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    Captain Chaos

    RetractableBridge moved to BukkitDev!

    RetractableBridge has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.

    RetractableBridge - The easy and realistic retractable bridges plugin:

    Build redstone powered rectractable bridges, without using commands! Much requested by the users of my PorteCoulissante plugin. If you know that plugin, this is basically the same thing, but horizontally instead of vertically... :)

    Download the latest release from the BukkitDev page.

    • It doesn't use commands. Just build the bridge and it will work.
    • Stateless, i.e. it does not have to save anything on the server.
    • It's redstone powered, giving you flexibility in controlling it.
    • It is realistic. The bridge does not disappear, but slides in and out just like a real one would.
    • Holds back water or lava... ;)
    • Configurable speed by applying more or less redstone power
    • Build the bridge itself, out of slabs/half-blocks or double slabs.
    • Make sure there is at least one block adjacent to the bridge on three sides, so that it can't move in that direction.
    • For the direction in which you want it to move, make sure there is a block to stop at the distance you want it to move to.
    • Power one of the blocks underneath the bridge with redstone. Please note: you are powering a block underneath the bridge, not the bridge itself! Note that for the purposes of this plugin, just running redstone wire underneath a block will power it.
    • If you power more than one block, the bridge will move faster! Two blocks doubles the speed, and three blocks doubles it once more (so four times as fast as one block).
    • Make sure that when the bridge is fully extended it is still in contact with redstone power underneath. It can be the same blocks, or different ones.
    • When the blocks receive redstone power, the bridge will move to the south or west (depending on which direction it is able to move in), when they lose redstone power, it will move to the north or east.
    • Here is an example. If you build this, it will work. The bridge in this picture is three blocks wide and four blocks long. Note that it only has one powered block, so the bridge will move at its slowest speed:

    Hints and tips:
    • The bridge has to be at least two blocks long on each side, and it must be rectangular. It can't have holes or bits sticking out. It also can't abut any other blocks of the same height and material (when open or closed), since the plugin will think they are meant to be part of the bridge.
    • I highly recommend to make the distance the bridge can move less than its length. That way, the blocks at the forward edge of the bridge (when it is open) are always in contact with the bridge, so you only have to power one of those blocks.
    • The bridge will go through (and hold back) water and lava, so you can make water gates and water or lava traps with them.
    • The blocks that stop the bridge when it retracts can be steps or stairs. This way you get a smooth walking experience when the bridge is closed, without having to jump, if you are using slabs/half-blocks for the bridge. Here is an example to show what I mean (the bridge is closed in this example, and there are wooden stair blocks on each end):

    More information:

    For download links, source code, configuration information and change logs, please go to the BukkitDev page for RetractableBridge:
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    Uh, no, all in all the plugin is fine, there are a few things which can't be accounted for, such as moving players as Bukkit isn't handling it perfectly, hell if I constantly switch a bridge back and forth I can eventually knock someone off, which is why I make it long enough to keep them on
    And once you you what blocks can move, how to set up the end points it's easy

    As for creating a bridge, that isn't what this plugin does, it EXTENDS a bridge
  3. i dont know why my bridge moved out then :)
    it did not extend , it started to move to the other end of bridge instead :D
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    Captain Chaos

    That's what Maxis010 meant. It extends the bridge like a bridge is extended in real life, not by magically making it longer from thin air. Hence the "realistic" in the title of this thread... ;)
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    Yeah i figured this out shortly after i made that post, thanks though :)
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    Any way to set a max travel distance so players can't use this like a flying carpet mod?
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    Afraid not, no config and no commands, and from what I have seen of past posts no real way to prevent bridges being used thanks to the light weight style of programming which keeps Retractable Bridge practically asleep while no bridges are active
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    i cant seem to get this working under 1.7 and latest bukkit built it exactly as in the picture
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    Captain Chaos

    I just verified that the plugin works in CraftBukkit build 953 (and therefore in Minecraft 1.7.2).

