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  1. MoreExp is a plugin which enables full xp drop control. On first launch, the file MoreExp/config.xml is created, and this file contains experience drop for each monster (including 1.2 version, works also with CB 1.2.3 R02).
    This plugin is on bukkitdev:


    Just download the plugin and put it into your plugin folder. Configuration file will be created on first run.

    • /moreexp info : display experience drop for each mob.
    • /moreexp reload : reloads configuration file, and reverts any change put by /moreexp set
    • /moreexp reset : resets experience of a player (both levels and experience bar)
    • /moreexp save : save current experience drops to configuration file. Note: this command is automatically called by the server when the plugin becomes disabled (e.g. when you stop the server). If you plan to modify the configuration file using an external tool, keep in mind that you'll have to reload the configuration file before stopping the server.
    • /moreexp set : allow to change experience drop for a given mob on the fly. This value will be saved on configuration file on exit.
    • /moreexp give : give some experience levels to a player

    • moreexp.adm.reload : set permissions of command /moreexp reload
    • moreexp.adm.reset : set permissions of command /moreexp reset
    • : set permissions of command /moreexp save
    • moreexp.adm.set : set permissions of command /moreexp set
    • moreexp.adm.give : set permissions of command /moreexp give

    Version 1.8
    * Added missing mob blaze (thanks for IHHI)

    Version 1.7 :
    * Compiled against CB 1.2.5 (RB)
    * Added debug functionnality (need to recompile source to activate) to see in which world does the monster die

    Version 1.6 :
    • Added version display for /moreexp et /moreexp info
    • Moved permissions moreexp.adm.reload and respectively for /moreexp reload and /moreexp save
    • Moved permission moreexp.adm.give for /moreexp give
    • Moved permission moreexp.adm.reset for /moreexp reset
    • Moved permission moreexp.adm.set for /moreexp set
    • [Bug Fix / Feature] Added option DropsOnlyFromPlayers (with default value true) to allow experience drops only when a player kills the mob (thx filbert666)
    Version 1.5 :
    • [Feature requested] Added command /moreexp reset (with permission moreexp.reset) to reset experience of a player
    Version 1.4 :
    • Fixed bug when config.xml was not present (empty xml load)
    Version 1.3 :
    • Added GNU GPL v3 license text into
    • Added an output message when configure particular mob experience (plus console log)
    • Added name of user who sets particular mob xp in console log
    • Fixed permission bug moreexp.set for /moreexp set (was
    • [Feature requested] Added command /moreexp give (with permission moreexp.give) to grant experience levels to players
    Version 1.2 :
    • Moved creation of blank file config.xml into settings class (now there's only one place where name exists)
    • Added aliases /moreexp config load (for /moreexp reload) and /moreexp config save (for /moreexp save). These two aliases use same permission nodes
    • Status changed to release (tested ALL mobs)
    Version 1.1 Beta :
    • Corrected creation of file config.xml
    • Avoid creation of file
    • Optimized some portions of code
    Plugin information

    This is my first plugin. If you have any comment / suggestion, please leave a comment on this page.
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  3. Changelog added. For CB 1.1-R7, I've tested and compatibility is ok.
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    I think he meant put 1.1-R7 in your title.
  5. I know, but I cannot change title (at least I didn't find option)
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    Top right next to "Watch Thread" it should say "Edit Thread"?
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    I found a minor issue with this plugin. It lets the animals and mobs drop experience even if the death was not because of a player. Like setting them on fire will cause it to still drop experience. Can you please fix that or add a command/feature that lets you enabled/disable exp only dropping if a player kills it.
  8. Ok, actually I do not test how mob die, so that experience drops even if this is not a player who kill'em. I'll work on this functionality, and I'll update once it's done.
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    Need to change title to CB 1.2.3 R02
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    Guys, I made a quick fix to this problem. No command to turn it on or off, just OFF. See here.
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    it works thank you ! :) a awesome plugin.! ;)
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    I have a suggestion for this plugin.
    Have some permissions differentiating different drop ratios, so for example a Standard player rank would get 1.0 xp ratio (3 xp orbs) per mob kill and a Donator would get, say, 2.0 xp ratio (6 xp orbs).
    Those permissions can be identified in config files connected by their respected permission nodes (morexp.rank.standard and morexp.rank.donator) in this case.
    I would be VERY thankful if you implement this.
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    the exp orbs are bugged on my sever because of the plugin :/ pls help..
  14. Can I set the experience drops differently depending on what world you're on? (like more XP if you're in the nether)
  15. It will never be implemented ('cause it's useless... just think about 2 seconds).

    Send me exactly the configuration of your server and eventually the log messages. Otherwise, I cannot help you with only this message.

    Actually, no (although mobs in nether are differents from mobs in normal). This is planned.
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    Where is the blaze ???
  17. Missed mob, i've added it in 1.8 release.
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    Thanks for the Blaze.
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    Actually it would be EXTREMELY useful. Sure, there are flaws in its usage if players of different ranks hunt together, but you are the one not thinking about it all the way through. Something like this would make a great reward for, say, those who have donated.

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