[MECH] RainBucket v0.6 - Rain fills your bucket [1000]

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    This plugin gives you a Water Bucket when you hold a bucket and it rains for 1 minut.

    - Gives you a water bucket when it rains and you hold a Bucket in your hand.


    Permissions (open)

    • RainBucket - To use the plugin.

    Config.yml (open)

            Seconds: 60
        Message: Your bucket is filled with water
        UsingPermissions: false
        AllowAll: true

    Todo (open)

    • Ideas?

    Thanks to (open)

    • AndyVerBrugge (Testing)
    • Blokzeil1 (Testing)

    Version 0.6:
    • Weather change fixed.
    Version 0.5:
    • Check now when player empty a bucket and when a player join.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Custom time.
    • Custom message.
    • Permissions.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.2:

    • Bug fixes (Only 1 timer)
    • Player need to stand Outside.

    Version 0.1:
    • Initial release
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    Nice! I'll test it out.
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    Ty, there is 1 bug, not a very big bug.
    I fix that.

    Bug fixed. if you found a bug, tell it me :)
    Ideas for function ore something in this plugin?

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    this is great, keep it simple!

    unless you switch from and back to a bucket WHILE it's ALREADY raining, it does not work.
    So if I hold a bucket and it starts raining, the timer does not start.

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    Could you make so it rains in nether and instead of filling with water it fills with lava?
    Kinda hard to do maybe just add so it's possible to fill with lava and to turn lava thing off in config
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    Hmm, its doesnt rain in the nether?
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    Hey hey. Fun little plugin here. Just thought you might want to know that it errors out with "Tweaked Cycle" onload and during constant run on tweaked worlds to rain, but it does work eventually. Though you might wanna check that out.
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    An idea...

    Add the option to make rain level out flowing water, to create a potential natural disaster (flooding obviously) and also to help level out lakes that have been damaged and everyone is too lazy to patch it up / refill it.

    turns to
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    *I'm currently on holiday, i gonna take a look to the replies when i'm home.*
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    Would it be possible to have it where you could place buckets on a ground or even a chest so they could catch water while you were away?
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    I'd really like to see you update your plugin. Also, there's some errors that keep occuring with build 1060.
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    Sorry to the Creator of this Plugin, if I've broken a Rule.
    This Plugin seems to be Cool, but it didn't work. So I've updated it.
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    Really really cool Plugin! Very good Idea.
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    Yea, Thanks anyways.
    I'm back in bukkit etc, setting up again my server.
    And yea, my plugins too .

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