[MECH] Safe Creeper - Control creepers, Enderman, TNT, Fireballs and more!

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    Tim Visee

    The Safe Creeper project page has been moved. Go to one of the two pages bellow to get to the Safe Creeper project page, with the newest download available:​
    You can view the orriginal page in the spoiler bellow. It's highly recommended to visit one of the above sites, to view the up-to-date pages.
    Orriginal Page (open)

    InstallationBasicsAdd-ons and Support
    DownloadsCommandsSupported Plugins
    Direct downloadPermissionsAdd-ons
    Bugs & IssuesAPIDonate

    What is Safe Creeper
    Control creepers, Withers, EnderDragons, Enderman, TNT, Fireballs and a lot more!
    With Safe Creeper you can control creeper explosions and other things like, fireballs, TNT, Enderman and a lot of other things, you can set if a creeper explosions destroys blocks. You can set if Zombie's can break down doors. You can also set a lot of other things, the possibilities are almost endless! A few other examples are that you can set up if players are able to use TNT blocks, if creepers will explode above the surface and underneath they wont, set if Enderman can place and break blocks, even if they can clone blocks, explosion sounds, smoke effects and a lot of more things. The plugins is fully configurable and it has multi world support. This is a must have for most server administrators.

    Example Video
    This is an video witch explains the config file system of an older version of Safe Creeper, it should work very similair with the current version. This video also shows you some features from Safe Creeper:

    This is a small list of features witch Safe Creeper can provide for your server. If you want to see the full list, and a list of planned features, visit this page: Page: Features
    • Added auto updater, to automaticly install new updates!
    • Added new, more stable, update checking system.
    • Added ability to 'Spawning.ZombieType' to make giants spawn in the ZombieControl.
    • Added 'CanCreateSnow' to the SnowmanControl to disable the Snowman from creating snowlayers.
    • Added feature to make mobs drop skulls inside 'CustomDrops.Skulls', players can drop their own head too. (Available for CreeperControl)
    • Added 'AlwaysAngry' to the PigZombie control
    • Added auto updater settings to config file to disable auto updates, notifications or update checks.
    • PlayerControl, SkeletonControl and ZombieControl)
    • Updated LikeABoss usage methods.
    • Changed default values for 'CanPickupItems' to false for most mob controls.
    • Fixed world config files not converting properly.
    • Fixed live statics returning wrong values.
    • Fixed issue in the config core which caused equipment don't work properly.
    • Fixed withers breaking stuff when they are stuck when DestroyWorld was disabled.
    • Fixed live statistics causing the server to crash.
    • Fixed flying blocks from spawning when destroy world was set to false.
    • Fixed errors caused by unknown mob types.
    • Build against Bukkit-1.5.2-R1.0
    Connections to the outside
    Safe Creeper does setup connections to the outside, to other servers than the server Safe Creeper is running on. In the current versions (v1.3.6 and above) Safe Creeper does connect to the following servers; The first connection Safe Creeper sets up is a connection to the update servers of Safe Creeper. This update server is a separated server hosted by timvisee.com (developer of Safe Creeper). The connections to the update servers are made on each start up, and each hour while the plugin is running. These connections can be disabled inside the config file of Safe Creeper underneath the node 'updateChecker'. Because of the update checker and the auto updater Safe Creeper does also setup a connection to dev.bukkit.org to download the newest plugin versions. Other connections are made to the servers of mcstats.org, this is a service Safe Creeper uses to add live statics, like the amount of servers running Safe Creeper, these statics are fully anonymous. Connections to mcstats.org and live statics usage can be disabled inside the Safe Creeper configuration file.

    Bugs & Issues
    Please go to the following page to see how to report a bug, this page also contains a list with all known bugs in the current Safe Creeper version.
    Page: Bugs

    Please donate some money so I can buy some coffee to make better plugins and even update my old ones :) , I really like it if you give any donation! You could go to a donation page using the button bellow or the donate button above the search-box.
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    Tim Visee

    Sorry, but I didnt't understand what you mean, can you explain this a bit more clear?
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    The default behavior of Enderman is passive until you stare at them. When you stare at them they start attacking you.

