Inactive [MECH] oreRespawn 0.7 - Automatic Ore Respawn [1.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SvenBrnn, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Great idea. Would be perfect for a town mine.
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    Yea, but i wrote in the wrong forum :-/
    I wrote to a mod if they can move it to the Submition Forum.

    Greeting SvenBrnn
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    Yeah, Pretty Cool Dude.
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    Changed Version to 0.2
    Added Blacklisting function

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    This plugin requires configuration? and how does it work? may be suchthat some underground caves eventually be filled with the ore? He fills the cavern ores relative layer arrangement?

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    The plugin checks if there is a cave and just places the ore if there is a light if 7 and below.
    It also checks if there are solid blocks above the stone. In config file you can change the world the Plugin is enabled for and the Maxrange from the Block Broken the new block will be created.

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    worldenabled: 'true'
    then the blocks will be created and if
    worldenabled: 'false'
    they will not?

    If I do not understand correctly then tell us is responsible for what "worldenabled"
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    <worldname>enabled is the parameter for each world. If it is true its enabled and if it is false it is disabled.

    if you have 2 worlds, 1 called world and 1 called survival u will have to set:
    worldenabled: true/false
    survivalenabled: true/false

    Greeting SvenBrnn
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    Thank you:)
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    I have added the Desciption for the Worldsetting in my Top Post as a Spoiler.
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    Nice, realy. I like it ! Thank you Dude ! ;)
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    First off, I think that this is a fantastic idea. But I have a few questions:

    How does the plugin detect where to regenerate the ore? I wouldn't want to use the plugin if there were going to be random ore blocks spawning in the middle of fields, for example.

    Also, I know that there is no delay support right now, but does that mean that the current regeneration is instantaneous, or is there a delay function (just not a configurable one)?

    Thanks and keep up the good work! Looking forward to customisable delay functionality. [diamond]
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    1. The Plugin Checks all blocks within the in the Config given range. If the block is in a Cave, it get added to an Array.
    Then a random number is Generated from 0 to the count of entrys in the array. The block that is choosen get checked if there is Light below 8. If its not it tryes an other block up to 20 times (to not get into a infinite loop). If there is light below 8 it places the block.

    2. At the moment the blocks get spawnt intsand. I will change this in my next version this weekend. The problem i have to check bevor if the plugin can place any blocks in unloaded chunks and if not i have to think about how to solve this problem.

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    does the plugin spawn ores in the place of existing stone in changeable radius?
    I my opinion, spawning ores on walls in caves, where are very easy to spot and aquire, leads players to become very rich very fast :)
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    Released v0.3
    • Added the Delay function with a new Config Parameter
    • Fixed some Bugs
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    Hi, would it be possible, to set a random intervall for the ressources to respawn ?
    Something like 86400 - 259200, so they respawn within the next 1-3 days ?
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    The maximum should be 2.147.483.647 because i am using a 32bit integer for this setting. I think 2-3 Days will work fine :)
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    But is it set to respawn in a fixed time for example, if Delay is set to 1 day and someone mines it at 1am, will the ores respawn exactly at 1am or does it happen sometime in between ?

    If its a random spawntime, other people on the server would also get a chance to mine certain minerals ..
    if they always respawn after the same amount of time, the one who farms them first will be the one
    to farm it over and over.
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    This is an intresting Point. At the moment it will spawn after 12 Houers if you say Delay of 12 houers. Programming the from-to would be posible but is a bit dificult (I think i would have to change a lot of code for this^^).
    For the moment there is only way to respawn after X sec. I will try to intigrate your idee in a later version of my plugin.

    Greeting SvenBrnn
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    I see, but wouldn't something like Delay = MinDelay + rand(MaxDelay-MinDelay) work
    or don't you have any random number generator function available ?
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    I love it! Maybe you could add this, or just make it a different plugin, but I'd like a way to add ore back to the game. My world is becoming barren, and while this is great to keep our ore from disappearing completely, I'd like a way to randomly restore the areas of the world that are already mined.
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    I have a Random Number Generator for use. But its not as easy as you think because of the Database functions.
    In the database is just Saved the date when u have mined The ore. If you now would generate all few seconds a random number you can be shure thats very close to the min-delay everytime.

    Eventually i can add a function that deletes and Regenerates Chunks in a choosen area Later. I am able to Regenerate Chunks via plugin functions.

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    Will this work in only natural caves or can people make a synthetic cave or have strip mines that enable them to find the ores quickly?
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    I think it will work in Synthetic and Natural caves. And i have no Idee how to Check if a Cave is Syntetic or natural.
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    Can you choose what ores would spawn in the given radius? like a coal or iron for a coal or iron mine?
    EDIT: change radius to given area, since i'm not sure how you designate where ores will spawn
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    no you cant do. At the monent you can only say that all ores Respawn withing a definded Range from the block where they are mined.

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    Yes this scares me a bit, I plan on using the seed I have right now for a long time, and running out of ore seems not far away, I want to regenerate my world with ores.
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    Updated oreRespawn.
    Now with Commands and Permission Support.
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    Any chance of adding the different types of ore to the configuration? I'd like to use this, but only for coal and iron veins.

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