[MECH] OtherDrops 2.8- Ultimate block/mob/player drop editing [1.5.2]

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    Want to fix glass/stairs/boat drops? Want to gather ice/glowstone/grass in a balanced manner? Want to smelt ore with golden tools? Want to cause chaos with undead that rise again? Now you can, simply by enabling the included example files or delve into the more advanced customisation and make drops work the way you want.

    OtherBlocks aims to give you ultimate control over what item that blocks/entities drop when destroyed, depending on how they were destroyed. Compatible with WorldGuard. Lightweight! Only scans what it needs to and ignores the rest.
    Download: BukkitDev (download link on there) | Source Code

    Included Modules
    * Fix undroppables: fix drops for stairs, glass (don't use your hands - ouch), boats & bookshelves (1.8 stairs included)
    * Gold tools (basic): gold tools have a chance of dropping the complete block for grass, ice & glowstone.
    * Gold tools (smelt): gold tools have a chance of mining an ingot directly from ores.
    * Ore Extraction: using the usual tools, ingots are ripped out of ores, leaving the stone behind.
    * Leaf overhaul: adds leaf drops (apples, cocoa, leaves, sticks & a very small chance of golden apple).
    * Undead Chaos: beware the night! Zombies & skeletons rise again and even players rise back from the dead (player deaths spawn more zombies/skeletons).
    * and more...

    Custom Configuration Examples
        # Simple glass drop fix
          - drop: GLASS
        # Players drop Zombies on death, 50% of the time
          - drop: CREATURE_ZOMBIE
            chance: 50%
        # Spiders killed with any sword at night have a 10% chance to drop web,
        # otherwise they drop whatever they normally would
          - tool: ANY_SWORD
            time: NIGHT
            drop: WEB
            chance: 10%
        # Trees drop apples (or cocoa from birch trees)
          - drop: APPLE
            chance: 5%
          - drop: DYE@BROWN
            chance: 5%
    If you are getting errors with the word "snakeyaml" in it, your config file isn't properly formatted.
    Test it on this website (or this one).

    See the dev.bukkit page for full details on how to set up OtherDrops, a complete parameters list and further examples.


    Newest changelog details here.

    Main author: @Zarius
    Contributors: @Celtic Minstrel, raws
    Original author: @cyklo
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    No matter what I do, I just can't get it to work...I've tried everything from changing the item, changing the name of the mob, I need help....bad... T_T

    Edit: There are 4 spaces on the -tool: line and 6 in the drop, quantity, and message lines. I just cant get it to post right....I'm so hopeless T_T
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Enclose it in code tags. There might be a button for that too.
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        - tool: ANY
          drop: gold_nugget
          quantity: 1
          message: You have found %q gold among the shattered bones.
        - tool: ANY
          drop: gold_nugget
          quantity: 1
          message: You have discovered %q gold in the rotting corpse.
        - tool: ANY
          drop: gold_nugget
          quantity: 1
          message: You discover %q gold in the fallen arachnid's belly.
        - tool: ANY
          drop: gold_nugget
          quantity: 1
          message: You find %q gold among the creeper's ashes.
  5. use iconomy, that the killer gain money.. or cusotm exp
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    Celtic Minstrel

    How would I know? I haven't heard from him either.
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    Great plugin! been using it for months.
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    How would one turn off normal drops for a mob? I want to turn off essentially all mob normal drops and put in my own.
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    It says to tell you right away,so your otherdrops plugin spams the console,what does it spam?It spams because of magicspells cant find entitytarget and etc craftarrow etc.
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    Also whenever my players get a custom drop they get hit,but it doesnt hurt them
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    You know. It's very annoying when people quote the first post, while that isn't needed at all. Also you didn't post the error itself, you CB build, the OD version you use, etc.
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    note:I also get hurt hurt everytime I get a custom mob drop or block drop,it doesn't hurt you but it looks like your getting hurt and its annoying.

