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    PocketCraft - Portable crafting tables!
    PluginVersion 1.0
    ServerVersion /version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-905-g9277096-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    Download PocketCraft

    This plugin was requested by FuturaEx.


    • Spout
    • Players must be using the SpoutCraft launcher
    • Brings up a crafting table upon pressing the c key.
    • Implement permission support
    • Come up with more ideas for this plugin (need some help here)
    Released plugin.​
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    THANK YOU!!! :D
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    The bow is now an effective weapon? ;)
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    Sorry was using a generic thread layout I made that carried over from EffectiveArrows.
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    Haha thats okay, I figured.
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    I think i'll cum with the permissions'release.

    EDIT: When u make "c" to go to ur crafting table, put in item to craft something in and make "b" again when this item is in the Crafttable, it doesn't drop the item like when u simply leave the Crafttable: My item just disappear. (Sry about my language, i tried, and i sware!)
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    When I am typing text onto a sign and I type a C, it stops the sign edit and opens the craft screen.
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    Woops forgot to check that will post a bug fix here in a couple of minutes.
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    Thanks for the fast response! :)
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    Did a silent bug fix download it again.

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    Perfect! Thank you Skeleton of Chaos! This will definitely benefit out builder worlds. :)
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    Hmm the item drops somewhere in the world just not sure where...
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    Awesome addition to the game. I only ask that the crafting table can be closed by pressing C as well. That is, however, as long as it doesn't interfere with anything else.
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    What's wrong with pressing esc like you used to? But anyways if I do the close on c it will also close normal crafting tables and with my testing it causes some issues.
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    In before the request.

    Permission's please! (Make's it so certain user's can use this)
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    Yeah, my suggestion is more about nitpickiness than actual needed mechanics. I find I commonly open my bag by pressing E, and then press E again to close it after looking in it.

    The C to close thing is moreso to facilitate the quickness of opening it, peeking inside, and pressing C to close it again. It's nothing too important, only the feeling of continuity or similarity with the way opening your bag works.

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    This is awsome! work on more spout plugins!
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    Could you possibly have it so the player must have a crafting table in their inventory?
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    Sure that should be simple enough.
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    Ya that should be togglable in the config file.
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    - Change key to open the craftwindow with in options > Controls.
    - iConomy support. Cost money each time when open. Price and on/off in a config.

    Sorry if my English sucks...
  22. I'm all in once this has permissions
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    Dino Filippini

    Newbie question, if you utilize permissions on your server and you install a plugin like this, can nobody use it? or everybody? It seems to be only OP's on ours.
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    Permissions is ussually based to be ops if u do not have the permissions plugin get that and you can have more than ops you can have players, vips, mods, admins ect... all with different commands they can use its fairly easy to set up once u know what ur doing.
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    Can you add a Config to choose what Key it is? Or is it an option in Options?
    I don't want to download, because I use C to access inventory. (C - Character in other games)
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    I'll get this if you add a config to choose what key it is. I have custom controls that I'm used to, and c is set to fog..
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    Does it work on 1317 ?
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    Cool, thanx for the reply.
  30. It still works but it would be nice if updated anyhow :)

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