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    Instead of making your players use "/res market rent Town.HouseName", allow your players to right click signs to rent and buy land, or put down signs to set up renting or selling with the Residence mod.


    [​IMG] ResidenceSigns (v1.0) - NOT WORKING
    [​IMG] ResidenceSigns (v0.2)

    Current Features
    • Placing a [Rent] or [ForSale] sign on a residence that is already set up for rent or sale will automatically fill in all other information.
    • [Rent] signs allow you to setup a residence for rent using "Price/Days/AutoRenew [t/f]?" on the second line and an optional residence full name on the third.
    • Right clicking a [Rent] sign will attempt to rent the house in your name.
    • When someone rents a house using a sign, the bottom line of the sign will change from "Available" to the renter's name.
    • [ForSale] signs allow you to sell a residence for "Price" on the second line and an optional residence full name on the third.
    • Right clicking a [ForSale] sign will attempt to buy the residence.
    • When someone buys the residence, the bottom line of the sign will change from "Available" to "Sold".
    • Sign text will change if there are any differences in info whenever someone right clicks.
    • Residence name is optional on the third line. By default, wherever cuboid the sign is located in, it will try to use that residence.
    • Locale usage, defaults loaded into "english.locale" under "/plugins/ResidenceSigns"
    • Database usage, H2 and MySQL. Settings under "config.yml" under "/plugins/ResidenceSigns"
    • Multiple signs can used for one Residence.
    • If a player uses a /res, /land buy, /rent, /unrent commands or a [Rent]/[ForSale] sign; all signs for that Residence will be updated with the appropriate information. This also includes lease and rent expirations.
    • UseColors under config.yml can be set to true or false to turn off colors. Setting this to false will turn off all colors on signs and use the default black text; however, if a mistake is made on the sign it will still turn the top text to Red to indicate a problem.
    Shorthand Commands

    [Required Parameter]
    <Optional Parameter>
    If <ResidenceName> is not given, it will use your current location if there is a residence there.
    • /rsadmin
      • Toggle's on and off "/resadmin" mode.
      • Only people with "residence.admin" node can use this.
      • When activated, any signs you place or right click will act as if you used "/resadmin" instead of "/res"
        • Eg; Right-clicking a rent sign at Town.House with /rsadmin on will basically do "/resadmin market rent Town.House" instead of "/res market rent Town.House"
      • Keep in mind, it does have persistence unless server is restarted.
      • This toggle only works for market signs and the shorthand commands below.
      • It will not make regular Residence commands become "/resadmin" commands.
      • Left click a sign to add it to the database and/or update it manually.
    • /rent <info> <ResidenceName>
      • Rent a residence.
      • Info will give information on renting price.
    • /unrent <ResidenceName>
      • Remove yourself from renting a residence.
    • /land [buy/sell/remove/info] <ResidenceName> [price]
      • Buy or sell a residence (selling requires [price])
      • Remove will stop selling residence.
      • Info will give information on residence. (I don't think this works though)
    Planned Features
    • SQLite, MySQL, and FlatFile database backend to store sign locations so information can be changed on signs when someone does not use a sign to rent/buy. If a residence is made unrentable, not for sale or its pricing is updated, it will also rewrite the sign (or signs) to reflect changes.
    • Make wall signs use the block that they are attached to instead of actual location of sign.
    • An option to turn on/off all colors.
    • Locale settings so [Rent], [ForSale], and all other worded parts of the sign can be changed to a different language.
    Change Log

    Version 1.0
    • Added: Configuration options including database information, turning colors on and off, and locale name.
    • Fixed: Auto-renew not accepting correct true and false.
    • Added: Database usage (MySQL or H2, defaults to H2), thanks to @JustMeFlex for his downloader class and helping get my bearings back on SQL usage again. Multiple signs can be used for one residence and they will update no matter what is used for renting, buying or selling.
    • Added: Locale usage, set under config.yml. It will create a default localename.locale file.
    • Added: Left click a pre-version 1.0 sign with /rsadmin on will add your old signs to the database.
    • Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.2
    • Fixed: Player interaction (right-clicking) with signs that do not have [Rent] or [ForSale] in the top line will no longer be manipulated by ResidenceSigns. (sorry!)
    • Updated: [ForSale] signs now properly show sale price since method was added in recent version of Residence.
    • Changed: Any interaction with created [Rent] or [ForSale] signs that are not blue will not try to do anything to prevent unwanted results.
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release

