[MECH] OtherDrops 2.8- Ultimate block/mob/player drop editing [1.5.2]

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    Want to fix glass/stairs/boat drops? Want to gather ice/glowstone/grass in a balanced manner? Want to smelt ore with golden tools? Want to cause chaos with undead that rise again? Now you can, simply by enabling the included example files or delve into the more advanced customisation and make drops work the way you want.

    OtherBlocks aims to give you ultimate control over what item that blocks/entities drop when destroyed, depending on how they were destroyed. Compatible with WorldGuard. Lightweight! Only scans what it needs to and ignores the rest.
    Download: BukkitDev (download link on there) | Source Code

    Included Modules
    * Fix undroppables: fix drops for stairs, glass (don't use your hands - ouch), boats & bookshelves (1.8 stairs included)
    * Gold tools (basic): gold tools have a chance of dropping the complete block for grass, ice & glowstone.
    * Gold tools (smelt): gold tools have a chance of mining an ingot directly from ores.
    * Ore Extraction: using the usual tools, ingots are ripped out of ores, leaving the stone behind.
    * Leaf overhaul: adds leaf drops (apples, cocoa, leaves, sticks & a very small chance of golden apple).
    * Undead Chaos: beware the night! Zombies & skeletons rise again and even players rise back from the dead (player deaths spawn more zombies/skeletons).
    * and more...

    Custom Configuration Examples
        # Simple glass drop fix
          - drop: GLASS
        # Players drop Zombies on death, 50% of the time
          - drop: CREATURE_ZOMBIE
            chance: 50%
        # Spiders killed with any sword at night have a 10% chance to drop web,
        # otherwise they drop whatever they normally would
          - tool: ANY_SWORD
            time: NIGHT
            drop: WEB
            chance: 10%
        # Trees drop apples (or cocoa from birch trees)
          - drop: APPLE
            chance: 5%
          - drop: DYE@BROWN
            chance: 5%
    If you are getting errors with the word "snakeyaml" in it, your config file isn't properly formatted.
    Test it on this website (or this one).

    See the dev.bukkit page for full details on how to set up OtherDrops, a complete parameters list and further examples.


    Newest changelog details here.

    Main author: @Zarius
    Contributors: @Celtic Minstrel, raws
    Original author: @cyklo
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    Ah then I guess the plugin is only compatible with permissionsbukkit :O

    EDIT: Cuz as soon as I switched to pex it stopped working ;(
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    Celtic Minstrel

    It's compatible with PEX and bPermissions as well. The issue is probably somewhere else, though it could maybe be something to do with your PEX/bPerms configuration, I suppose.

    @p000ison – You're probably right about it being ALL. Could you please file a ticket on BukkitDev so I don't forget? I don't really have time to fix it right now.

    @jazzman170 – That would not be possible with this plugin; OtherDrops only does events based on player interactions.
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    Is there any changes I should make in the config to make it work with pex?
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    Same with bPerms, even is permissions is disabled with OtherDrops?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Probably not. If I recall correctly, Zarius was running it with PEX, so maybe he can help you.
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    Could you update it to 1337?
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    Its compatible with 1337
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  10. When I was using 'Otherblocks' the following was possible using a non-vanilla block :
    - tool: ALL
    drop: "249"
    quantity: 1-2
    chance: 100
    Is this no longer possible please? I've tried the above with no result - if it is, is there an option to add a damage vaule as well - i.e. 249@2
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    Ok. I have posted here before about an issue we've had where this plugin doesnt work at all. I am from the same server Legolas is. We did some major debugging today, and we've determined that the issue could be one of three things. Nothing else is possible.
    1. Our config is botched. We showed you it and you couldn't find a problem, but maybe you overlooked something. I'm not sure.
    2. It doesn't work with the current bukkit version.
    3. The plugin doesn't work.
    3 doesn't seem likely, as not everyone is having this problem, but the other two may be...
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    2 isn't it; I'm using it with the current bukkit version.
  13. Which kind of knocks off 3 as well, since I'm using it with the current bukkit version and its working for me.
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    Then it's gotta be 1. But we showed the devs the config, and they couldn't find an issue...
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    Are you getting startup errors? There could be a YAML issue, even if your keywords are correct.
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    It's not a YAML issue. I had an odd issue with a different plugin today that was very similar to the one we are having with OtherDrops. It turned out to be a compatibility thing. When I pulled out the conflicting plugin, it worked fine.
    However, we have checked all of our plugins in relation to this one...
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    I'm on CB 1337 and OtherDrops beta 2.7 and I got a bad problem : monsters drops MUCH money (more than the specified money in the config file) and if the message is here, money is not collected by players.

    In my logs, I found that :

    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0
    22:56:37 [WARNING] [OtherDrops:2.0-beta7] Invalid data for MONEY: 0

    Just WTF is this ?
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    Use beta 6
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Should be there already. I haven't verified that it works; it's not impossible that they forgot to put the hooks for silverfish in Bukkit.

    I'm afraid it's not possible at the moment. :/ I do want to put that ability back in, but I'm not sure when it'll happen.

    @Zuber – Just ignore that; I think it's just spam and the money should work anyway... I think...
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    No, it doesn't work at all !
    Monsters drops much more money than specified in the otherdrops-drops.yml file ! (and the money is'nt really dropped : balance of players don't move)

    Here is my drops file : http://pastebin.com/X1atR81H

    And my config file is :
    priority: high
    usepermissions: false
    verbosity: normal

    Please, help me ! I don't understand at all what is happenning :(
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    That's part of why I had to switch to beta 6, we couldn't get money drops to work at all in 7, with quantity it says some GIGANTIC number but nothing is given to the player, with / or @ it gives the above error in the console and nothing is dropped as well
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    Ok thx, I do it immediatly :D

    EDIT : It works with success, thank you !
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    When will this officially update to 1337?
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    @Celtic Minstrel
    Has this been fixed yet, as since i started using this any blocks this plugin changes can not be logged via hawkeye. -.-;
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  26. Hi !

    Thanks for this great plugin :)

    I would like to know if possibility go drop a random block/item is in progress?


    Thanks a lot !
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    Already there :)

        - drop: ANY_ITEM
          chance: 30% # or whatever chance you want (even down to 0.000000001%)
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    What's about your tickets? Posted a very critical bug (imo) DamageTool is NULL on default (v2.0 beta6)
    Would be nice if you could right some comment to it, it wasn't accepted right now either.
    Don't want to fix this manually with adding the line damagetool: to each defined drop. :(
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    Only just got back into coding tonight :) Just happened to check the forum around the same time Blinkorn posted - I'll be going through the tickets soon (got a document I've compiled with some issues from here too).

    It'll take a while to get back into the code as I've been away for a bit but I'll try and release a new version as soon as I can.

    Tested working with 1337 and I've fixed a couple of things locally so far - money drop messages now show 2 decimal places by default correctly & messages/events/etc weren't working for drops.

    @Sepulzera - I've made the tooldamage default to 1 if not defined, not sure if it's the best solution but far better than the current bug.
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    Isn't there a way to skip the damagetool if not defined, so it will handle it the vanilla way?
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    Nope, unfortunately not - unless Bukkit itself is changed.

    The issue is that I cannot cancel the normal drop (eg. grass dropping dirt) without cancelling the entire event. With creatures I can "clear" the drops but not with blocks. When I cancel the event it also cancels the damage - hence I have to replicate the damage manually (which is how it used to work and will work in the next beta).

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