[MECH] RedstoneChips 0.97 - Integrated circuits plugin [1.5.1-R0.2]

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    RedstoneChips 0.97 / BasicCircuits 0.97 / SensorLibrary 0.34
    (Last update on April 30th, 2013, cb 1.5.1-R0.2)


    • Build chips with any number of input and output pins, from compact 2 block chips up to whatever you can imagine.
    • Choose from over 50 different chip types and several 3rd party chip libraries.
    • Most chip types can work with a wide or infinte range of i/o configurations. Sign arguments allow you to customize chip behavior.
    • Chips can communicate through redstone, or directly by touching each other. Some chip types can also communicate over wireless channels.
    • Chips can be built in almost any imaginable structure allowing very compact circuits.
    • Debug and maintain large projects using various tools and commands.

    [cake] Help me spend more time working on RedstoneChips. Please donate

    Circuit libraries made by other people:
    Changelog (open)

    RedstoneChips 0.97 (Apr 30th, 2013)
    • Fixed the saving bug on cb 1.5.1.
    • Added an option to disable update checking.
    BasicCircuits 0.96 (Apr 30th, 2013)
    • pixel: Added a maximum distance value preference to prevent lags and server crashes. The max can be changed using/rcprefs pixel.maxDistance x and defaults to 7.
    • sram: Fixed a problem with anonymous memory.
    SensorLibrary 0.34 (Dec 1st, 2012)
    • daytime: Fixed daytime offset bug.

    Full changelogs and source code @ github.com:
    RedstoneChips [gunpowder] BasicCircuits [gunpowder] SensorLibrary
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    I started investigating yesterday... Not sure yet how it works exactly. I would probably need to listen to every air block placed event.
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 2:09 PM ---
    Thanks for the screenshots. Never saw minecraft look so good :cool:. I can see the logic or 'or'ing the inputs but i never intended it to work like that. It's mostly useful for physically moving your redstone signals around. I you need to rearrange the output order but don't want to do it with actual wires. Still didn't try your circuit though.
    This video looks like a real documentary... Thanks a lot! I'm really bad at making these things myself.

    I set up a wiki last night @ http://editthis.info/redstonechips/ it's still pretty much empty, but feel free to post any of your stuff there. If anybody wants to help manage it, send a pm, i would be grateful.

    EDIT: Did anybody get the indexed color mode of the pixel circuit? i think it's much more comfortable...
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    I D

    For everyone's general information. Eisental is a great developer to work privately with. He created a chip for my server for a reasonable payment and delevered it in a timely manner. So for those of you who are skiddish of donating then getting services rendered, he's trustworthy. Kuddo's to you good sir.
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    ** blushing **
    thanx I D
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    well i dont know if you know that but theres some bugs in the synth circuit
    - well theres a small delay in the changing of the note and if you play it instantly it does like 3 times same note until it changes
    - its not realy a bug but if you can please make it possible to give a bigger number of notes for example instead of 10 notes in 1 circuit, make it bigger like 20 or 32 as i need :)
    edit:the latest update of craftbukkit canceled the plugin commands please fix,active and debug doesnt work at all
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    About the first problem, i don't really know what can be the cause, but once it's possible to play the noteblock from the plugin code you won't need to trigger it separately.
    About the second, do you mean that there's not enough space on the sign for more notes? If so, you can use needspeed10's solution and install one of the signedit plugins. Then you can put any amount of letters on the sign.
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    about the first one i did it i meant the note is changing slowly(if thats not what you meant then i didnt understand)
    i used signedit but then it only takes the ones getting in the sign(mabey can be fixed if u update for the last craftbukkit update,i wanted to try the debugger for the first time doesnt work as well as redchips-active..)
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    Sorry for being unclear, I meant that once they add a NoteBlock.play() into the Bukkit api, I can use it to actually play the note when the synth is triggered instead of just setting the note. This will solve the sync problems but probably not the delay.
    Well I saw the sign hack work so I don't know what to say, in any case you need craftbukkit #161 for everything to work on the latest version.
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 12:11 AM ---
    Sorry, I think now I misunderstood you. Fix is on the way for the latest bukkit.
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    It does seem that the latest bukkit builds broke redchips-debug and redchips-active.
    For me, redchips-debug returns redchips-debug[on|off]
    I don't get any error messages.
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 4:50 AM ---
    I am working with the transmitter / receiver pairs and from what I am seeing there is some kind of limit on how far they can go.
    Has anyone else seen this?
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    I've updated to RedstoneChips 0.71 and BasicCircuits 0.74. Check the main post for details.
    Commands should be working now on the latest craftbukkit build.
    circuitdocs and how-to updates are on the way...
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 2:23 PM ---
    Perhaps the redstone current stops updating if a chunk is unloaded?
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    I hope that is not what it is because that would make long distance not possible without some kind of repeater and no way to know where it would be needed.
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    Yes, very troubling indeed, :eek: i'll check it out myself. Maybe there's a way to prevent chunk unloading if the chunk contains a transmitter or something similar.