    Installation and Help
    1. Drop ResidenceSigns.jar into /plugins directory.
    2. Enjoy!
    Screenshots (open)
    Sign Setup (open)

    First line: [Rent] (not case-sensitive)
    Second line: Price/Days/AutoRenew (optional if residence is already set up for rent)
    Third line: Residence full name (optional, uses sign location otherwise)
    Fourth line: Shows status of residence (do not write on this line)

    First line: [ForSale] (not case-sensitive)
    Second line: Price (optional if residence is already set up for sale)
    Third line: Residence full name (optional, uses sign location otherwise)
    Fourth line: Shows status of residence (do not write on this line)
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    HI , if i sent Residence mod up so that only admins can create Residence`s will player still be able to buy and sell there plots?.

    ie. if a admin sets up a Residence plot and sticks a sign up for sale , player A comes clicks the sign will the plot now be his?, if yes then he puts a sale sign up and player B clicks the sign will it now be player B`s.

    Thank You
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    Yes, this mod basically follows all the rules governed by the Residence mod. So as long as you have your Residence config.yml set up to allow players to be able to buy residences and be able to sell them, then they will be able to set up signs.

    Also, updated topic to show use for /rsadmin command.
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    THank YOu , Great Plugin :D
  5. Hello Karn, great plugin!
    Is there a way to protect the signs from being destroyed by either renters and/or buyer?
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    YES. I asked for this in the thread a couple of times. I honestly just skipped to the bottom of the page to write this reply, but I'm pretty sure it does what I asked! Haha.
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    Hi, there is a collision with the stargates mod. Im running CB 1000. MC 1.7.3. When R clicking a sign to change stargate location, it says "Residance Invalid" i thinks... or something along those lines
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    I'll check it out, can you give me some more info though? Like what the sign reads when you right click it, etc?
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    If I right click ANY sign (Even my chest shops to buy!!!!!!!!) The first line turns red then says Residence Invalid and deletes the first line!!!
  10. ... any sign thats right-clicked says "Invalid Residence" - but its not deleting the 1st line. Would be nice if that check could be overwritten and any sign that has no [Rent] or [Forsale] is just ignored!
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    I can report the same as others that rightclicking is overridden by this plugin whether the first line is for this or not.
    Tested with commandsigns and chestshops.

    Please only make it check if its setup properly so we can use these together.
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    I'll check it out tonight, it's suppose to only work with [Rent] and [ForSale] signs... weird. Sorry about the problems, there will be an update in a few hours. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work atm and have to work late today. I won't know yet when I'll get home, but there will definitely be an update to the mod tonight.

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    So it seems that the plugin works great for us (latest versions of everything) except that the price (at least for sale items) is 0. Even when on the market it's not 0, it shows as zero on the sign.
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    Thank you SO much!
  15. No problem! Thanks for checking! You rock!

    Oh, may I be allowed to request non-glowing fonts? Our town looks a bit... ugly at night with all that glowing colors...! =) thx!
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    I'll look into that when I start coding the database part cuz I'll need to have a config.yml for sure then, and I'll put in an option to disable sign colors. Although, I'm not sure if I can disable the blue [Rent] or [ForSale] since I use that to determine if a sign is proper or not. Does the dark blue/red first line bother you too much? I can understand the white and bright green/red.
  17. Its rather that glowing colors dont fit right into e.g. a medieval theme. And a single sign wouldnt be a problem but our starter town has over 50 plots and thats glowing around all corners, hehe! So its really about the glow not the content.
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    Version 0.2 should now fix this issue, sorry about that guys!
    Version 0.2 now uses the new Residence method to get sale price, so it won't be 0 anymore. (There wasn't a way to get the price before, lol)

    I understand, I'll add a config.yml in the next version and have so you can disable all colors and possibly change the line colors if others want that.

