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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: Variation of PowerGrid?

    A bit about me: Redstone enthusiast

    What I want: I would like for PowerGrid by Heccubus to be updated for 1.2. But the author is nowhere to be seen. His last visible activity was in November last year and it doesn't look like he'll be back anywhere soon. I've sent him a pm but he has yet to reply.

    It was a really handy plugin that made making complicated machines with less space a lot easier.

    As far as I know he has not released the source code.

    Since he hasn't released the source code and doesn't seem to be available anymore I would really appreciate it if someone made a similar plugin based on this concept.

    Ideas for commands: No commands required.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions required.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. I have a challenge world on my server which uses this and most of the redstone systems there are currently unusable. But I know it will take time to do this from scratch should someone take it upon themselves to do it.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I've seen. Additionally there are no other plugins that does this that I've been able to find. If anyone knows of one I would really like to know about it!

    PowerGrid's bukkit dev page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/powergrid/
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    No one can update the plugin since the source code wasn't released by the Author, :(
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    I know.

    But perhaps someone can make a similar plugin based on the concept.

    I have sent a pm to Heccubus asking if he will update it, and if he wont that he release the code.

    Although I have little hope that he will reply since he hasn't been active in several months.

    Edit: Upon reviewing my original post I notice that I left out part of the "what I want part" for some reason...

    I have now corrected it by adding what was missing.
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    I already created a multi-server redstone plugin, and would like to add this function to it, doesn't look difficult
    Pm me so I can give you the latest news about the progress, shouldn't take long.
    Here's the link to mcnet
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    Awesome! That would be really great! Thanks!
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    Except I never got a reply and there doesn't seem to have been any updates recently.

    I would also like for it to be a separate plugin if possible, since it's a pretty simple thing really and it would be pretty unnecessary to mix it up with a ton of other unrelated stuff.

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