[mech, rpg, fun] Light "LEVEL"/ Heat in the Cold

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    Plugin category: Mech, rpg, fun

    Suggested name: light "level"/ Heat in the cold

    What I want: this is a post for a friend he needs:
    • block your standing/head level on light level measured (1 high-15 low)
    • the number set into your exp "level" not bar but the number

    Ideas for commands: /lightlevelreload

    Ideas for permissions:
    • light.level.use/ heatlevel.use
    • light.level.notuse/ heatlevel.notuse
    When I'd like it by: when ever?

    i found plugins that do similar things
    any way of combining these?

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    I can make this very easily. Check back here in about a day. ;)

    EDIT: DevBukkit page.
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    thank you so much! once it's approved my friend and i will test this and hope that no plugins break each other? clone z has a function that uses the exp level number as thirst hope that if disabling that wont interfere
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    Version 0.1.0 has been released! Feel free to file a ticket for any bugs that you encounter or feature requests! :)

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