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    Regional Weather - Like 1.5, but better!

    Regional Weather is a lightweight plugin that substitutes the existing and boring Minecraft weather system with a dynamic front-based weather system. Now you can have rain in one part of your server, sunny in another, and a lightning storm elsewhere. Over time, storm systems die out and are replaced with new ones to keep things fresh.

    * Tracks multiple storm fronts
    * Fully Multi-World compatible
    * Currently supports Rain storms and Lightning storms with variable intensity
    * Entire worlds are covered by weather systems at minimal system load
    * Full configuration file support

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    Important Note: In order to make this work, I had to compile directly against CraftBukkit RB #1060. In my experience, it works fine on other RBs, but I do not guarantee this

    Command Reference:

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    Note: use the permission regionalweather.* to grant all RW permissions.

    /addfront (Parameters) - Creates a front with the specified parameters. Each parameter is optional and does not have to be included. No parameters at all creates a storm somewhere in the current world with random settings. Parameters are case-insensitive.
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.addfront
    [L (X) (Z)] - Centers the storm on location (X, Z)
    [T (L/S/?) - Sets the storm type. L sets it to a lightning storm, S a snow storm, anything else is a rainstorm.
    [R (Radius)] - Sets the radius of the storm
    [I (Int)] - Sets the storm intensity
    [V (X) (Z)] - Sets the X/Z velocities of the storm
    [A (Age)] - Sets how long the storm will last for, in ticks
    [C] - If set, the storm does not end
    [P] - If set, the storm will persist across server restarts
    [ S] - If set, the storm will be stationary (velocities both = 0)
    [H] - Sets the storm location to the X/Z of the player issuing the command
    [N] - If set, the storm does not tile as usual, and will only ever be located in a single spot on the world

    Example: /addfront H i 20 t L C p S N - This command will create a high-intensity lightning storm over where the player is, that will never move or die, and persist across server restarts. It also doesn't tile, meaning no other location in the server will have this storm.

    /delfront - Deletes the nearest weather front that the player is currently affected by
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.delfront

    See this plugin in action! The Let's Play Minecraft server community has graciously offered to showcase this plugin in action on their server. Many thanks go out to Mentioum for this :D



    Version 1.0
    * Commands! Persistence! Bugfixes!
    * Updated to CB #1060, but works on other RBs

    Version 0.4.6
    * Fixed storms spawning incorrectly
    * Updated to CB #766

    Version 0.4.5
    * Added per-world configuration support
    * Fixed a null reference error in WeatherTick()

    Version 0.4.0
    * Added configuration file support
    * Uncommented thundering-state code that was accidentally left commented-out

    Version 0.3.0
    * Initial Release

    * Snow Accumulation in winter biomes
    * Wind Storms
    * Weather Effects
    * Configuration File
    * In-Game commands
    * Fixed weather in areas
    * Weather Forecasting

    Default config.yml:

    To get the default config files, delete the RegionalWeather folder and the plugin will automatically recreate them.
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  2. Well, MC's default weather is pretty random, how is this exacly different and/or better ?

    I could've just tested it, if it weren't so time consuming :}
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    Does the weather stay biome-appropriate, snowing where it already does?

    Your description makes it sound like it just steamrolls rain everywhere.
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    That isn't possible to change. All the snow/rain etc. is client side. The server just tells the client if it started or stopped.

    So yes, it does stay biome-appropriate.
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    Doesn't seem to be working, when I upload and '/reload' it does not enable. Good idea though, but you might want to make it work first ;)
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    @Geek Fronts aren't particularly common right now; likely the ones on your server are just all way out and not near you. The reason for this is that the plugin "tiles" the storms with 8192x8192-block tiles. Someone standing at 0,0 will actually see the same storm as someone at 8192, 8192 (lightning strikes/etc are duplicated though). This is so that no matter how large a world is, I can give a good weather simulation to the entire world with a minimum amount of processing power (Each storm has a radius of 300-450 blocks, and there are only 6 per world). When I finish config file support, you''ll be able to adjust the tile size, front size, and front count that each world gets.

