[MECH/RPG] SkyBank 1.5 - Item banking made easy [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Neptunism, May 5, 2012.

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    SkyBank - The Easy, Universal Item Banking Plugin

    Visit the new page at:
  2. This seemed awesome. To bad I'm using BOSEconomy on my server. :(
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    I'll try to make it compatible with more economy plugins in the upcoming update, thanks for the suggestion! :D
  4. That would be awesome. I guess best solution would be to make it depend on vault. That way it will be compatible with all econom plugins without forcing you to have to tweak the code for each plugin.
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    I added vault support! Also added a bunch of other new features for an easier user interface.
    Hope you like it!
  6. Oh. Thanks! Gonna try it out right away. This might just be awesome. :D

    I'm using BOSEconomy. It seems it doesn't remove any money when you buy a bank slot. So buying bank slots are free no matter how I try to configure it.

    But beside this it seem to work.
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    Fixed it, just re-download the jar file.
    Thanks for testing btw, it helps me a lot!
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    Good Job
  9. Perfect. Works with BOSeconomy now. :)

    When the plugin loads it still says version 0.9.1. Just so you know. ^^
    Also. When only admins are allowed to create signs for buying banks anyone seems to be able to destroy that sign.

    No problem for me since I can protect the signs anyway but just so you know. :)

    Thank you for this plugin. It's awesome. :D

    I've noticed a quite serious bug with the bank. If you put something in the bank that is enchanted it looses the enchant.

    I solved this by informing everyone on the server that the bank don't allow enchanted items and from there it's there own fault :p

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    Thanks a lot for telling me this, I realised I totally forgot to save the metadata and durability of the items!
    I made a new file storage system now, saving metadata and durability.
    Also I added sign protection, by a simple bank.sign.break permission.

    Before you update I suggest you should ask your players to get their stuff out of their bank, and delete all files in the /slots folder.
    I'm sorry for the inconvience and again thanks for testing.
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    How about moving to BukkitDev? I find it easier to manage than a forum post. Especially if your plugin grows!
    Good job on the plugin, it seems to do it's job.
    However, I started browsing through decompiled code, and I found a few small issues you might want to fix, and some improvements which I find good to add:

    1) The logger. This is entirely up to you, but I use
      public static final Logger log;
    and then initialize it with
      log = this.getLogger();
    instead of
      public final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
    but that's entirely up to you. I just prefer using the first method because it automatically adds your plugin name in brackets in front of each console message, which saves time.
    2) Your YAML config file seems broken. YAML works with colons not equals, so you might want to fix that aswell. Check up on the YAML specifications, or the very good tutorial provided by the epic BukkitWiki! :)
    3) Why do you redeclare your logger everywhere? Just make it static, and access the logger from the Plugin class!
    4) How about showing the help if you type /bank alone?
    5) I don't really like the way you read your YAML file. Instead of a for loop, I'd use a while loop. EDIT: But, if you use the built-in Bukkit configuration, you don't even need to do that. Just let Bukkit handle it all! :D

    Apart from that, nice!
    Is this project going to be open-source or closed-source?
  12. Ah, thanks. And about players risking loosing their stuff. That is no problem on the server since everyone know that it's "on trial" so to speak. :)
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    i can't use it.When i try to hit buy bank it says enter the slot you want to buy:
    but then when i type it in it does not make a bank
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    are you sure you have vault installed?
  15. It works perfectly for me now. It didn't work with the old bought banks when I updated but buying new bansk works both with signs and commands. All enchants have so far remained intact as well.

    Nice done. :)

    Like Neptunism asked. You sure you have vault installed? And beside that you're have set the permissions I guess? (bank.sign.buy)

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    im op so no need for perms and heres a list of plugin i got
  17. Sounds strange. Should work. I run over 30 plugins and not a single problem. I do however run the rec craftbukkit. Which version of craftbukkit are you running?
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    Hi Lemon,
    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll sum up my answers in a list:
    1) Seems like a useful thing, I'll implement it in the next update!
    2) Didn't know that! I'll read the tutorial.
    3) Should have done that in the first place, i'll also do that in the next update.
    4) Will also be added in the next update.
    5) I didn't know this was possible! Do you have any good tutorials for this?

    Moving to BukkitDev seems like a good idea. Also I'm planning to make it open source, but i'll need to fix my crappy coding. If you want to help to this, i'll move it to bukkitdev and set us both as the authors. (only if you want of course).

    - Neptuner
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    I'll be glad to help you out!
    If you do make it open, do you plan to manage code with Git or SVN?
    For moving to the bukkit built in configuration, you should look into the FileConfiguration object.
    The tutorial I put on the previous post should be good enough!

    Good luck!
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    Probably Git, I guess that's easier right?
    I'll send you the link when I'm done :D
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    It's interesting you create a code with permission bank.buy.[numer]
  22. Still working great. Just wanted you to know :)

    When you're happy with how this plugin is working you might want to expand it?
    I was thinking that you could add banks for fractions/Towny and plugins like that. This could be used so that these plugins could have a bank which all members of that faction/town had access to.

    Besides this I'd loved to see someone make shops that uses the same inventory-thingy. One command to list shops, one command to open the chosen shop and from there buy/sell by just adding/removing stuff with the UI.
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    Yeah, was thinking about that myself!
    I'm now working together with lemon42, completely revamping Skybank.
    Visit the bukkitdev page here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/skybank/
    The latest updates will be posted there!

    Thanks for the suggestion,
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    Super bump, activate! :D

    Hello guys!
    Neptuner and myself have been working on the next Skybank version for the last few weeks, and have finished!
    I present to you, Skybank 1.5!

    Changes this version:
    • Complete plugin rewrite
    • Fixed bugs in skyland worlds
    • New space-efficient slot format (+ converter)
    • Optimised code for better memory cleanup
    • Added admin commands
    Thanks for your active support guys! :D
    Download it on the new BukkitDev page!
    (@md_5 Approval? :3)
  25. Oh man, finaly,. Been waiting for it. It's testingtime!!!

    Ok, one small tip, question or whatever.

    Permissions. It says it has one main permission node that is bank.* ?
    Does that also give access to the admin nodes? It atleast looks like it, right?

    Just thought about it. It is always easier to only need to put in one permission node to grant player the right to do most things, but perhaps not the admin things?


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    It's an admin node. Most permission plugins will allow you to do things like bank.sign.*, but you can always give an user the admin node and then remove specific permissions (like bank.* and then -bank.open.any).
  27. You are so correct. I should have thought of that.

    Well, then I have only great things to say about this plugin. Great! ;D
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    Thanks for your support! :)

    Guys, if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to post a comment on the BukkitDev page. Thank you! :D

    Bump! SkyBank 1.5.1 is out. It fixes a critical bug in UNIX systems (Linux and Mac). Windows users shouldn't be affected. Go and download it now! :D

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    Not going to move 1 line placeholders to releases.
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    Are you going to continue to maintain this here?

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