Inactive [MECH] RealTime - In-game time matches real-life time [617-1.1]

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    • RealTime - In-game time matches real-life time:
    Version: v3.0.1
    RealTime extends the Minecraft day out to a full 24 hours, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.
    • 24 Hour Day
    • Slash Commands to Adjust Time
    • Multiworld Support
    • Bukkit Permissions Support
    • An API for Other Plugins to Hook into
    Permission Nodes
    • realtime.admin
    • /realtime enable - Enables Realtime for the current world
    • /realtime disable - Disables RealTime for the current world
    • /realtime sync - Synchronizes the current world's time with the server's clock
    • /realtime set days # - Sets the total days for the current world
    • /realtime set hours # - Sets the hour for the current world
    • /realtime set minutes # - Sets the minutes for the current world
    • /realtime set seconds # - Sets the seconds for the current world

    • Version 3.0.1
      • Added Smoother Sunsets and Sunrises
    • Version 3.0.0
      • Added Commands
      • Added Permissions
      • Added API Hooks
    • Version 1.5
      • Added Static Download Link to Latest Realtime.Jar
    • Version 1.4
      • Added Fix for Dawn/Dusk Light Problem
    • Version 1.3
      • Updated to support Bukkit RB 670+



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    There is a new version that has slash commands and such. Should be way easier for you.
    New Version
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    Please upload the source! Very nice plugin!
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    no ubdejt to 1.2.4
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    The plugin doesn't seem to load for me, or at least it hasn't created a config file. I have run the server with the plugin in the right place, so I'm not sure what's happened here.
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    Please Please make this plugin work with 1.2.5 of craftbukkit!! I want to try using the plugin!
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    Not working. I've put that .jar file into Plugins folder, restarted server, but it didn't create any new folder with config stuff
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    Yes, update it please =(
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    Okay when I put the RealTime.jar file into my Bukkit server's plugins folder and restart or start the server I get this message in the box.

    Could not load 'plugins\RealTime.jar' in folder 'plugins' org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/util/config/Configuration

    Anyone know how to fix this problem??
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    That is because this plugin is for Minecraft 1.1 servers.

    @topic PLEASE Update this plugin :(((

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