[MECH] RotateThings v2.0 - Rotate your things! [1.0.1-R1]

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    Rotate Things- Rotate your things!

    Version: 2.0

    This Plugin is now on Bukkit Dev! Go there.

    Description: While sneaking, Right or Left click on your Object to make it face towards you/Rotate in other directions.


    If the option is enabled in the configuration file (by default it's false,) while sneaking, right/left clicking on stairs, or pumpkins will rotate them right/left. To avoid interaction conflict, only sneak left clicking will work for furnaces, or dispensers, sneak right-click will not work for these. Newly added: Chests and Levers

    I made this plugin because I found it was annoying to have to break down that wall I just built to place a piston against it, facing it. Also, It is useful in combo with world edit.

    Usage Video:

    • Rotate your choice of Pistons, Stairs, Jackolanterns/Pumpkins, Furnaces, Chests, Double Chests (180 degrees), Levers, Dispensers, Gate Fences, Trap Doors, Doors, Redstone Repeaters, and Rails
    • Permissions Support! (Can use ops instead of permissions)
    • Configurable/optional wand

    - rotatethings​


    Source (github)

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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Looks good! i could help you with permissions if you like.
    Just give me a message, and ill contact you on skype.
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    Chunk crashed after a while when I installed this. I also used WorldEdit to copy & paste pistons. Don't know if this caused chunk error.
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    This is weird. I'll try to replicate the error, and see if I can trace down any problem.

    I used world edit, and copied and pasted many pistons, but no chunk crashing. Are you by chance using the Falsebook plugin?

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

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    I have not installed Falsebook plugin.

    When copy & paste, WorldEdit cannot reserve the orientations of pistons. So I installed RotatePistons plugin to adjust them.
    Maybe I will not to replicate this error on our server. It is a big server with many players. Sorry.

    PS: When I rotate an extended piston, it will have 2 extended arms. Is that normal?
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    I will fix the multiple piston-arms problem post-haste! Except that I will be gone all day today

    Rotating extended pistons - Fixed!
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    If the block under piston is air and the piston is extended and rotate it, it will still have one more arm point down.
    (Has that "download" been updated?)
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    It's fixed for real this time. I didn't catch that bug, but it's fixed this time, I also made it slightly more efficient. Thanks for pointing out the bugs!
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    I tried. It is OK now.
    This is a practical plugin. Nice work.
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    I really love this plugin as simple as it is, it's so useful especially with WorldEdit's copy/paste screwing up pistons a lot. I've made some minor changes in my fork and I've sent a pull request, I hope you accept these small changes that make the plugin a little less annoying.
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    Sounds good! Any plans for a Bukkit 1060 version?
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    Great idea!
    Please make it so that you have to right-click on it with an empty hand. Some of us use plugins that let us stick buttons and levers on pistons. Lol... your plugin interferes with this!
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    @Junrall Done! There, now you can require a players hand to be empty (or have any other item in it) in the config file (you may want to delete the previous config file), just set wand to AIR. Also, it now also requires you to always be sneaking for rotation with access to further rotations via sneak-left-click (credit to LeonBlade.)
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    A request - to do the same thing, but with other blocks - namely - pumpkins and chests
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    Add stairs & furnaces???
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    @xsolar66 I added pumpkin rotation, but chest doesn't seem to work the same so I haven't included chests.

    @grinch843 I added stairs and furnace rotation.

    Make sure these are enabled in the configuration file (its false by default)
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    Thanks, works great!!!!

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    I don't understand really... Can you add a video? I am French
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    I decided to try chests one more time, and to my surprise it works.

    @Luc97 Simply hold [Shift] then Left/Right click on the block to rotate. I'm too lazy to get a video up, at least for now.

    I sorta fell off the face of the minecraft modding earth for a while due to school.

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    Can you make this cycle through all rail directions, including curves and inclines?
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    Any movie ? or something ?
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    Perhaps add support for Redstone Repeaters?
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    Rails, Redstone Repeaters and Video (And More!) are now added!
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    This is pretty cool...

    billofbong approves.
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    hey can you make it so it rotate redstone not just Repeaters

    pls that whould be so cool

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    Unfortunately that request doesn't make much sense to me. Imagine you have this line of redstone respresented by these underscores:
    then you rotate one, say the middle one, so the redstone now looks like this:
    Is that what you want to be able to do?
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    um no but i see wheer your going what i mean is you know when redstone if any other redstone is on the left or the right it gos together dosent it what i whas thinking is there a way to toggle it if you get wgat i mean

    but that looks like a good idea :)

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    This can only be done as a client mod, not a server mod, because (from the minecraft wiki)

    There may be some work-around with spout or itemcraft, but that is beyond me. Sorry.
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    ok thanks

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