    I updated to the newest beta version lets see if it fixes the problems shall we

    It works with the beta build thanks anyways,but...when i logged in on my server and looked at my spawn....DOESNT FIX THE CRAFTARROW AND ETC PROBLEM THOUGH STILL SPAMMING >.>.[​IMG]
    This is why you don't op everyone to those of you who op alot of people (not me)

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    You are listed as author at the Bukkitdev page, so can we expect you will keep updating if Zarius doesn't stop being vanished? That would be nice.
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    How do you add color to a message? I tried "message: &2You got &6%q &2money", but what I get is no "you", white "got", gold coin amount (which is correct) and green "coins" (which is also correct. Any help?
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    Hey, I'm new to plugins so it may be some dumb thing but whenever I use this plugin, for example I make a coal ore drop 3 coal per block, it makes the sound and moves my screen like I’ve taken damaged but don’t receive any damage. I have no idea what’s going on and it is really annoying, can someone help me out this never happened before it just started up for no reason?:'(
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    Download the latest beta from their BukkitDev. It's because they use a Bukkit method for adding damage, but don't add damage.
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    I'm not sure if you guys take requests for features, but I think this plugin would come to a lot more use if you added it to where Mobs could drop a chest a specific percent along with items in it at a percent, then over a period of time the chests would disappear, or even after being looted.
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    Hrm... I'm trying to get apples and saplings to stop but they just keep coming. Does anyone have this working?

        - action: LEAF_DECAY
          drop: NOTHING
        - tool: ALL
          drop: NOTHING
        - drop: NOTHING
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    ...I figured my original problem out...

    My new problem is that whenever stone is mined a blank message pops up in the miner's chat box.

    Also I am using tekkit and any tekkit pickaxe will not trigger an otherdrops drop.
    (TEMP FIX for this is to allow ANY tools. Awaiting alternate option.)

    Any ideas?

        - world: WORLD
        - dropgroup: stonedropgroup
          tool: ANY_PICKAXE
            - drop: COBBLESTONE
              delay: 1
            - drop: {DIAMOND/1%, COAL/15%, LAPIS_ORE/10%, 249/10%, IRON_ORE/8%, REDSTONE_ORE/10%, GOLD_ORE/2%, 248/10%, 247/2%, 140/6%, 140@1/6%, 140@2/6%, 140@3/2%, 140@6/2%, 140@7/2%}
              delay: 1

    Console Output for Stone:
    2012-08-11 21:47:33 [INFO] Block STONE (BREAK): (1) Agent: ANY Worlds: CraftWorl
    d{name=world} Regions: null Weather: null Block faces: null Biomes: null Times:
    null Groups: null Permissions: null Height: null Attack range: null Light level:
    null Chance: 100.0 Exclusive key: null Delay: 0 Drop: null Quantity: 1.0 Attack
    er damage: 0 Tool damage: null Drop spread: 100.0% chance Replacement block: nul
    l Commands: [] Messages: (none) Sound effects: null Events: null (2) Agent: ANY_
    PICKAXE Worlds: null Regions: null Weather: null Block faces: null Biomes: null
    Times: null Groups: null Permissions: null Height: null Attack range: null Light
    level: null Chance: 100.0 Exclusive key: null Delay: 0 Drop group: null (A) Age
    nt: ANY Worlds: null Regions: null Weather: null Block faces: null Biomes: null
    Times: null Groups: null Permissions: null Height: null Attack range: null Light
    level: null Chance: 100.0 Exclusive key: null Delay: 1 Drop: COBBLESTONE Quanti
    ty: 1.0 Attacker damage: 0 Tool damage: null Drop spread: 100.0% chance Replacem
    ent block: null Commands: [] Messages: (none) Sound effects: null Events: null (
    B) Agent: ANY Worlds: null Regions: null Weather: null Block faces: null Biomes:
    null Times: null Groups: null Permissions: null Height: null Attack range: null
    Light level: null Chance: 100.0 Exclusive key: null Delay: 1 Drop: {DIAMOND/1.0
    %, COAL@COAL/15.0%, LAPIS_ORE/10.0%, X249/10.0%, IRON_ORE/8.0%, REDSTONE_ORE/10.
    0%, GOLD_ORE/2.0%, X248/10.0%, X247/2.0%, X140/6.0%, X140@1/6.0%, X140@2/6.0%, X
    140@3/2.0%, X140@6/2.0%, X140@7/2.0%} Quantity: 1.0 Attacker damage: 0 Tool dama
    ge: null Drop spread: 100.0% chance Replacement block: null Commands: [] Message
    s: (none) Sound effects: null Events: null
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    no 1.3.2 ??
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    Cultist O

    I have noticed no problems caused by using 2.6-beta1 in 1.3.2
    (it's available on the bukkit.dev page for this plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/otherdrops/)
    I cannot speak to 2.5.2, other than assuming it also works.
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    Want them to drop them emeralds between 1-2 17% of the time, no mather how you kill it, though, when you kill them, the default drop has to remain. this is my config.yml. Doesn't seem to drop any emerald at all anymore... What's wrong with it? Thanks in advance!

