Inactive [MECH] PickBoat v0.5 - change boat destruction behavior [1.3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by maczydeco, Jan 27, 2011.

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  2. Same as above ^ :)
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    Sorry, my server died, I've replaced it with a dropbox link for now.
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    Just a question: Is this lightweighted? OR does it takes much power from the server?
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    Nice Plugin Dude! - Really helped me. :D
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    Link is broken could u fix that please
    Edit Sorry it works
  7. Ehm loaded this.

    boats_never_crash: true

    Yet any boat I ram into a block, or touch even, breaks as always...anyone tested this on 1060?
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    Works ok for us on 1060.
  9. Yea it bugged with another setting in the config...fixed now
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    works great in 1136 too! thanks!
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    thank you great plugin for boat waterslides
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    Exactly what I've been searching for my server.

    Only one thing that would make it even better: changing the speed and acceleration of boats. Do you think you could include that if you're going to do a update?
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    I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding this or if it's not working for me, but with this option set to true the boats still will drop like any other item which is a problem when you have 30 block cliffs underwater. I didn't see any difference in leaving it with false either.
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    Mr. @maczydeco , could you please fix the plugin in 1.0? All plugins I have that deal with changing drop behavior have the same problem: they drop both the original item AND the modification drop. So with PickBoat I get the boat, some planks and some sticks.

    I've had this plugin since I started my server and I'd love to keep it. Please update! :D
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    Doesn't seem to work on our server even under 1.8.1... boat still still crash and break if it hits the wall fast enough, but if you can get it to work under 1.0 we would love it ^^
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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
  17. i would love to see this plugins updated too :)
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    The dual drops issue I previously mentioned has been fixed, however they still drop planks and sticks when they break as @mradr specifies. So half of it fixed itself. :D
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    Yea i'd love to see it upgraded for 1.0 !
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    hey, just wondering if its at all possible to edit this plugin to work for other items, for example make it so that minecarts turn into iron bars when they crash?
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    Yay he upgraded it! I'ma test it out now.
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    Works great thanks ;p
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    But then it wouldn't be PickBoat :p
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    true, but it would be an interesting way of expanding the plugin to have more uses
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    Yay! Finally an update! :D
    I love this Plugin, I am using this since Minecraft 1.6 !
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    LOL we have been using this a long time too. Letting you know it works, no errors, does everything the way I have the config set up. Using CB 1597.
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    Yes, we love us some PickBoat :)
  28. is this plugins ready for 1.1R5 ?

    i really enjoy pickboat :)
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    Unfortunately no, not right now. :( PickBoat uses the old config and listener systems, and breaks in R5. Will need to be updated to the new systems.
  30. arf, i hope you could update it for the new system :)

    thx to you, sir :)
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    Perfect, thanks! That's what the boat used to be.

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