[MECH] PlantFailure v1.4 Makes Plants fail [1.1-R6]

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    PlantFailure - Gives plants a chance to fail based on the biome.

    Version 1.4

    What does it exactly do?
    Based on the crop melon pumpkins and wheat all grow better in different environments some grow better in different conditions.
    You may want to move your melon farm out of the desert because they have a 75% chance to not drop anything.

    This can make survival harder or make factions fight over land in a faction server.

    This plugin features 2 modes.

    Mode 1 When you break a plant it has a chance to not drop anything.
    Mode 2 When a plant grows it has a chance not to grow.

    This can be set in the config file.


    V.1 - Initial release
    V.2 - Permissions support
    V 1.0 Config support Jungle support Plugin rewrite.
    V 1.1 Removed Leftover debug code*
    V 1.3 Added On growth mode
    V 1.4 Minor code change updated for R6

    ToDo list.

    Add random events to make it more dynamic.
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    Nice, but latest rb please
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    I have just quit updating this post on bukkit dev it is fully up to date.

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