    I would go over your build again with a fine toothed comb. Read the instructions again and make sure you've built it exactly as indicated. If you still can't get it to work, post a picture here (from such an angle that it's clear where all the redstone goes) and I'll take a look.

    Also, have you checked whether the plugin is actually being loaded? There should be a line saying "[RetractableBridge] plugin version 1.3.6 by Captain_Chaos enabled" in the server.log if it is.
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    I don't know if I'm real dumb or what but I can't get this to work. Any help would be great!
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    Captain Chaos

    I'd like to help, but "I can't get this to work" is a bit vague... ;)
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    sorry about that. I'm not real good with red stone. I can give you my I P if you would like to check it out
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    Captain Chaos

    I think you should take another look first. It really is pretty simple, no redstone skills required. First of all, are you sure the plugin is being loaded? There should be a line saying something like "[RetractableBridge] version 1.3.6 by Captain_Chaos enabled" in the server.log.

    Secondly, many people miss the fact that the redstone does not go directly underneath the bridge. There should be a solid block beneath the bridge, and redstone beneath that.

    If that's not it, read all the rules under "usage" above again carefully. Take a good look at the very first image. If you build that exactly, it will work.

    If you still can't get it to work, I'm willing to come take a look. But if it turns out to be something that is documented above, you'll owe me a beer! :)

    Not today though, as I'm about to go to bed. Good luck!
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    I get a ton of "exception thrown while moving bridge" messages. I have 4 very large bridges that move all at once, could that be why? lol
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    Captain Chaos

    Hmmm. That was caused by a bug in CraftBukkit, which should have been fixed in version 953. Which version of CraftBukkit are you running?

    If it is 953 or later then you shouldn't be seeing these, so there must be another bug. Can you give me the entire stack trace from the messages you are seeing? And could you check when they occur, is it during movement of the bridges, or is it at the moment they stop?
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    Interesting, I am actually running bukkit 935, so that makes sense. I will update to the latest bukkit build and see if the problem goes away.
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    the only problem I can see with this is that its FUCKING HUGE. I dont know if its simply a restriction, but it's kind of hard to remember how to make one without looking back at the forum.
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    Captain Chaos

    What is fucking huge?
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    Running bukkit #1000 and the "exception thrown" problem went away for good. Thanks for the help. :D
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    Captain Chaos

    Glad to hear it!
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    Would love to see this, and the gate plugin you created to have permissions for creation of the gates and bridges. Not sure how it works, but I know it can be done with craftbook and falsebook. I need permissions support for use with Heroes.
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    The plugins are inactive until the redstone changes then it checks for a valid bridge/culles set-up and responds accordingly so permissions can't be added
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    Captain Chaos

    That would require an extensive rewrite of the plugins, adding features like commands, which I really dislike, so I don't think it will ever happen. Check out the discussion between me and ravyn on page 12 of this thread for more details (it's about RetractableBridge, but it also applies to PorteCoulissante, which functions almost identically).
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    I'm sad that I cannot use your plugin anymore for my server. However, it was still great and I hope you continue your good work.
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    Captain Chaos

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    Error on plugin reload via /rel & /reload

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    Its spamming my server.log - the log is now 220 MEGABYTES after 1 hour
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    Captain Chaos

    You already posted this on the PorteCoulissante thread a week ago. I responded to you there but you never got back to me. Please check my response on that thread.
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    Cool plugin! I have it installed on my server but i dont use it for its intended purpose lol :p
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    Accidentally found a small bug with the plugin. When the bridge is moving and for some reason you put pistons under the bridge and activate them while it is moving it will put a row of blocks up in the air. The next movement will then add the blocks back to the bridge while leaving the row of blocks in the air. This could be used to dup blocks. Guessing after the bridge starts moving it no longer checks to see if all the blocks are still in the right spot. If you need a picture of what i'm talking about I'll be happy to provide one. Hope this makes sense.
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