    - tool: ALL
    drop: EMERALD
    quantity: 1-2
    chance: 17

    tool: ALL
    drop: STRING
    quantity: 0-2
    chance: 95

    tool: ALL
    drop: SPIDER_EYE
    quantity: 0-1
    chance: 40

    EDIT: I mean my drops.ymg
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    Ok, I need some help here. I've been looking all over for a custom mob drops plugin and every time I do its either discontinued or is complicated to config. This one looks promising but I have a problem with configuring it. Mot enough info is given to be clear on where exactly to make the alterations. I already tried putting it into the otherdrops-drops file but so far nothing is happening. I want to use emeralds as a basic currency and would like to make the monsters drop them now and then. If someone would please tell me how exactly to set this up I would be very grateful.
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    Sorry for the delay - been absent from Minecraft for a while now but getting back into it :) This should do what you want (just add to the bottom of otherdrops-drops.yml):

        - drop: EMERALD
          quantity: 1
          chance: 100%
    Change quantity and chance as you desire per mob (replace ZOMBIE with SKELETON, etc).
    Will be releasing a new OtherDrops version (2.7) soon - I'll test your config before releasing.
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    ahh this is updated now, darn I changed to ecocreature while ago.
    Loved this plugin though :D can do lot of cool stuff with it
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    Worked fine for me in a recent test of OtherDrops 2.5.2 & Bukkit 1.4.6 :) There were a few odd bugs that affect a few people depending on what they were trying to do though - did you have specific issues?

    How's EcoCreature - pro's/con's versus OtherDrops? Always like feedback on possible improvements - although it's difficult to have to balance the ability to do so many things vs ease of use.
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    New release:

    Release 2.7-beta1 (file here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * fix for Jukebox NPE error
    * fix ItemFrame "unknown entity" error & move all unknown entity messages to verbosity "HIGH" (=less console spam)
    * fix issue with "drop: DEFAULT" not working
    * fix issue where mobs always dropped default items/xp
    * fix for "tool: HANDS" failing in 2.6-beta1
    * add Metrics support (metrics.griefcraft.com) to track anonymous usage stats (opt-out in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml - set opt-out to true)
    ** note: over 1000 minecraft plugins already use this library so you've probably already got it and I thought the stats would be interesting. Everyone gets to see the same stats here: metrics.griefcraft.com/plugin/OtherDrops
    * fix for mobs dropping custom items/xp inside MobArena arenas
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    New release:

    Release 2.7-beta2 (file here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/otherdrops/files/34-2-7-beta2/)

    * fix "exclusive drop group" (ie. { }) so that it works as a distribution (ie. previously {SAND/50%, DIRT/50%} would choose one option and then run the chance a second time so 50% of the time nothing dropped - now it's a 50/50 chance of either Sand or Dirt).
    ** Percentages below 100% will be buffered with "NOTHING", ie. {SAND/10%, DIRT/10%} has a 80% chance from dropping nothing.
    ** Percentages above 100% will be rounded down as a whole, ie. {SAND/90%, DIRT/90%} is still just a 50/50 chance of either.
    * added "lorename" condition - requires the item in player hand to have given "lorename".
    ** Will probably move this condition into the tool name at a later stage.
      # example:
        - drop: DIAMOND
          lorename: diamonddropper  # requires an item called diamonddropper
          # add a tool condition if you want
    * allow dropping an item with a lore name - <ITEMNAME>@!%<LORENAME> (eg. diamondsword@!%Butterfly) - can be combined with data values & enchantments but either way the "@!%" is still needed.
    * added more material aliases (eg. firecharge = fireball, creeperhead = skullitem@4) - let me know if there's a commonly used name I've missed
    * added TNTPrimed to entity list (to avoid "unknown entity" error)
    * increased BlockBreak, LeafDecay & PlayerInteract events from HIGH to HIGHEST priority (to fix issues with Regios plugin)
    * added jungle leaves to "leaf_overhaul" module
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    2.7-beta2 approved on BukkitDev - link is above. If no-one has any specific issues I'll probably release this as the full 2.7 version so I can move onto new features/improvements for 2.71.
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    New release - 2.7.1 - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Compiled with Java 6
    * Dropping with lorename changed from % to ~ to avoid conflict with variables (eg. drop: DIAMOND_SWORD@!~Butterfly Sword)
    * Add more formatting variables for LoreName & messages (Bold: &l, Strikethrough: &m, Underline: &n, Italic: &o, Reset: &r)
    * Fix some debugging messages (to do with lorename) always showing
    * Only send "no economy plugin found" message if both Register and Vault not loaded (note: will be removing Register in next build, as Vault has replaced it)
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