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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Zeroth, Apr 9, 2011.

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    D: Looks like I'm shutting this operation down. Someone has just released another piston mod: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-bukkitpiston-v0-2-pistons-plugin-for-smp-670.12665/

    Anyway I was just coding for the experience. Look for some other plugins coming from me sometime soon!

    Post comments/question in this thread if you want!

    IMPORTANT: I know Pitons will likely be added in some upcoming MC update, but I started this before I knew that. Because I'm not too far from a near-complete build I'm going to keep coding for fun/experience. I don't need to see any more comments about pistons being added officially, thanks. :p

    I've been working on simple SMP implementation of the single player piston mod for the past few days and want to show you guys what I have so far. There's still much to go though.
    I really wanted to make this plugin as simple as possible and with no meta-game interactions like commands. I ended up using dispensers as the piston body with a special inventory config to specify a piston that goes up, down, horizontally.

    Inventory Configurations:
    [gunpowder] = redstone
    [stone] = iron block

    To make a horizontal piston, place a dispenser in the direction you want it to extend and put the following inv config in it:

    A piston which extends up:

    A piston which extends down:

    • If a piston is powered on and off too fast sometimes it can break and have its contents dispensed. I'm waiting on the DISPENSER_DISPENSED hook for real prevention of dispensing, but for the time being I'm simply clearing the dispenser inv and restoring it after half a second. Messy.
    • There is no configuration file for this yet, but I plan on adding in custom on/off configs and maximum number of blocks that can be pushed.
    • By default you can only push up to 5 blocks (at the moment)
    • I haven't added in many special cases for blocks (like pushing beds, doors, signs, etc.)
    • Stationary blocks (unpushable): SIGN, SIGN_POST, OBSIDIAN, CHEST, FURNACE, BEDROCK, BURNING_FURNACE, DISPENSER, PORTAL. These blocks will be user defined later.
    • The source is in the .jar
    Back up your worlds before use! I give no guarantee that the piston wont slip into a maniacal loop of death and push every block in the universe! (Really actually wont happen)
    I really do not recommend this for use on your servers yet! Its really just an early test! It's broken and glitchy!

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    Thanks for your work, i don't test it yet, because you say it's not finished and too buggy :( but i have time and wait a little bit for this fantastic plugin :D Oh and i have a question, Notch said he wants to add the Piston to Minecraft(after 1.5), if he do this the Block will be in SMP too or is that just a mistake?
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    =DDD Awesome! Can't wait 'till this is completely done!

    Would it be possible to prevent this in worldguard-protected regions? E.G., someone could place a piston just outside a region and repeatedly push a row of blocks in and punch holes in someone's house...

    Oh well, once that config file is ready, I suppose I could just make fences un-pushable.

    Great idea, though, keep up the good work!
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    @Bapho No I think it will be in SMP as well. I started before I knew and just decided I would keep going with it if only for fun. So I guess I'm kind of wasting my time :p
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    This is awesome. Please keep developing it; the players on my server LOVE it.
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    this will be implemented on MC 1.5 -.-
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    No. "The piston mod might get added, but it will not be in time for 1.5."
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    hm, i take it you havent "speciffically" talked with him have you? That whol 3 paragraphs wasnt even from "the word of notch" just letting you no
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    Well it was on his blog so I assumed it was his words :p. I suppose assuming makes an Ass out of U and Me. xP
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    The official pistons wont be added in for some time, and definitely not 1.5.

    I updated the first post with a new build which fixes a lot of issues, but still needs work.
    The main goals at the moment are to store piston data in a file for when servers restart (currently glitchy when restarting server) and other special cases for blocks (flowers, redstone, chests, signs, furnaces, etc).

    And I also added my messy source code in the .jar
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    :D what did you fix is 003?
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