    So it IS working, it's just only saying it is in a single string in the server console. If -that- string isn't showing up, though, then yes it isn't loading and I will definitely want to look into that :p
  7. What do you do with the two .jar files. And so basically it creates 6 sections of different weather in each world?
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    You only need one - just that one takes you via and one doesn't. And yeah, it creates 6 sections of different weather in each world, which slowly drift across the world. A lot of this will be more configurable in future.
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    I'm looking for a feature to turn off weather within my spawn region. Could you add something like that?
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    Wow! I've been looking for something like this- I figured it wasn't possible. How does this work with plugins like WeatherMan? Will turning on rain with another plugin cause rain worldwide still or just in the weather section you are in?
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    I love this plugin!
    But can we keep things simple?
    I really want to keep weather the same, just have it in regions.
    I don't want it washing away my exposed redstone/torches...
    Or at least configurable?
    Thanks in advance;
    P.S. - Find a way to fake biome information. Easiest way to have snow in other biomes :)
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    @knot this plugin isn't the right one for that. I can, however, *make* it the plugin for that. I'll add it to the to-do list.

    @cholo71796 The plugin disables all normal rain/snow + storm functionality, forcing the normal weather to "sunny." What RW actually does is completely preempt normal weather, and manually manages sending weather updates to clients. Speaking of which, a small note for devs: Packet71Weather is ONLY used for lightning strikes (well, as of 1.5), and Packet70Bed is what's used to send the is/not raining data. And yeah, if you target the Bukkit API only it's completely impossible.

    @Sabinno: Configuration is coming before the effects, so that you can indeed turn off things like washing away redstone.
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    @Sukasa Cool! In that case, this plugin is getting a visit to my /plugins/ folder :p
    Thanks again;
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    Awesome plugin, damn good work, sir!
    I'm running it on my server now, and our capital is taking a beating with one of the nastiest storms i've ever seen haha.
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    @LucidLethargy I'm glad the plugin is working out for you :) I'm just debugging 0.4.0, which adds configuration file support. And yes, the RW storms can be much, much nastier than in vanilla minecraft.

    Updated to 0.4.0. This update adds configuration file support. Working parts of the file include storm count, intensity, size, and tile size.

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  16. I think you forgot something:
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    I was running this for a little bit when all of a sudden that region started lagging like crazy, no extra cpu usage, no extra ram, just 10 second lag. When I did a reload this popped up in the server:

    18:43:07 [WARNING] Task of 'Regional Weather' generated an exception
    at sukasa.regionalweather.RegionalWeather.WeatherTick(
    at sukasa.regionalweather.RegionalWeather$
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Once I removed this plugin the lag went away.
    P.S. This was the build before the config file.
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    Adam McFarland

    [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\RegionalWeather.jar' in folder 'plugins': Jar does not contain plugin.yml
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
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    Same issue here :X
    ...also I notice the link for downloading still says 0.3?
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    Go figure this would all happen as I have to rush out the door for a few hours. I'll have this fixed in a couple minutes.

    Okay, I've re-exported/tested the jar and it isn't showing any issues, so try re-downloading. What an embarrassment, sorry about that. :S

    @Mrono If that crops up again in 0.4.0, please let me know.

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    I'm getting the "Jar does not contain plugin.yml" error too.
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    With the copy I just put up? I can open the .jar file directly and see plugin.yml in there, so I'm not sure why it keeps not being found...
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    Is it possible to have rain melt snow? I have snow in my area and I want rain. Can we choose rain over snow in an area? It didn't snow in my area until I lost my server from a power outage. As a result of restarting my server, a few areas where misplaced causing my main area a snow area. Once applied Bukkit for the 1.5 update it started snowing... I hate snow...
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    Sorry, this plugin can't change the biome information in the world

    Just running 0.4.5 through testing on my server; this release will make the per-world stuff in the config file work.

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    sweet good to hear. We will happily test this on the lpminecraft server.
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    Version 0.4.5 has been released. This version adds support for separate configuration of each world and fixes a null reference crash when getWorlds() returns a list that includes a null world reference. This exact file has been running fine on my server. I still do not know what caused the missing file errors.

    Worlds with differing storm configuration only need to put in the keys that have changed; all omitted keys simply defer to the default configuration.
  27. Version 0.4.4 (I think) had a weird effect that seemed to make it so when players slept in the world, they would wake up in the middle of the night. Literally high moon. Removing your plugin seems to have fixed it. I haven't tried your latest version yet :p
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    Is it possible (or could it/would it be possible) for this plugin to make certain regions of a world have a certain type of weather permanently? Say for instance, one region always has thunderstorms whereas another region is always in sunlight? Could also maybe make it programmable so that a certain region has a higher percentage chance to have thunderstorms or rainstorms but can also have normal weather as well. Just a few ideas.

    Personally, I'd like to have rain or thunder near my castle complex representing Castlevania all the time without forcing everyone else on my server to be stuck in the rain along with me.
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    That just recently made it onto the to-do list.
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    Oh, most excellent then. Many thanks for your work!

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