[MECH] PlgRailBoost v2.0 - make powered rails boost much more [1.4]

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    PlgRailBoost - powered rails boost much much more
    Version: v2.0

    Because mechanical boosters were removed from the game and electric booster just boost too little, I had to create this plugin for my server.
    I cannot really tell you how much this boosts, because I just set the cart to have a really high momentum (the actual speed is still 8 m/s, it just lasts incredibly long).

    Thanks Afforess for his MinecartMania (used as an inspiration).

    • Powered rails boost 3000x "longer" by default (the number is an approximation)
    • The boost is configurable
    • Unpowered rails stop immediately (you need only one unpowered rail to stop any minecart)
    • Unoccupied minecarts' behavior has not been altered
    Download(source code in the .jar)


    You need to add a file to the plugin folder (plugins/PlgRailBoost).
    The file name is the configured boost value!
    If you want to use the default value it should be 32, so you create a file plugins/PlgRailBoost/32.
    If you want it to boost more, rename the file to plugins/PlgRailBoost/256 for example.
    The default value is 100000.

    Version 2.0
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 1.1
    • Boost configurable
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    That seems helpful
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    Awesome, the amount it costs to create those things is just way too much for the boost it gives you.
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    Would it be possible to change the boost value to slightly less? The idea of one booster track to go around the world seems a little overkill to me.
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    It's not THAT much, but I think I'll create some sort of config file for this today...

    The boost is now configurable.

    (tagging @lipe123 )

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    sweet dude, good job. works great.

    Now I just need to figure out why im taking random fall/squish damage from going around bends or declines...
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    I thought bumping into objects in bends was fixed in 1.6, apparently not all of it.
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    Does the plugin boost the minecarts to more than 8 m/s or do I understood it wrong?
    A boost to more than 8 m/s wouldn't go amiss because in my MP is a 1 km railway...
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    No, 8m/s is the maximum speed, but I increase the momentum, so the speed does not diminish after ~30 tiles, but continues for much more.
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    Any idea how to change the max speed of minecarts on powered rail?

    I tried playing with your plugin source and setMaxSpeed() with onVehicleMove and onVehicleUpdate but couldn't get the minecart to speed up. I couldn't get onVehicleUpdate to trigger for the minecart for whatever reason.

    The value of getMaxSpeed() kept resetting every time I moved to another piece of powered rail (I kept calling setMaxSpeed every time it entered powered rail), however, the minecart didn't seem to go any faster.
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    set/getMaxSpeed() change the momentum, that's what I use, so I don't think it's easily doable via bukkit API, I think you'd have to use craftbukkit obfuscated functions for that.
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    lol my server crash when im using max value
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    I never actually tested that high a value
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    Does it continue/increase momentum when going up an incline? seems to cancel its effect when going up
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    It doesn't increase momentum if not on a powered rail. This just makes the powered rail block boost like hell, that's all.
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    So, if i put down 3 powered rails, then regular rails, it wont keep it's momentum? I'm a bit confused.
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    The momentum behaves exactly the same like when you have no plugin. Powered rail increases the momentum, without it the momentum is lost over time.
    The only thing this plugin does is that powered rail does not give 16 momentum, but 1000 momentum (those numbers are just guesses, but the ratio is like that).
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    Yes, so it's supposed to last longer when you're off the powered rail, right?
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    yes that's right
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    Okay thats what i wanted to do. When i create a file to modify it, should it just be a plain text file? It said it was invalid when i tried it.
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    doesn't matter what it is, it just has to be named like number, like "122"
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    i didn't understand how to config the Boostpower.
    i have to create a file a .txt file and i rename it e.g. 32
    and i put the file in the plugin folder am i right????
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    Basically yes. Create a file called "32". If on windows you don't know how then create a .txt file and rename it, but watch out for windows hiding extensions by default.
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    called PlgRailBoost?
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    so the file is calle 32.txt and is in the plugins folder but in the console
    "32.txt is not a valid configuration file nam for PlgRailBoost!
    and what is the max speed number?
    sorry if i'm annoying you but i'm a newb in these things
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    who ever said anything about .txt in the name? get rid of it
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    oh thanks for waisting your time:D
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    Hey its been a while since we talked....... Ummm What have i messed up on here?

    import java.util.Scanner;

    class java{
    public static void main (String agrgs[])(
    Scanner java = new Scanner (System.in);
    double fnum, snum, answer;
    System.out.print1n("Enter first num: ");
    fnum = java.nextDouble();
    System.out.print1n("Enter second num: ");
    snum = java.nextDouble();
    answer= fnum + snum;
    and what do i run it as?
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    1e15 is not a valid configuration file name for PlgRailBoost!


    Edit: 2147483647 appears to be the maximum value. ... I may need more power.

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