[MECH] OldControllerBlock v1.0 - Compatible with saveformat used by the plugin for hMod/hMod [1337]

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    OldControllerBlocks - The Old ControllerBlocks Plugin: Version: v1.0

    Not as flexible as the other port of ControllerBlocks, but compatible with the old saveformat.

    If you do not have old files which you want to reuse, you should use the other plugin done by Hell_Fire

    To create a ControllerBlock you have to place Torches, Redstone and a Ironblock in the Pattern shown above. (and you need the permission nbm.knorke.controllerblock)
    You can check permissions with "/controllerblock"

    This are the old Video Instructions for Canary/hMod, they apply to Bukkit as well:

    • Permissions (through Permissions plugin)
    • compatible with old Saveformat from Canary/hMod
    Version 1.0
    • Ported to Bukkit from newest Version
    Download The Plugin
    source is included, credits go to original creator
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    Works great, and thanks :)

    But is there a way to do without the torches around it and hitting it with a stick?

    It would be nice if we could just place some redstone on top of it like the other one, and no torches around it. Altso an option to choose which item to use to activate it with would be nice. As the stick is already used by 2 of my plugins :D I have to lock chests with wood now :D

    Anyway thanks again for your hard work on making compatible plugins for the newest craftbukkit rb.
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    You can check the configuation file on how to change the item used for creating ControllerBlocks.

    Also you could try to change the rune Blocks to air if you dont want to build those
  4. GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH1!!!! i love this plugin 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally i can use in my smp server :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
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    Thanks for updating the rune build. Nice to know we have multiple controllerblocks to chose from now :p I rather prefer this version more than the other, but this is due to personal preferences. Also, the other version appears broken now while this one works. Now to just update the entire server :p

    Now if only you could get proper multiworld support up and working.. IE: Multiple worlds where controllerblocks can be on/off and actually detecting the names correctly.
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    My players are saying they can dupe items with this, the blocks in there quick bar never runs out. Please Fix (or is there a setting?)
    Also can you add some kind of protection so that no one can destroy blocks (except for the person who made the CB) that are being used by a controller block?
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    I have got a probleme, see my log !

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    Actually you do not have permissions installed. At least my plugin couldnt find it.
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    Just to inform you guys out there:

    I've been doing a complete rewrite of this plug-in, which should be much faster. It stores the data inside of a SQLite database, which is editable by hand if you want to :).

    I do however have some problems with Redstone events, and block duplication. (there are multiple redstone_change events given for one block to my plug-in. If you have a solution, please tell me ;))

    @DELTAq: I might be able to include an OP-only mode.

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