    This plugin breaks this behavior and is making them passive even when you stare at them.
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    Tim Visee

    Wow really? I didn't know that, and I even didn't understand, because its almost impossible, because this plugin only have the events BlockPickup and BlockPlace and no other thing... But I will check this out! Thanks for the report :)
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    Doesn't bukkit send a FIRE_SPREAD event you listen for and then cancel if it isn't canceled?
    Or maybe it is BLOCK_IGNITED. Then cancel that event based on the ignition source.
    I'm learning the bukkit api so pardon my limited knowledge. :)
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    Tim Visee

    Yes thats possible, and I also tryed it (I think) but I currently don't know how to check who make the fire, so when you make fire it'll also cancel that fire.. :(
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    According to BlockIgniteEvent.
    Setting up a event_listener for it with something like this.
    if (event.getCause() == IgniteCause.SPREAD) {
    This does NOT prevent blocks from getting destroyed by fire but stops the spreading of fire.
    BlockBurnEvent is for preventing fire destroying blocks.

    Hope that helps.

    Not sure if you know where the bukkit API docs are or not. I only just found them this weekend. http://jd.bukkit.org/apidocs/
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    Tim Visee

    Thanks, but one question, I think the fire spread is not only for the fireball fire, do you understand? Also when a tree is on fire and the fire want to spread out it isnt possible (I think) because it'll block all the fire spread. But yes, im not sure, I'll take a look at this because I want fireball fire protection in my server :p
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    Oh. I thought you wanted all fire spread blocked. I'm not sure what the ghast's fireball is considered to be by the minecraft server. My guess would be
    if ((event.getCause() == IgniteCause.FLINT_AND_STEEL) && (player instanceof Ghast)) {
    Definitely need someone with more knowledge than I as this is just a complete guess by me.
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    Tim Visee

    Hmm, thanks, I'll thest this out, I never thought of this.. :p
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    Tim Visee

    I'm probably going to update the plugin within a few days, and add a lot of new features into it.. :)
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    Forgive me if this has already been suggested, as I only read the last page of comments as I have so little time these days, but...

    I'd love to see this plugin have Permission based control, such that you can set it so a group of players (such your trusted users) the rights to use TnT in an otherwise restricted area. Probably a whole new can of worms to open up to make that work, but if ya can manage that then this already great plugin just all the more wonderful!
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    Can you add in the next version a block-respawn-behavior like "CreeperHeal". So blocks from a creeper explosion respawn tile-by-tile after a amount of time?
    It would be very nice. :)
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    can you add commands.
    I want to change the config ingame
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    Hmm...nice plugin, just what I was looking for. But can you add an option in the config to turn damage on/off? The old plugin I used to use did not have per-world config files so I switched to this, but when I used it there was no Creeper player damage, so I was fine with it. But now the Creepers can terrorize us, when it's not our creations, it's us. Last time we could not bother about these things, so will you pretty please add an option to disable player damage from Creepers and whatnot? Thanks a lot!
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  16. I've actually just come from using creeper heal to use this, i mean why have 3 different plugins that one such as this can do just as effectively as the others, any chance of a permission node such as
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    Can u please put this on bukkitdev.
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    could you add flint and steel fire control as well as permissionbukkit config, that would help me control a few pyros on my server and this is an excellent plugin already but i think those two features can only improve it...

    and i am sry if i am repeating a suggestion but i really think it needs it (one plugin to control all block damage types, creeper, enderman, ghast, tnt, flint and steal, lighting, etc...) thanks
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    This is AWESOME PLUGIN :cool:[creeper];)
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    This plugin is great. I have a survival server, and we build all kinds of things. We don't want the fruits of our labor being reduced to rotating blocks. However, I like being able to let them hurt players. This plugin handles creepers and endermen better that any plugin I have found. Thanks for the great work :D
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    Tim Visee

    Yes this is already asked :p, and yes im probably going to add this :)

    Yes, I also liked this feature and I already treid to add this feature, but its really hard to do, I mean to hold the text on signs and hold all the items in chests, I'll try this again and if it i'll work I'll add this!

