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    Captain Chaos

    PorteCoulissante moved to BukkitDev!

    PorteCoulissante has moved to BukkitDev! I will no longer be updating this thread, please use the BukkitDev page to keep track of developments, download the plugin and source code, read how to configure it and other details, etc.

    PorteCoulissante - The easy and realistic portcullis plugin:

    Build redstone powered portcullises, without using commands! This is my first ever Minecraft plugin, so please be gentle! I needed a project for my first plugin, and I've always wanted a working portcullis in my town gate, so I decided to write this. I subsequently discovered that there already is a portcullis plugin (which is why I named mine after the French word that the word portcullis was derived from), but I think mine has enough distinguishing features to be useful.

    Download the latest release from the BukkitDev page.

    Also check out the new sister plugin, RetractableBridge, which does basically the same thing, only horizontally.

    • It doesn't use commands. Just build the portcullis and it will work.
    • Stateless, i.e. it does not have to save anything on the server.
    • It's redstone powered, giving you flexibility in controlling it.
    • It is realistic. The portcullis does not disappear, but moves up and down just like a real one would.
    • Build the portcullis itself by stacking rows of fences (wood or iron), at least two wide and two high.
    • Build the wall around it to contain it. Leave enough empty space above the portcullis to allow it to go as high as you want it to go.
    • Power the portcullis by powering one of the blocks adjacent to it on either side, by attaching a lever or redstone dust. For now, the power has to come from the side.
    • The result should look something like this:
    • When the block is powered, the portcullis will start moving upwards, and will keep going until it hits something and can't go any further. It moves slowly, since a portcullis is heavy!
    • Important: make sure that when it is in the up position, it is still in contact with a powered block (the same one, or a different one).
    • When the power goes off, the portcullis will drop down (a lot faster than it went up).
    • Decorate the gate by building walls in front of and behind the portcullis to cover the empty space and to make it appear the portcullis is moving in a groove. Of course you can make it look any way you want! Here is an example:

    Hints and tips:
    • The portcullis can be any size you want, as long as it is at least two blocks wide and two blocks high. It must be rectangular though, and have no holes. If the portcullis breaks, it won't move any more until you repair it.
    • Try to make the empty space above the portcullis one block less high than the portcullis itself (like in the first picture above). That way, you only need to power one block (the one in the middle on either side), since that block will always be in contact with the portcullis.
    • Of course the empty space can be even smaller, if you want. The portcullis only has to go up two blocks to let people through, or three if you want the passage to be a little less claustrophobic.
    • The portcullis will go through (and hold back) water and lava, so you can make water gates and water or lava traps with them.
    More information:

    For download links, source code, configuration information and change logs, please see the BukkitDev page:
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    lever A - one side of gate
    lever B - other side

    the gate should see (NOT A AND B ) OR (NOT B AND A )
    or at least I think thats right. I will check it in the morning.
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    A screenshot would be much appreciated =)
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    I used two types, one underwater and one above ground.

    The underwater one is default up, and goes "down" under the walkway when a pressure plate on either side is pressed.

    first level is an or gate to a block
    and second level is a torch on the block , but on the same level as the block to be powered, next to the gate:


    the other is a lot more complicated, has a xor gate attached. It does more like what you want, it only turns on and lifts the gate if one but not both of the levers is on. If they are both on or both off it does nothing.

    A great diagram sellection is here or the page here if you want to get more complicated

    It is especially helpful to play around with redstone repeater and redstone torch stacking, to bring your signal down and up respectively. Found that in the wiki too.

    Hope that helps!
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    actually when I was making it I realized that this was simply an exclusive or gate. So to make this is much, much simpler.
    just look at the wiki for an XOR gate. the two inputs are the levers on either side of the gate, and the output goes to the block touching the gate.
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    @elevatorguy XOR doesn't work. It works perfectly for 1 person, yes. However, if you go outside the city, close the gate, someone inside the city wants to go out, they can't just flip the switch and open the gate. The one on the outside locks it down. I'm using XOR right now and yeah...perfect for 1 person lol

    EDIT: I've figured it out. Thanks for all the help guys.

    There is a redstone torch on the wall facing away from me, towards the repeater. The redstone goes to the gate on the other side of the wall. Step on the pressure plate for a few seconds, watch the gate go up. Quickly run outside and through the gate, watch it come down right behind ya =D

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    Whats about 2 buttons (1 on the inside, 1 on the outside) and a T-Flipflop? My moveable wall works perfect with this. :)
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    does redstone power only travel a certain distance of blocks along the redstone wire? the xor should work, is that maybe the culprit?
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    Max distance travelled is 15 blocks, you can use an inverter
    W = Wire
    B = Block
    T = Torch
    To renew the power and I believe the diodes also create a fresh charge
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    Diodes in their default config, as long as you are facing the way you want them to send the signal when you place them, will work. They are VERY finicky though. I used them, and had to replace them an average of 2-3 times even facing the right way. Had at least 2 diodes for extending signal because I had the entire circuit underground except for the two levers beside the gate, and the trail of redstone half way up the gate, along the wall, for input.
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    thanks for the diode idea, it is much better on saving space than two inverters in series..
    I am almost done putting the XOR gate underground my gate. It should work perfectly. I will post a video when I am done.