    btw, For those who are using the superpickaxe, I forgot to mention that I checked it and I don't think there's any event I can hook into that's called when the superpickaxe destroys something. So I don't think I can detect circuit destruction that way. I've added /redchips-destroy and /redchips-deactivate to make it less annoying to destroy them without it.
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    I find it interesting that the debugger seems to know that the receiver is there but the signal never gets there if it is a long ways away. When one didn't work, I placed another receiver with the same id closer. It also didn't work so I put another one even closer and it worked. The debugger says sending to 3 receivers.
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    Well, yeah, the problem is not with the chip just with redstone current going in and out of it.
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    I did some testing and what I have found is the signal dies at about what far render distance can see.
    Render distance setting has no affect on it that I can tell, it just happens to come out at around that distance.
    I have a feeling your correct in that it is a chunk that got unloaded.

    Please let me know what you find out. If it can't be fixed, I will have to rethink my station control.

    Thanks for your hard work.
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    Is there any way to get one of these to receive power from the top instead of the sides?
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    If you mean to put redstone wire on top of an input block, then no, but you can make the circuit structure itself however you like. It can even be completely vertical. The only rule is that an input/output/interface block must be connected to a chip block on one of its sides (not above or below) and that the input current and output lever must be on the opposite side of the chip block. See the print+terminal video for example.
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 8:48 PM ---
    I will try the various chunk events and see if anything works. I'm still optimistic :)
    btw, I think the spawn chunk never gets unloaded, don't know if it helps you...
    and for more info on chunks: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chunk
    according to this, it should work about 80 blocks on each direction.
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    Well, if it is only 80 blocks I am out of luck. I am talking hundreds of blocks between transmitter and receiver.
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    so does this allow redstone to travel an unlimited ammount? cuase i was about to try and make a plugin called "ExtensionCord" to make redstone never ending..... or maybe could you do something like this? cuase i have no clue what the hell im doing on Eclipse :D....
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    I managed to update the transmitter code so that it checks for every receiver connected to it if its chunk is loaded or not and loads it if necessary. The question is what to do if the transmitter's chunk is not loaded.
    Could you explain what you're trying to send? where and why?
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 9:26 PM ---
    Yeah, you have two options, A: the wireless option which we're currently talking about. and B: Just make a really long chip. Did you have something else in mind?
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    the only thing i had in mind was just laying down huge lines of redstone. i was gonna have *power-lines* running through my towns. but i guess i could a really long chip....
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    I just did another test with transmitter and receiver in a straight line at the same level and it worked at 270 blocks.
    That is as far as I can go on this track. I will have to go to one of my longer tracks to test longer distances.
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    Try these:


    and tell me if it works. Don't forget to rename the RedstoneChips-0.71 folder, sorry about that.
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    Ok, first initial test, it looks like it is working. From what I can see in the console window, you are detecting that a receiver is in a chunk that is not loaded and you are loading up that chunk.

