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    Captain Chaos

    RetractableBridge moved to BukkitDev!

    RetractableBridge has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.

    RetractableBridge - The easy and realistic retractable bridges plugin:

    Build redstone powered rectractable bridges, without using commands! Much requested by the users of my PorteCoulissante plugin. If you know that plugin, this is basically the same thing, but horizontally instead of vertically... :)

    Download the latest release from the BukkitDev page.

    • It doesn't use commands. Just build the bridge and it will work.
    • Stateless, i.e. it does not have to save anything on the server.
    • It's redstone powered, giving you flexibility in controlling it.
    • It is realistic. The bridge does not disappear, but slides in and out just like a real one would.
    • Holds back water or lava... ;)
    • Configurable speed by applying more or less redstone power
    • Build the bridge itself, out of slabs/half-blocks or double slabs.
    • Make sure there is at least one block adjacent to the bridge on three sides, so that it can't move in that direction.
    • For the direction in which you want it to move, make sure there is a block to stop at the distance you want it to move to.
    • Power one of the blocks underneath the bridge with redstone. Please note: you are powering a block underneath the bridge, not the bridge itself! Note that for the purposes of this plugin, just running redstone wire underneath a block will power it.
    • If you power more than one block, the bridge will move faster! Two blocks doubles the speed, and three blocks doubles it once more (so four times as fast as one block).
    • Make sure that when the bridge is fully extended it is still in contact with redstone power underneath. It can be the same blocks, or different ones.
    • When the blocks receive redstone power, the bridge will move to the south or west (depending on which direction it is able to move in), when they lose redstone power, it will move to the north or east.
    • Here is an example. If you build this, it will work. The bridge in this picture is three blocks wide and four blocks long. Note that it only has one powered block, so the bridge will move at its slowest speed:

    Hints and tips:
    • The bridge has to be at least two blocks long on each side, and it must be rectangular. It can't have holes or bits sticking out. It also can't abut any other blocks of the same height and material (when open or closed), since the plugin will think they are meant to be part of the bridge.
    • I highly recommend to make the distance the bridge can move less than its length. That way, the blocks at the forward edge of the bridge (when it is open) are always in contact with the bridge, so you only have to power one of those blocks.
    • The bridge will go through (and hold back) water and lava, so you can make water gates and water or lava traps with them.
    • The blocks that stop the bridge when it retracts can be steps or stairs. This way you get a smooth walking experience when the bridge is closed, without having to jump, if you are using slabs/half-blocks for the bridge. Here is an example to show what I mean (the bridge is closed in this example, and there are wooden stair blocks on each end):

    More information:

    For download links, source code, configuration information and change logs, please go to the BukkitDev page for RetractableBridge:
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    If it's anything like your PorteCoulissante plugin I will definitely install this mod without question.
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    Another amazing plugin. I can't wait to test this out on the server. You know, once all the 1.4 kinks are worked out of bukkit. Lol.

    But yeah man, amazing work.
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    works great! :D using this and your Portcullis one they rock!
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    the only thing that might make this better would be a French name...
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    Oh man, this looks awesome.
    Sayy... will there be vertical / diagonal bridges?
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    Okay, it seems that the power under the block, like in the first pic, does NOT work currently. However, powering a block from the side just with the porte plugin works just fine. I do know how to use these. Trust me, I do. I had to spend 2 hours working on a method of raising/lowering one of the portculli from both sides with two switches using a redstone circuit.
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    Finally a solution to all my CraftBook tears. Can't wait to use this along with PorteCoulissante.
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    I'm guessing that you finally found a similar solution, but a T-style FlipFlop works really well for this sort of thing.
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    Captain Chaos

    If by vertical you mean like a portcullis, you should take a look at my PorteCoulissante plugin... ;)

    If you mean a drawbridge, then no, that's not likely to happen, because I think it would look terrible. Minecraft is just too blocky to make things at an angle (when they are relatively small at least)...

    I tested that first pic and it worked for me. Are you sure that if you build the exact same thing it doesn't work? Is anyone else seeing this?

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    Everything looks great from here. Working on 602 build, power under working just fine.

    I'm glad we had a conversation about this. It's perfect.

    Now, How are you going to do your elevators? Perhaps processed stone halfsteps with fenceposts at each corner?
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    it's south west rule, you may need to invert the current depending on the direction.

    Anyway, it is almost as great as your other plugin, but it lacks speed, I mean I put a big bridge, it takes almost 5 minutes to expand^^
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    Captain Chaos

    He he he, nice try... ;)

    I'm busy with another Minecraft related project which might interest the people here:

    I'm sure you're exaggerating a little bit. A bridge that takes 5 minutes to expand would be a mile long ;)

    If there are more people who think it's too slow I might increase the speed a bit, but not by a lot. It's a big and heavy wooden construction, it would take long time to crank open or shut.

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    no, it's just 230 squares long^^

    Ok, it is not meant to do long things at once, but it would be nice to have possibilities to make multiple steps bridge for those long runs (I mean, like crossing the sea).

    An idea would be to be able to store the tiles vertically, but it would mean much more complicated scripts (and would mean double stacking in vertical but not horizontal).
    you could maybe use your other plugin alongside with this one for this.