    Ok, I wired it up under my gate, and it works nicely.
    I uploaded a video on youtube here: video1
    I hope that helps someone out
    If you want explanation of the XOR gate, you can watch BrenyBeast's video, he explains it good here: video2
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    this is so awesome, im adding this to my cap the flag battleground
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    Do the portcullis' work in the nether ? Just wondering, I had a user having trouble making one. Not sure if he knows how to make em, I will test it later today in the nether.
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    Captain Chaos

    Very good question. I have no idea. :)

    I don't know why they shouldn't work, but it would not surprise me if there is some fundamental difference that would interfere. Perhaps redstone doesn't work in the nether, something like that.

    Let me know what you find in your test!
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    I got it working, just fine in the nether. I don't know what his trouble was, though I'll let you know if anything turns up.
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    Ahoy there Captain! On my server we have mastered the art of Heavy Lifting through mechanical ingenuity! Just wondering if there might soon be a config file with which I can adjust the speed of opening a tad so newcomers don't spam my open button :) I have a really cool 4 way button switch set up with an open and close on each side to let people in but keep monsters out! Cheers mate :) [redflower]
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    No, and don't request it, reason being is this is a NC2 plugin (No Config No Commands) and unless the author has changed his mind without telling us it's going to stay that way
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    Is it possible to stop gates moving upwards, when disconnecting from redstone signal?
    A mate forgot to build a stopper, and now we got a gate stucking 64 blocks above sea level and above the clouds ^^
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    Captain Chaos

    No, 'cause I want you to have that flexibility. Some people want the portculllis to move beyond the redstone connection, so that it can travel very high up for instance, or because they are building things besides portcullises, such as elevators.
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    nice work but not working good go up but dont get down.

    Change it needs touch redstone when go up and when g down
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    You need to
    1) either make the redstone touch the block to the side of the gate at the very top of it, and make the gate 1 block longer than your opening, so that it is ALWAYS touching redstone, or
    2) make sure to put a second bit of the circuit at the top so it touches it when it is up.

    The plugin works just fine. I now have water sluices, airlocks underwater (with pressureplates), and regular portcullises made from this. We keep thinking of new uses.
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    wow, amazing, the gate just moves so s...l...o...w...l...y...
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    That is the idea, slow to rise, quick to fall
    Don't ask for this to be changed or to be made configurable as this is an NC2 plugin (No Commands No Configs) when last the author addressed this
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    Hahaha yeah, but that is half the fun. A zombie is after you, it is dark, you hit the lever, and have a heartattack as you wait for the gate to open! "Come on, come on. open!" Makes your heart pound a bit if they get too close, too.
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    i wasn't asking for it, i was just commenting, and i guess it does make it realistic,
  27. This plugin worked for a few months. but lately, it's been breaking my server. And, by 'breaking', I mean it crunches it to a halt so it has to reload. I'm afraid I may have also placed blame on RetractableBridge as well, because they are too similar to segregate.
    I don't claim to know how plugins work or how they conflict with each other, but the server is fine without the two plugins. And the exception happens too randomly and sporadically to expediently test. I can have my server go a week without the two plugins and be fine, but crash from after ten seconds (to 8 hours) with the plugins.

    Anyway, the exception is as follows.
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE] java.lang.IllegalStateException: TickNextTick list out of synch
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-06-14 19:22:07 [SEVERE] Unexpected exception
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: TickNextTick list out of synch
        at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    I've only seen this error once before: when GeoCacher tried to generate a chunk in the Far Lands. (??). So I have no clue to the cause other than removing the plugin removes the error...
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    Captain Chaos

    I'm afraid I have no idea how my plugins could cause that problem. I must say that if it happens so randomly, the evidence that the plugins are actually the cause is rather weak. The exception occurs in Minecraft code, not in my plugins.

    Are you saying you have never seen this exception when the two plugins weren't loaded?

    Edit: I've taken a look at the code, but I'm afraid it doesn't help. I can't see how this exception could occur at all, let alone how my plugins could cause it. I've also googled for it, and found a few other instances where people relate it to some other plugin. It sounds to me like a bug in CraftBukkit, perhaps one that is triggered if any plugins are loaded. Do you have other plugins loaded when you are not seeing this problem?

    Is anyone else seeing this problem?
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    If you want a quick open, slow close... just make the gate retract into the ground. Now walking on fences doesn't glitch out its fine as long as you have a 3 high opening.
  30. I have seen this error only once before. When GeoCacher persisted that there were chests about 100,000 metres out from point zero (chunkname: r.-190.-190.mcr). Before we go there, I have looked through the chunk file list, and there are no chunks of that nature anymore, in any of my worlds. And all traces of GeoCacher have been uninstalled.
    I admit that my evidence might appear weak to you, but the errors only occur definitely after the plugins have been installed. And if you've looked at the code itself and the exception thoroughly, then my next idea would be that's it's conflicting with something, as opposed to just crashing itself.

    That is, if your plugins are responsible. But those two are the only plugins that I have quarantined. The server runs smoothly when I do that--

    Interrupt: No it does not, in fact. *blush*. It screwed the pooch before I had a chance to even submit my post.
    Er. So, yeah. I'm sorry for wasting your time - it was a false positive. It died about six seconds after the CraftBukkitUpToDate check, twenty seconds after it was booted up.
    Well, I guess I can put your plugins back in and keep hunting, then. Sorry for wasting your time.
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    Captain Chaos

    No problem. :)

    I hope you find the cause. Let me know if you do!
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