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  19. Yay! And thanks for 0.2! Awesome!
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    Yay thanks it works perfect except the rents never expire, even though I do have it on false. Sorry I ask so much!
  21. havent tested that with 0.2 but it worked with 0.1...
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    We upgraded to 0.2 and now it doesn't do anything. [ForSale] just goes black. It goes red when the prop isn't for sale though. I have to downgrade for now.
  23. I guess you must have made a failure or it does not automatically adapt to existing (0.1) signs, cos we just set up a res system with 0.2 and it works fine.
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    I don't have anything in the mod yet that makes the sign go black (normal text). [ForSale] is suppose to go red if the residence isn't actually for sale. If you set up a [ForSale] sign and the residence isn't already for sale you will need to put a number on the second line for the price otherwise it will also go red. Right clicking on [Rent] or [ForSale] signs will also check if the residence is for sale or rent, if not, it will also make it red as well.

    Also, version 0.2 will work with 0.1 signs as nothing has really changed with how it works.

    I'll check out the code to see if I made a mistake; it should default to true unless "F" is placed on the sign like so:

    You will have to use Residence itself to protect your signs or use the 3rd line to put in the residence name to place the sign outside of the residence. Technically if you're allowing people to modify rented property, they will be able to get rid of the sign as it would be kind of weird if they were allowed to modify everything but the one sign. Also, with buyers, they would own the land and it definitely make sense for them being able to take down the sign.

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    hero of spirits

    Oh hi!!
    great plugin, however, i am having troubles with purchasing "lots"
    what happens is that i can sell using the sign [forsale] 1000 (for instance) but only admins have the ability to purchase these lots (aka me)

    when someone clicks on a sign, it reports "you do not have permission to do this"

    i have set in the economy section :
    canbuy: true
    ignorelimits: false

    this is right? should i post the whole config file?

    but like i said, only admin can purchase lots. (am i perhaps missing a permission for the every other group?)
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    Ok, thanks. We upgrade to 0.2 and upgraded the residence plugin and we're all set.
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    I don't know for sure but you may have to have 'residence.create' for that particular group. Since you can have your config set to not allow a group to "actually" create a new residence, but allow them to buy/sell, then you may have to have that permission on that group for it to work. If that doesn't work, try changing ignorelimits to true. IgnoreLimits allows a group to buy/sell/rent places that are larger area-wise than their MaxEastWest, MaxNorthSouth, MaxUpDown, etc.
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    hero of spirits

    hey thanks! ill give it a try and see what happens...

    nope, nothin... it might be flags. i noticed i dont allow build in some of the flags, might this be whats causing it (the permissions node allows building for the group)?

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  29. Karn, i have a question: When a subzone is rented via sign and another player right-clicks it it says" Residence *residencename* has been rented to *subzonename*" - Should be subzone name and playername, i guess!? Does that msg come from Residence or your Sign plugin?

    Edit: Another question: When i set the second line to renew false (e.g. 1/1/f) my lot info (subzone) says "Rentable Auto Renew: false" and "Rent Auto Renew: true" - which of that does the "f" change? (I cant find the difference between "Rentable" and "Rent" on the Residence wiki..)

    And a feature request, if its ok: how about an option to expand a lease via signs? So when you hit the sign of your rented lot it says "Hit again to extend lease" and does so on the 2nd hit?
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    I assume you're using CB #1000, but what version of Residence are you using?

    That message actually comes from Residence itself, there's quite a few mess ups like that in the mod at the moment. It's due to having it in a subzone, the message ends up separating the area from the subzone and pushing down the line to the next blank in the message. If you didn't have a subzone, it would actually say "Residence *residencename* has been rented to *playername*" instead the player name gets pushed out and never used.

    I'm honestly not sure on this one. What the 'f' does is set it so people cannot automatically renew the rent, and 't' would be the opposite. When you right click a rent sign, it will always try to use auto-renew true.

    I'll look into it. There may not be a way for me to do this yet but I can talk to @bekvon about adding a method for renewing a lease. I do know there isn't a way to find out how many days/hours/etc left on a lease, it only gives the exact date/time.

    Hmm, you may want to see if you can get Residence v2.3.7 to work by itself. Try to see if you can actually set up residences for rent or sale and if others can rent and buy those residences. If that works, then try ResidenceSigns; as all this mod does is basically give other ways of renting and selling/buying residences.

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