    But anyway, I love your plugins, they are easy to install, easy to use, and add things that were only present through magically creating/deleting blocs, so yours feels better, at least to me.
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    Captain Chaos

    You don't need the bridge to retract all the way across the sea of course. You could have a fixed bridge for most of the way, and a small retractable part (wide enough so you can't jump it) half way or something.
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    Any chance of choosing which block the bridge should be? (Individually, not in a config)
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    Captain Chaos

    So, did anyone figure out yet that you can make flying carpets with this? Or ferries that bring you across the water?

    Not likely. I like to keep things simple, and the wooden half-block makes the most sense for a retractable bridge. Also, you don't want random bits of scenery to start moving just because a bit of redstone happens to touch them, so it has to be a block that doesn't occur naturally and is relatively rare.

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    Can't blame a guy for trying. ;)

    In the meantime I'll see if I can't use a modified PorteCoulissante to do this.

    Ha!!! Tested and it works I just put down fences in a 3x3x2 and built a frame... left 2x2 open at the top ... powered all three with the same redstone and switch.... whala instant elevator.

    Now... I could combine this with the bridge in order to retract the blocks stopping the elevator and thereby add floors.

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    Captain Chaos

    That's very creative! :) But I don't think that works going up, does it? Meaning it won't actually move you up if you're standing on it, instead it will go right through you. Does it?
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    Really harder to use than your last plugin^^

    I am trying to make a bridge for my castle, so it would be a real bridge, meaning I try to make it so that you don't have to jump, not matter what side you come from.

    So far, didn't find a way to do it, because the only way would be a double-stacked wood half bloc, with only the bottom one moving, but adding a second one makes it so that the bridge won't move.

    If someone succeeded in doing a bridge where you don't have to jump, please give me a clue on how to do it.
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    You have to set it up so that you step down onto the bridge by using stairs or half-blocks.
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    Captain Chaos

    Like Greylocke said, you can do it using stair blocks. Look at the second example image in my original post, it shows you how to do it. I admit it's a bit hard to see, but if you look carefully you can see where the stair blocks go. You could also use half-blocks (as long as they aren't wooden half-blocks) instead of stair blocks.

    One area that definitely needs improvement is attaching the redstone. It's very hard to hide the redstone from view. I'm looking into ways I can improve this.
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    the thing is that we are half way in a bloc when on the bridge, so even a half bloc on the higher level is too high for the character to climb automatically.

    -     -
    you would need a plain bloc on each side to have a half bloc height
    Unfortunately, you can only do it on one side of the bridge

    EDIT: Ok, I get it now, I have no other choice but to make half of the bridge, or at least the middle into a fix area.
    too bad, but better that nothing I gess
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    Simon Klit

    Well, accidentally I did make a flying carpet, and it just went off into the distance, couldn't stop it (;

    Also, FYI it works perfectly with 617 if you need that for the title. :)
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    @Captain Chaos
    Name it Pont R├ętractable :p
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    Assembling a working bridge that blends with the architecture and terrain can take quite awhile! I spent more hours than I care to admit last night moving things this way and that way... trying all sorts of configurations before I finally ended up with something that I can live with. Not that I'm done... but it was 'done enough' to logoff for the night anyway. :) There will much tweaking to follow.

    Here's the working bridge (and you'll see a bit of the open portcullis behind it) :

    I also took some more detailed snapshots of how it is assembled, including how to hide the redstone and how I made the transitions at each end. You can check it out the photos here, if you'd like.

    Hopefully this helps out a frustrated bridge-builder!
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    Captain Chaos

    Thanks Greylocke! Those pictures are very helpful. It looks nice too. I hadn't thought about using fences to stop the bridge myself, looks nice.

    Of course in reality I don't think you would want the bridge on the side of the attackers when it is open... ;)
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    agreed! Ideally it would retract to the other side, but that would mean having to extend the moat outward to allow enough room for the bridge to retract back. I still may end up doing that... agh! This is the sort of thing that you could tweak forever.
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    Captain Chaos

    I made a few schematic side-views to hopefully give people some ideas about how you could build these bridges in such a way that you can walk across them smoothly, without having to jump, when they are closed:

    Please note: these schematics don't show the blocks you need on the sides of the bridge, to stop it moving laterally!

    Each schematic shows three wooden slabs at the top. This is the actual bridge itself, the part that slides to the right when you close the bridge.

    Using slabs of some other material than wood on each side, from the side:




    Using wooden stairs. Three different variations:


    Stairs on one side only:


    With a wooden floor underneath the bridge, so that when it is closed the entire walkway is wood:


    No raised walkway (bridge on top of the walkway). Side view first, then the view from above:


    Of course you really need only one block on each side to constrain the bridge, but two might look more symmetrical.

    These are just a few examples, there are hundreds of ways you could do it, as long as the bridge is constrained on all sides by a block which is not air, water, lava or a wooden slab. Hopefully these schematics will serve as inspiration.

    If people think they are useful I will add them to the main post. Let me know! And if some animated GIF wizard feels like animating these, so you can see the bridge slide left and right, that would be great... ;)
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    I finally got mine to work like in the first pic. I was having so many plugin issues with the new update, that it was interfering with some of the calls.
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