[MECH] SecretDoors v0.2 - Create secret doors for hiding your stash! [670 - 803]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MrChick, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Really nice plugin.
    Two things I'd like:
    > Wooden door AND Iron door support. Keep the orig properties in tack, for example, iron doors can only be opened by redstone.
    > Redstone support. When a door is opened/closed by redstone currently the blocks dont update. the blocks only get removed when interacted by the user.

    Ideally I want to be able to make a secret passage using a combo of an Iron Door and Redstone and pressure plates so the door only opens when I want it to.
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    This is a great mod. It's very satisfying to watch people walk right by all your important stuff and not even know its there :D.
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    kind of confused about the chests, what happens to the stuff in them? is that if they are used to hide the door?
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    Of course only if they are used to hide doors ;)
    Would be a bit strange if the plugin would randomly delete content of chests, that have no connection to what the plugin does :D
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    yes it would, but i have been having some trouble with a different plugin, its called raveblox, it is very funny if you like colors and wool, but with the door, i think it made my door go away, i was placing a door by the blocks that had the rave going on and it made my door disappear, then when i tried placing another door, it came back as two doors, because it went away too... help anyone?
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    I would strongly recommend asking for help in that plugin's thread, or if you can't get a response there, ask an experience plugin developer or maybe a moderator for help. It's unlikely that anyone here can help you.

    Please update your title to include the current build, if it can run on it, or some moderator is going to come around and mark this inactive.
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    8/10 approval
    But please hurry with OPTIONAL permissions (so we can also use the config file as permission)
    Much better than
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    Yeah... I thought I already did... thanks for the reminder :)
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    Also, could you possibly include a config file for what it says to remind you to close the door? On my server, I'd rather not have it - if you can't remember to close the door to the secret base you went to all the effort to hide, you deserve to be discovered. XD And besides, clicking from one side but having a pressureplate on the other eliminates the need.

    Also, I was thinking, what if we had a "key" item we could set ourselves? For example, place the door, place two blocks in front of it, then right click with a slimeball, sugar, paper, or anything, really. From then on, not only do you need to know exactly where the door is, but you have to be holding the right item to unlock it. This would prevent anyone from stumbling onto your door simply because they wanted to try mining there. *shrug* just a thought.
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    Noted, I guess I'll make pretty much every aspect of SecretDoors configurable once config support is done.
    Might add pressure plates, too. Configurable, of course.

    I LOVE that idea. Not sure if or when I'll get around to actually do it, but I love it. Definitely on the ToDo.

    Thanks for your feedback :)
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    Np, I almost always have some sort of idea to bounce off the developer when I try a new plugin. I've been trying to think of a way to *try* to prevent people from noticing that the blocks hiding your door won't destroy and get curious enough to dig/mine around it and find out what's up.... but I can't figure out anything that isn't stupidly obvious and defeating the purpose (like my idea to: if you break the blocks before breaking to door block without the key block, the door turns to bedrock until it's clicked with the key item). I guess this is just a supplement to hiding a door in the first place - you have to make sure your house is hard to find in the first place if you really want it hidden.
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    Please make this plugin compatible with Lockette if you can.
    Please for my use, please click the reply button when responding.
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    Please read at least the whole first post before requesting a feature that has already been requested a bazillion times and that's been put up on the to do list quite some time ago.
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    LawL sorry man for being a usual pain (its not like your lacking pains).
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    hmm, didn't see that coming...
    The plugin works perfectly and i really love it. but there is just one little problem.

    some of my 'normal' doors have pressureplates on both sides of the door. but when one of these doors gets opened by clicking on them, the pressureplate on one side gets hidden and a 'don't forget to close the door' message pops up.
    Its just a small problem and probably not worth the efford to fix, but still can be a bit annoying at some times.

    and thanx for this awesome plugin!
    probably one of the most used plugins by my users.
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    I was pretty sure that I already ignored them... seems like I somehow forgot to include that. It's on the todo now.
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    AWESOME! - SIMPLY AMAZING! - Thank you
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    Notch announced Hatches have been added. Your plugin+hatches=pure awesomeness.

    Just saying...
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    omfg, ive wanted something like this for so long. doors that look like the wall. :D
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    its too bad this doesn't have a /secretdoor toggle, so that it doesnt auto create secret doors in that configuration.
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    I need permissions for my server. Could you post them?
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    SecretDoors doesn't support Permissions yet and currently I don't have the time to work on it. It is planned, though.
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    Can you update the plugin when 1.6 comes out? I would greatly appreciate it! Love the plugin by the way!
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    Haven't seen any changes to Bukkit announced that could possibly break SecretDoors, so the Plugin should work right away.
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    then could you at least update the working version # in title?
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    craftBukkit RB803 is breaking the plugin.

    Honestly I don't know what happens, but doors can't be opened anymore.

    I hope you can find a Solution to that issue.

    PS: Great Plugin!
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    Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to find out as soon as I can.

    Edit: Actually, I just tried it with 803 and it works fine. Do you get any error message or so?
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    Great work MrChick,
    The plugin is amazing, and work (i don't notice any bug due to that plugin).
    I've another request about your plugin.
    Can you make it compatible with LWC (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/se...ight-inventory-protection-management-766.967/).
    Cause when I lock a door with LWC, so i am the only one who is able to open it. It doesn't work, anybody is able to open the door (but not to close it).
    In fact when we click on the door LWC work, but when we click on the block in front of the block, it doesn't.
    In fact i want to be the only one able to open secret door (yes this look stupid i know ^^).
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    You might want to read the original post again.

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