry i did not see that
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    MrChick, I love you and so does everyone on my server lol, this plugin is great and you have satisfied our hunger for secrecy!!!
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    Happy to hear that :)
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    a black list for items you don't want to be used? like pressure plates?
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    k sorry, this was really late at night. in the future i'll try to pay more attention:oops:.
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    Is it possible to have secret hatches just like the doors work? I tried making a secret hatch, but everytime I hit the top block all of the disappear and I get disconnected.
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    Uh it shouldn't do anything for hatches :confused:
    Would you post your error message please?
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    It seems that it doesn't work on 860. My 'test' setup is the same as in Video 2. No error messages or something like that. The door can be opened, but it doesn't hide the block before it. (sorry, i can't provide more info. You can better try it yourself... (I know that this is annoying :) ))

    EDIT: Well, i can provide some more. My plugins:
    dynmap (shouldn't be a problem)
    Multiverse (Multi world problem)?
    No More Rain
    Secret Doors.

    And the console doesn't say anything regarding SecretDoors.

    EDITEDIT: Now it does work. Weird...
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    im having a odd bug in wich a door turns EVERY door into a secret door... so like in a room like
    [ ][x][door][ ][ ]
    [ ][5x5x2space][ ]
    [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ([ ] = block)

    even then the door goes secret D:! when closing hiding the marked block ([x])

    anyone has a fix to this?...
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    Uhm... is there a way for me to see this on your server? I can't reproduce that on my testserver.
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    wel i think it has to do with multiverse.. cuz it seems that this onl
    wel it seems that this is only happening in a secondary world... in my default world all is fine but in the multi verse world i start having trouble..
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    Is this updated for the new hatches?
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    Mh... haven't heard of any multiworld problems yet so I'm not sure if that's the problem. So may I see the error on your server or not?

    Nope, not yet.
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    the thing is.. im not getting errors from the server.. its just making secret doors out of the wrong blocks

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