    I'll have a look at this, I'll try to add those in the upcomming version, but I think if they are that they arent as much advanced as you could set in the config.

    I already tried to add this function, but I was stuck, I'll try to create a function which could do this again, I'll check other plugins (to see how they fixed this). Otherwhise I'll try to add this.
    (srry for bad english)

    Thanks, some other people also asked about permissions, I'll try tro add them in the upcomming version

    Yes, I already tried, but I really hate the text editor at bukkit dev so I was stuck with it, I'll try this again soon, at saturdat or something...

    Yes I was already thinking about this (its probably added in the upcomming version), probably also about mob-spawning...

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!

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    Okay thanks. If you want to know I used to use RemoveExplosions before this.
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    Tim Visee

    Well, I'm now updating the plugin and putting a LOT of new features into it, it should be done soon :)
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    That's great! Thanks.
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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
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    Tim Visee

    btw, its maybe possible that the upcomming version doesn't have functions for blazes, snowmans and some other 1.0.0 features, I'll try to add them but there maybe isn't fully support for them inside bukkit yet, if not, I'll add those features alter..

    UPDATE 0.4 - A LOT of new features added!

    The new version of Safe Creeper is out.
    There are a lot of thing added, underneath here you'll see all the things which are added
    • Set if creepers could spawn
    • Set if a creeper could attack a player
    • Set if a creeper could attack any other mob
    • Set if creepers could hurt players
    • Set if creepers could hurt any other mob
    • Set if ghasts could spawn
    • Set if ghasts could attack players
    • Set if ghasts could attack any other mob
    • Set if TNT could damage players
    • Set if TNT could damage mobs
    • Set if enderman could spawn
    • Set if enderman could attack players
    • Set if enderman could attack any other mob
    • Set if enderman could hurt players
    • Set if enderman could hurt any other mob
    • Set if blocks could be burned
    • Set if fire could spread
    • Set if fire could damage players
    • Set if fire could damage mobs
    • Set if players are able to use Flint and Steel
    • Set if lightning ignite blocks
    • Set if lightning could damage players
    • Set if lightning could damage any other mobs
    • Set if players could place water blocks
    • Set if wayer could flow
    • Set if players could drown
    • Set if mobs could drown
    • Set if players could place lava blocks
    • Set if lava causes fire to other blocks
    • Set if lava could flow
    • Set if lava could damage players
    • Set if lava could damage any other mobs
    • Important bugs fixed
    The config file is also changed (because of all those new features), so you need to update the config file if you already had the 0.3 version installed. You could find the download, the website and even some more information in the first post inside this thread.
    I'll realease a 1.0 version of Safe Creeper soon, that version contains a lot more functions, even blaze, snowman and other 1.0.0 support when there's bukkit support for it.

    Yes it is, it's compitable with the newest bukkit (CB1529), but there currently isn't support for blazes, snowman, dragon and some other stuff because there isn't any support inside bukkit yet, when all those features are added I'll release a 1.0 version of Safe Creeper which contains all of this features.
    So it is compitable with 1.0.0, but it hasn't all the 1.0.0 features yet, sorry.
    1 minute ago I just released a 0.4 version with a lot more features then the previous 0.3 version, this may helps you

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    Wow, this is awesome... There... There's... No words for how good this is... But great job will have to do for now... Lol
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    Tim Visee

    Wow, thank you very much! :)
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    It'd be great if you could Nerf Enderdragons! I've already had a few spawned on my server, and they've destroyed a bunch of houses :(

    EDIT: Ah I see, you have to wait for Bukkit to release support for these features. Well i'll be waiting for it then! :3

    Also, the new features in 0.4 look great! Now I don't need a separate plugin to control Fire :D
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    Tim Visee

    :) thanks, yes I'll try to add those things as SOON as possible because they are really anoying..!

    btw, I also spawned a ender dragon, and they destroy everything on there flying path :(, I removed them with a world guard (/butcher 1000) mob killer command
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    No sir, thank you
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