    If that is the case, what kind of impact would that be on memory?

    Meanwhile, I have a bunch more stations to hook up that are already built. I just need to go add the signs to the blocks.

    I will let you know how it turns out. Right now I am probably well over 1000 blocks from my base station.

    Great work and really fast.

    Thank you!
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    I'm not sure what the side effects are going to be. Hopefully it won't be noticeable. It probably won't cause too many chunks to load, but let me know if anything happens.
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    This will take a while to determine what is going on. It is for sure a lot better than it was. I did notice that for some reason when I debug a circuit, it says I am the debugger but I don't get any data. A couple of the stations did not activate. Not sure why yet. I will have to warp back and forth changing states to see what happens.

    The distance out from the main station is a really long way and most worked. It takes almost 10 minutes in autocart to travel the tracks one way. Thus to build and trouble shoot, I warp! LOL

    I have 10 stations going west and all seem to work except 3, 4 and 6. I still can't figure out why. I destroyed the circuits and put them back and still not working. As the station numbers go up, they are farther away from the base.

    I also still can't seem to get any debug info.

    What do you need from me to help you figure out why some work and some don't?


    I now have 15 stations going out in the same direction and all seem to work except for 3, 4 and 6 and I still can't figure out why those don't work. Is it possible that maybe they are sitting right on a chunk border line?
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    My problem is thus: I need a way to make a redstone current travel down two blocks so I can properly hide the redstone chip underground. It's for a simple fence gate, so there's not a lot of ways to hide it.

    The fact it's not possible to make an input receive a current from the top is a pretty huge inconvenience. I'm curious if you'd be willing to add a way for a redstone current to travel vertically through a block of your choosing to make hiding these things easier.
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    Hello, I love this plugin, it can make such awesome stuff.
    But the pixel circuit which I like the most seems to be bugged?
    I tried to make a dance floor(Lol) with a control thing under the ground(Enough space though)
    But when I made the circuit move upwards and an interface NEXT to the top block it didn't work...
    I do get it to work on the ground :/

    And maybe a suggestion:
    Something so you can control a block?
    Maybe a block with a sign: RemoteTransmitter which has 6 directions(Up left down right etc.)
    and a structure where you place a sign with RemoteReceiver, then the structure(Of max ## blocks, not connected to the ground surface) can be controlled :D
    It's a lot of work but it's awesome.

    And I'd love to see some more sensors :D
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    I would have to think of a way to implement it. it doesn't really work with the current way inputs are recognized. You can make just the input and another chip block stick out while still keeping all the other pins underground if that helps.
    --- merged: Feb 1, 2011 10:45 PM ---
    I'm not sure what's wrong. When you destroy the interface block or the chip block next to it, do you get the circuit destroyed message? Do you have a wool block attached to the opposite side of the interface block (opposite to the chip block that is)?
    I will definitely fix the last one on the next release, so it won't be necessary.

    About your suggestion, what do you mean by "control a block"?
    I plan to add a bunch of sensors, that should be very cool. Still have to finish some other things before that, though.

    I guess it's possible that some of the redstone circuitry is on another chunk, their actually pretty small.
    I can have every chip to make sure it's chunk is loaded all the time (instead of just receivers), but I don't know how badly it will affect the performance. I can make another test version for you to test, I can't check it on my own since all my circuits are in one place. This will also probably magically enable trees to grow and mobs to spawn in those chunks all the time :)
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    I am just about to add several more stations. I will let you know how it goes.

    How can I PM you instead of mucking up this thread with this issue?

    Oh and yes I would be glad to try another build to fix the 3 stations that don't seem to work. I really don't have a clue why they would not work and the rest do. I can also drop my world into dropbox if you would like. Or, I could add you to my allowed list and you could connect to my private server.
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    Click on my nickname and "start conversation"

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