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    PrintingPress - Copy books and build a machine for it.
    Version: 1.0

    Ever wanted to share your books with other people but still wanted a copy for yourself. Or have you tried copying and pasting your epic novels from the computer over and over? Now there is a fun way to do this from in game. Simply build a printing press with an iron block and a piston 2 blocks above it facing down.


    Now to copy a book, you follow these steps:
    • Place the book you want to copy as the first slot in your bar.
    • Make sure you have at least 1 ink sack in your inventory.
    • Right click the iron block with a plain book.
    • (Also, you must be the author of the book) (configurable)
    But printing books is hard work, you lose hunger when you print, so bring food. This can be disabled and configured to take more or less food. Here are all the config options:
    • PlayerMustBeAuthor default - true
    • AmountOfFood default - 5 (2.5 on the hunger bar)
    • LosesFood default - true
    Download PrintingPress
    Eclipse Project

    Version 1.0
    • Released!
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    This will be awesome for book stores.
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    Great idea!

    Can you upload your project to bukkit dev and add permissions?

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    Yeah I'll work on permissions today. I can only think of two permissions though that allows them to print or not, and another one that lets them print at no cost of hunger or ink sacks. Anything else you can think of?
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    I think it will be good to add permissions:​
    1. to allow use printing press to copy own books​
    2. to allow use printing press to copy any books​
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    Im working on 1.3.1 RB2 and way to give permissions for others to copy your book
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    Inactive, if anyone wants to take over this project send me a message
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    Anyone know how to delete a thread...? I'm active as ever with this now.
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    Using the Super Bowl as a rallying point to focus on hunger, screen printing

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